25 Best Anime With Short Girl And Tall Boy Update 06/2024

Anime With Short Girl And Tall Boy

I’m afraid that authoring this post might land me on a few watchlists. What the hell, let’s try it!

When it comes to height, anime characters tend to be on the shorter side (the national average for Japanese people is 165cm/5ft 4inches).

In order to capitalize on the fact that the majority of anime characters are under the age of 18, they invented 1000-year-old lolis.

I’ll do my best to avoid any contact with children while I’m in this town, as I’m very sure the FBI will come knocking on my door. So let’s call this list “the cutest short anime girls that aren’t young kids.”. Is that fair, or what?

The only condition for this list is that it’s brief, so I’ll be focusing primarily on character design and significance in media. It is also expected that some of you would disagree strongly with my assessment. Then then, I’m hoping there are some things we can agree on!

25. Tanya Von Degurechaff

Tanya Von Degurechaff

Anime: Tanya The Evil’s Saga

Tanya, you wretched little rage ball. Reincarnated man who rejects God as a whole.

I’m not a Christian, but denying God’s existence in front of me would be impossible… So, how does Tanya do it?

In terms of design, Tanya’s light novel design would probably be in the top five, but since I’m considering all animes as a baseline for this rating, she doesn’t make the cut. But she’s definitely worth mentioning here!

24. Tatsumaki


This is a one-punch movie:

It’s impossible to take this hurricane-witch seriously.

Although she’s little and adorable, she has a repulsive personality that even 4chan inhabitants would avoid.

Tatsumaki’s design is pleasant to look at and has a soothing color palette. The character designers did a great job.

That said, I think her proportions need to be better balanced. In order to do this, she’d need to be at least an inch taller than Fubuki. Still, it’s a beautiful look.

23. Shiro


Anime: There’s No Life Without Game

Oh my gosh, this is going to put me on a list.

Shiro is still a youngster, but I couldn’t resist include her in No Game No Life!

Shiro’s place in the show is bolstered by the show’s fantastic art style and adorable character designs. She oozes all the cutesy energy because of her vibrant color scheme.

Shiro, on the other hand, is a brilliant chess player who can recall over 10120 potential chess combinations.

How dare you make me doubt the accuracy of my recollection, geez.

22. Victorique de Blois

Victorique de Blois

Geek: The Anime

Victorique (what a name, christ) is a 15-year-old student at St. Marguerite Academy, a Catholic boarding school.

She’s a true tsundere, stubborn and unable to express her true feelings.

As a little gothic lolita, Victorique resembles nothing more than a doll. He’s the epitome of a goth anime girl: little, adorable, and decked out in a Victorian gown that perfectly complements her porcelain features.

21. Shinoa Hīragi

Owari No Seraph: The Anime (Seraph of the End)

Shinoa is the kind of character you’d expect to detest, but you’d be wrong.

It’s sarcastic, snarky, and generally annoying.

However, compared to the majority of employers in the real world, that doesn’t seem so horrible!

In the world of Owari no Seraph, Shinoa’s smug look is perfectly suited to her character

There is a huge contrast between the uniform and the hair color, which is pale purple (or whatever her color is called, who knows).

20. Bocchi Hitori

Bocchi Hitori

Hitoribocchi: The Anime

My friend is a big fan of this series, so I had to incorporate another child character.

As a result, Hitori’s appearance has been pared down to the essentials.

She’s barely 13 years old, and her slightly plump and naive design is a reflection of that.

She embodies social anxiety to a tee! Damn, here’s another one of those easily identifiable characters.

19. Pinako Rockbell

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series.

Winry’s great-grandmother, the grouchy old lady!

Gloomy and self-conscious about her stature, this grandma doesn’t seem very happy. It turns out that two small beans squabbling about who is taller can be rather entertaining, just like Edward, whom she taunts regularly.

She wears spectacles and smokes a pipe, Pinako. Compared to the average child, she’s incredibly little. Even so, she was a towering figure when she was younger. And it’s also lovely!

18. Nene Sakura

Nene Sakura

Anime: The New Game!

Finally, I’m a grownup! Nanaka, who is 19 years old, is still a baby.

It is Nene, a friend of our MC, who is viewed as a youngster by most people who meet her.

Like the rest of the cast, Nene has a lovely design.

She’s bright and cheerful, with a rosy hue to her color scheme.

17. Gabriel

It’s a Gabriel Dropout Anime.

Is this a guardian angel or a demon? Is it a demon, or is it something else? Both!

“Fallen” Angel Gabriel is both a demon and an angel; he was a top student in heaven before descending to Earth.

In the beginning, she made a good effort, but then… She turned into a lone wolf gamer. I’d say he’s a bit of a NEET.

