15 Best Games Like Cities Skylines That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Cities Skylines

City-planners will love Cities Skylines. Listed below are 15 games that fans of the title might also enjoy.

Over the last few years, Cities: Skylines has swept the City Builder genre, garnering praise for its outstanding and beautifully crafted gameplay. It has a lot to offer: a realistic transportation simulation, a large range of design tools, the ability to experiment with city-wide laws, and an incredible number of skilled modders.

Regardless matter whether you’re a longtime fan of the genre or just trying it out for the first time, you’ve spent a lot of time playing this game. In the meantime, there are plenty of other games that may satisfy the old-faithful while expanding a player’s worldview.

15 Going Medieval

Going Medieval

This year’s top independent hit, Going Medieval, adds a severe survival element to the city-building and colony simulation genre.

In an Early Access game, Going Medieval has a lot of room for improvement. However, it’s hard not to get sucked into building your medieval settlement and the main castle. To get around, you don’t have to bother with horse-and-carts. At least not yet.

14 Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a city-building game for people who are looking for a challenge beyond traffic management and highway development. Frostpunk is all about ensuring that your inhabitants are both happy and safe.

Frostpunk 2 is on the way, so now is the perfect time to start playing and getting ready for the new and improved Frostpunk.

13 Tropico 6

Tropico 6

In the annals of video game history, the Tropico series holds a special place. For those who love to let their imaginations run wild on an idyllic tropical island, Tropico 6 is a standout amongst the series’ other titles.

Plus, Tropico 6 is now accessible on Game Pass, so there’s really no reason to try it if you enjoy Cities: Skylines.

12 Dorfromantik

This tile-puzzle game, a modern take on the classic city-building genre, was another indie smash hit in 2013. The combination of stunning visuals and severe gaming mechanics necessitates precise placement of the game’s tiles.

Construct massive forests and villages, as well as rivers and lakes so twisted they’ll take your breath away. For those who want to put tiles randomly, a new creative mode is on the way. This is a great deal that’s well worth taking a look at.

11 Patron


A number of city-building games have followed in Banished’s footsteps since it set the standard a few years ago. To that list, you may now add “Patron.”

There are many of aspects that revolve around the society within your village in this city-building game, as well as survival mechanics, enormous tech trees, and more.

10 Endzone – A World Apart

A new game like Endzone – A World Apart is a great way for fans of Cities: Skylines to get their teeth into something new. The combination of city-building and survival in this game results in an unusually enjoyable experience.

Endzone – A World Apart has established a devoted following of players who enjoy the harsh, post-apocalyptic aesthetics thanks to a successful Early Access campaign and numerous gameplay upgrades.

9 Railway Empire

Fans of Cities: Skylines’ versatile and robust transportation systems will likely enjoy Railway Empire’s gameplay. There’s little doubt that players will enjoy and learn a lot from this game, which is set in the 1800s and features tons of railroads and technological developments to explore.

Those who love trains and those who love strategy games will both appreciate the challenge of micromanaging and planning their railroads in this game. In comparison to Cities: Skylines, this game’s transportation networks are more competitive, and that may be what some players are looking for.

8 Ostriv


Ostriv, a City Builder (Village Builder, really) set in 1700s Ukraine, has the high goal of promoting really organic creations. With features such removing the grid-like arrangement of previous games in the genre, it accomplishes this

Ostriv, which is still in Early Access on Steam, has a devoted following of players who are willing to put in hundreds of hours of playtime. The game’s serene atmosphere and gradual increase in difficulty have earned it high accolades from players. Ostriv is not a game for those looking for a challenge.

7 Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster takes the notion of creating tranquil and attractive parks from Cities: Skylines and runs with it. Players can create just about any manner of theme park, from small funfairs to gigantic mega parks that may even rival the likes of Disney.

Gamers that appreciate using powerful tools to express themselves will enjoy this game. Planet Coaster has a lot going for it, despite the fact that it’s mostly a management and simulation game.

6 Dyson Sphere Program

At this stage it is still in Early Access but the Dyson Sphere Program has already gained a large fanbase. Players in this game are tasked with creating a massive megastructure called a Dyson Sphere, which has the potential to generate more than enough energy to power the whole human race.

This is a game for those who thrive on making everything perfect in Cities: Skylines. In both games, it’s difficult yet incredibly satisfying to keep the layouts running smoothly and efficiently with minimum interference.

5 OpenTTD


“Transport Tycoon Deluxe: An Open Source Remake and Expansion” is what OpenTTD calls itself on its Steam page. The grid-based construction-based gameplay that is so prevalent in Simulation, City Building, and Management games today can be traced back to Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

This game features dynamically generated towns, a variety of forms of transportation, and modding support, all of which can keep players engaged for long periods of time. It’s all yours for free!

4 Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a city-building game like Cities: Skylines, and it’s released by Paradox Interactive, so it’s likely familiar to fans of the series. City-states are now on Mars, but this time they’re covered in domes.

With a huge technology tree and futuristic space domes to build, colonizing another planet is a very different experience than the one you’re used to. It’s possible to make the game’s tasks easier on the player, allowing it to reach the perfect balance between the pleasant construction aspects and the challenging management aspects of the game.

3 Banished


Starting from the beginning, Banished is a video game about helping a group of exiled people build a new town. Like many other games in the genre, it takes City Building in a more strategic direction. Foraging and resource extraction are both necessary in order to get through the winter.

In terms of playability, some players may find the game too difficult, while others may love it. Having to figure out how to use what you have to your advantage is the challenge that keeps players coming back to Banished, as there are no technology trees to help players through progress.

2 Tropico 6

Those who enjoy their city building games with a dash of levity will love Tropico 6, the latest installment in the series’ humor-laced tropical punch. Create a dictator for your avatar and change beautiful islands into your own personal paradise.

What gamers have come to expect from Tropico are new residents, efficient infrastructure, and the constant need to walk a fine line between all corners of the political compass. It’s a story-driven game with a lot of player interaction, making it stand out from the crowd.

1 SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000

Taking over the reins from SimCity Classic, SimCity 2000 had a lot to live up to. In addition to its historical relevance, it is a must-play title for lovers of Cities: Skylines and the City Builder genre.

In spite of its age, this is a game that is still enjoyable to play today, thanks to its vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay. Even while the humor is amusing, it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of being a city planner.