10 Best Movies About DollsThat You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Dolls

Killer dolls are a long-standing subgenre of horror, and these ten films are among the greatest, according to IMDb.

Dolls have long piqued people’s interest for a variety of reasons, including as a means of entertainment and a reminder of their own childhood anxieties. Thus, many people’s memories of the toy store mainstay include a darker side, with many able to relate some degree of discomfort while surrounded by the, at times, haunting,effigies. Evil doll legends may be found throughout history and around the globe, and this phenomenon has surely inspired horror writers.

Numerous horror films have attempted to bring these dolls to life in the most unsettling way imaginable as a result of this phenomenon The killer doll subgenre was popularized by series like Child’s Play, which included memorable one-liners and the premise of a kid’s toy turning on its owner.

1. Puppet Master (1989) 5.7

Puppet Master (1989)

That which Toulon created was so life-like that it ultimately led to his own demise as a puppet master. Toulon’s puppets come to life as a gang of psychics investigate the city’s history. They seek to revenge the death of their loving father.

As a result of Full Moon Productions and Charles Band’s work, the Puppet Master series is still continuing strong.. It’s possible that Puppet Master’s popularity might be traced to the gruesome inventions in the series, from the poster boy in Blade to the repulsive ways of the Leech Woman, the squad of dolls has terrorized unsuspecting victims for decades.

2. The Doll Master (2004) 5.8

A doll museum in the woods is home to a wheelchair-bound designer and his odd aide, which five young people discover. When the group discovers a strange chained figure in the museum’s basement, strange things begin to happen among the owner’s collection of dolls.

The South Korean film The Doll Master adds a new twist to the killer doll lore, one that is best explored by the audience on their own.

But it’s good to have something new to add to the canon of Western slasher horror, and this revenge thriller has both atmosphere and storytelling skills to back it up.

3. The Pit (1981) 5.8

The Pit (1981)

A little child utilizes a bloodthirsty pit in the woods as a weapon of vengeance against people who have wronged him. While it’s hard to say for sure, it seems like his teddy bear is urging him to keep feeding everyone into the pit, whether they’re friends or foes.

Taking a psychedelic approach to the killer doll genre, this 1980s horror film presents an unclear plot that leaves many unanswered issues. Character development, dark comedy, and an intriguing mystery about the origin of the evil it depicts all contribute to this film’s overall appeal. This is a worthy addition to the list, despite the fact that the title is obscure.

4. The Boy (2016) 6.0

An American nanny is taken aback when she learns that her new job at a prominent British household entails caring for a doll. The nanny begins to suspect that the porcelain child is intrinsically evil as she spends more time with the eerie doll.

With its somber ambiance and disturbing exchanges between a nanny and the “kid” she is supposed to care for, The Boy gained a modest following. It also has a few nice twists and turns that give the killer doll mini genre some more complexity.

5. Dead Silence (2007) 6.2

Dead Silence (2007)

After the loss of his wife, a young man returns to his hometown. The ghost of a dead ventriloquist appears to him as he searches for answers as to what happened to his late colleague.


With Saw and The Conjuring, James Wan created a reputation for himself. One of his least-appreciated pictures, Dead Silence, is rarely considered when looking at the director’s work. There are some of his trademark charms in the production, though, including the cinematography that serves to establish a foreboding atmosphere and set the stage for a few perfectly timed shock moments.

6. Dolls (1987) 6.3

The couple who live in the ancient house and create dolls for a living are forced to take in a party of travelers fleeing a storm. It doesn’t take long for the guests to realize that the creators of these horrifying objects had terrible intentions when a horde of wicked dolls begin stalking them one by one.

One of the first films to include a killer doll was directed by Stuart Gordon, who is best known for his adaptations of Lovecraft’s Re-Animator and From Beyond. Although it didn’t last as long as some of Gordon’s other projects, this one will always be remembered as a delightful diversion from his normal work. A fun entry is an original work that has its fair measure of campy splendour.

7. Annabelle Creation (2017) 6.5

A dollmaker and his wife open their home to a nun and a group of young girls. Annabelle, one of the dolls created by the dollmaker, soon terrorizes the girls. Films like The Conjuring and the first film in the series, simply dubbed Annabelle, made famous the real-life cursed doll.

As the current heir apparent to the symbolism of eerie dolls in film, Annabelle faces a formidable foe in Chucky. Due to the popularity of the cursed artefact, it seemed inevitable that a film examining its history would garner attention.

8. Trilogy of Terror (1975) 6.6

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Trilogy of Terror was originally a TV anthology movie, but it features three different gruesome tales. In spite of the fact that just one of the entries (Amelia, in which Karen Black portrays a terrified young woman) meets the criteria, it is by far the most memorable. Thus, it is difficult to recollect anything beyond the closing short, which featured the horror icon battling a demonic statue.

Trilogy of Terror II’s sequel, Trilogy of Terror II, uses the Zuni again in a narrative.

9. Childs Play (1988) 6.6

If it weren’t for Child’s Play, the “killer doll micro-genre” wouldn’t exist. Furthermore, the series is still regarded as one of the most popular horror franchises of the 1980s.

However, despite its ongoing success, many people still associate it with being their first introduction to a “nice guy” in a series that has had a variety of success. As a result, Brad Douriff’s one-liners and ominous speech haunted the memory of countless future horror addicts, making him a household brand.

10. Magic (1978) 6.8

Magic (1978)

In the wake of his previous failure as a ventriloquist, Corky is given the opportunity to try again when Fats, his new dummy, comes to him. Corky is able to approach an old high school crush with a fresh sense of self-assurance because to his partnership with Fats. His business partner, on the other hand, has alternative ideas, motivated by a nasty attitude and nefarious intentions.

The unstable ventriloquist, who suffers from a divided personality, is brought to life by Sir Anthony Hopkins. For a film that was largely ignored when it was first released, Fats has achieved some cult status among horror aficionados because to its dark narrative and memorable antagonist. For aficionados of the horror genre, the highest rated killer doll film is definitely worth checking out and giving this neglected horror movie a try.