Her halo has been tarnished by her time as a 4chan-style NEET, so much so that it’s now jet black. Of course, in contrast to her stunning blond locks.

Her brains and crafty personality haven’t faded, despite her being indolent to the core.

16. Maho Hiyajo

Maho Hiyajo

It’s Steins;Gate 0!

How would you describe a scientist?

The picture of elegance is what comes to mind if you ask me. A tall man with a white lab coat and glasses.

Maho, on the other hand, is a short, sloppy, and haughty scientist who doesn’t give a fuck about stereotypes.

“Maho’s style is that of “I got up and put on some clothes and hurried out the door.”

She’s a pro, too! I hope I could wake up looking like that every day.

15. Mihari Otosuna

The Cartoonist and His Assistants in Anime

Mihari, despite her adorable and slightly awkward appearance, is a violent and affectionate girl.

When she almost killed a person with ink, she decided to chop her hair off in retaliation. She’s an editor with a strong eye-for-an-eye attitude.

14. Ena Ibarada

Ena Ibarada

So I Tried to Convince You That Science and I Are in a Relationship.

There goes another scientist! In other words, I’m fine with it.

She’s also Catwoman, but she isn’t a superhero either. I don’t think she is a catgirl.

To her, it’s just fun to pretend to be a cat and play with her toys. Why is that an issue?

She enjoys causing havoc for the sake of enjoyment.

She looks like a cross between Hiiragi and Maho, a scientist with long purple hair and a neatly pressed suit of clothing.

Besides relaxing and enjoying games, Ena also enjoys snoozing. She has no desire to work, which is completely out of character for a scientist… But that’s a different matter entirely..

13. Nike

.It’s Break Blade from the anime series.

She’s a quarter of a century old. No, I’m not exaggerating; this 25-year-old is a real person. Really.

Then there’s the fact that she’s an all-out sadist, a gory maniac, and a cold-blooded murderer.

Io must soothe this adorable child-like girl down or she will kill anybody she comes into contact with in a rage.

(spoiler’ed) by the same general who humiliated her twice before, she (spoiler’ed) quite swiftly.

Because of that, she’s not at the top of this list, despite the fact that her design had top-tier imouto potential!

12. Nene Saikyo

Nene Saikyo

It’s an anime series called Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)

A failed knight’s chivalry is universally despised, and I’m genuinely sorry about that — it’s basically Asterisk War with a few tweaks.

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan is not a harem, yet the cast and the plot are quite similar, and the only major distinction is that it is not a harem.

Nene, here we go.

Teachers often wear traditional clothing and carry about a fan, and this woman is one of them.

Though she isn’t in any way conservative, she flirts with people regularly even during arguments.

When she unintentionally discovered levitation magic and used it to kill her stepfather, she had quite a past.

Unfortunate encounter in the battlefield!

11. Mikoto Misaka

Anime: A Certain Scientific Index

Ha! No, I didn’t expect to have to utilize Tsukuyomi.

She appears to be a child, not even a teenager, despite the fact that she is an adult. In that case, the protagonist of “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun” will suffice, as she’s the shortest character on this list.

Her outfit is quite straightforward. In the anime, at least.

In most other media in which she appears, she has a far more distinctive and adorable appearance.

Using lightning like a railgun, her powers are electrifyingly strong. It might surprise you (thus her name, Railgun).

What’s wrong with you? And here I thought I was being a little snobbish… Don’t even try to come up with an excuse since I know I’m an eggcellent baker.

10. Isuzu Sento

Isuzu Sento

It’s called “Amagi Brilliant Park.”

Or else I’ll shoot your brains out if you don’t date me. On this brief list of characters, Izusu is the second-tallest, following Mikoto.

Izusu, on the other hand, has a very attractive design that bears a passing resemblance to military attire.

With a relaxed, cutesy style and a strict uniform with a decorative (but still lethal) rifle, she’s the perfect match.

Her angry and short-tempered demeanor is also accurate. With her magical weapon, she’s always ready to take aim.

I’ve been there, and I know what you’re going through: social anxiety and difficulty with human relationships. If you’re going to beg for a favor, don’t shoot someone in the head!

9. Nagi Sanzenin

The Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler)

This is when my own prejudices come into play. As far back as I can remember, “Hayate no Gotoku!” was the first romance film I ever saw!

I have no recollection of the show’s narrative, characters, or anything else about it.

In the show, Nagi is depicted as a teenager, but she was always depicted as a youngster.

She’s just over 5 feet tall! For a 16-year-old, that’s a lot of time.

Tsunderes are known for their smug and self-assured demeanor, as well as their trademark yellow twin-tails hairstyle.

8. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya: The Melancholy of Haruhi

Ethereal beings of the greatest class are tough to be god-like. Especially if you’re in a state of extreme delusion!

Haruhi suffers from the same issue. ‘

She’s a divinity who thinks she’s a mortal, despite her incredible powers.

She also pretends to be a god as a mortal.

Isn’t it strange, isn’t it? Until then!

On the hunt for aliens, time-travelers, and espers, she also has a group of followers.

Her three companions, on the other hand, are… well, they’re all time-traveling aliens and ESPers!

Like Haruhi Suzumiya, she is a driving force behind the light book adaptation boom.

7. Azusa Nakano

K-On! is a popular anime series.

K-On is an anime classic that every anime fan knows about because to its gorgeous melody and cozy art style.

In addition, the members of the “Ho-kago Tea Time” are all quite short in stature.

Azusa, the band’s guitarist, is the least procrastinating member of the group.

As a result of her dependability and maturity, she rose to the position of leader.

Even though she started playing the guitar in the fourth grade, she now downplays her abilities a lot. In fact, she’s much better than Yui.

It’s very easy to identify with this tiny self-deprecating bun!

6. Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu Oshino

It’s a Bakemonogatari anime:

Shinobu is everything. A tremendous brief cuteness energy emanates from this adorable little vampire… Even though she’s about 600 years old, she appears to need some type of protection.

“Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade” is her full vampire name.

That’s a lot of words. Jeez, the author was even a little bit smug about it!

Shinobu isn’t just a baby anymore. The atmosphere is noticeably more mature.

Araragi, on the other hand, is the one thing that brings her happiness, and even enslaving humanity can’t bring her that satisfaction.

5. Serara

Log Horizon is an anime series.

As if I hadn’t just remembered… She’s a 17-year-old athlete with a cheerful demeanor on the court..

Moreover, her design makes it appear as if she is unable to smile. Despite her overtly pleasant and eccentric look, she is a timid and reserved person.

She’s unable to unwind because she’s constantly on the go. To her, being helpful means serving others at all times, even at social events like parties.

Because of her cheerful personality and diminutive stature, she appears fat, despite the fact that she is actually rather trim.

The Tea Party member Nyanta, whom she has a crush on, is also a Tea Party member. However, it doesn’t appear like the feelings are reciprocated.

4. Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka

Toradora, the anime!

It’s a wild tsundere who’s sprung out of nowhere!

This isn’t a surprise, considering Taiga is well-known for being self-conscious about her height.

In her romantic relationship, she’s an adorable little brat who only flaunts her soft side when she’s talking to her love interest.

The following is a test: do you know how tall she is? 140cm. This is a height of 4′ 7″ for those of you in the United States.

People frequently joke that Taiga is more boyish than most males because she is such a tomboy through and through.

The prank may not be that funny after all…

After her father’s divorce, he pushed her to live on her own… and it would also account for her ragged appearance. What a heartbreaking tale from a must-see anime!

3. Cordelia Kasukami

Exorcists from the Second Dimension

Look at her outfit.

So awesome is that alien-tech-like costume! Isn’t her violet hair lovely, too?

In the Twelve Guardians, she’s known as “Tenku,” an exorcist.

When she was born, she should have been a normal human.

Because her ears are speakers, it is hard to believe.

The combination of white, light purple, black, and orange in Cordelia’s design is stunning. Her inspiration came from nature.

A beautiful contrast is provided by the red on her eyes and the pale blue on her ears.

I’m pleased to see Kasukami ranked so highly, despite the fact that she appears to be the same height as Isuzu.

2. Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama

Kyoukai no Kanata is a Japanese anime series (Beyond the Boundary)

If someone stabbed you with their own blood, would you allow it? Mirai’s power is cursed blood that she can compel into the shape of a blade, therefore this is a serious question.

Just 5 feet tall, Mirai is a good fit for our nefarious little girl.

After stabbing her immortal companion in the neck, Mirai gets enraged and upset because she doesn’t die.

Her design is extremely warm and inviting!

She appears to be a lady who like to spend her days relaxing with a cup of tea and a few snacks.

In addition, she is a scatterbrain who has trouble managing her money.

1. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki

An Anime: Bleach

Bleach is one of my favorite things. As you can see from my prior posts, this is the case.

In addition, Rukia is a character I’ve grown to love. Even though the canon says otherwise, I’m a big supporter of IchiRuki.

At 11cm taller than the other shorty in the series, Rukia is the sweetest little death god bean around.

Toshiro is 133cm shorter than Rukia, making him the smallest here… As long as it wasn’t just for women.

Rukia, on the other hand, is a safe pick if you’re looking for attractive, short anime girls.

With Ichigo, she has a great deal of chemistry because she loves cute things and can’t draw.

In spite of the fact that she was meant to be his closest friend, she is actually closer to him than Orihime ever was… However, that’s a story for another time.