10 Best Incest Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Incest Movies

The issue of incest is one of the most divisive ones in today’s culture, both in the movies and in everyday life. While the concept of homosexuality has gained acceptance, incest is still regarded as socially abhorrent, and for good reason. In spite of this, the subject was frequently used by film directors as a subject matter for their work.

If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the best incest movies ever made in Hollywood, we’ve got you covered.

Top 10 Best Incest Movies of All Time

1. Murmur of the Heart (1971)

Murmur of the Heart (1971)

Film Murmur Of The Heart (1971) depicts the sexual awakening of a 15 year old French boy in the 1950s.

The film’s title refers to Laurent’s heart murmur, which he developed after contracting scarlet fever. After a night of heavy drinking, his mother and he may have had an incestuous affair.

To further influence directors like Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson, this movie presents a difficult subject matter with grace and tenderness.

2. Ma Mere (2004)

The opposite of Murmur of the Heart is Ma Mere (2004), one of the most unsettling films we’ve ever seen.

A mother and her son’s incestuous relationship is once again the focus of this French film. A mother manipulates her adolescent son into having sexual relations with her. That’s not all; she also asks him to inflict pain on her while he’s at it.

When the mother slices her own throat as her son reaches the point of climax, her son is urged to cut his mother’s tummy.

3. La Luna (1979)

La Luna (1979)

Another mother and son incest film is here. Is there a pattern emerging here?

In Bernardo Bertolucci’s La Luna (1979), a mother and son’s difficult relationship turns sexual as she tries to assist him overcome a heroin addiction. As frustrating as it is to see a movie that doesn’t hold up well, it remains popular (or should we say notorious?) in cinema circles because it deals with incest.

4. Oldboy (2003)

This film is more heartbreaking than unsettling, in our opinion.

For no reason, Oh Dae Su (Park Chan Wook) is inexplicably arrested in an unknown location in Park Chan Wook’s 2003 film, “Oldboy.”

It’s been years since he’s been freed from captivity, but a homeless man throws him his phone and some money. He then embarks on a journey to uncover the circumstances surrounding his captivity and the death of his family.

There, on the road, is an attractive young woman with whom the father develops an intimate relationship before discovering that she is his daughter in the end.

5. The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)

The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)

An isolated father and daughter are depicted in the film The Ballad Of Jack And Rose (2005), which deals with their relationship once he brings his lover home.

In light of the fact that his daughter had sex with one of her stepbrothers, he realizes that she has a crush on him.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Camilla Belle play the father and daughter duo in the film.

6. Spanking the Monkey (1994)

One reason why Spanking the Monkey (1994) stands out from other movies on this list is because of its more lighthearted approach to the subject matter.

Raymond, a medical student, is obliged to stay at home and skip a medical internship while his father is away at work to care for his mother, who is recovering from an injury. Raymond’s mental decline coincides with the development of an incestuous relationship with his mother.

David O’Russell is the director of this black comedy. A euphemism for masturbation is the subject of the book’s title.

7. Beautiful Kate (2009)

Beautiful Kate (2009)

With his fiancee, Ned, returning home to see his ailing father, old family tensions are resurrected.

It turns out that Ned’s older siblings, Kate and Cliff, died in a vehicle accident, ending a long chain of incestuous connections that began with Ned and his brothers.

8. Savage Grace (2007)

When Barbara, an unhappy socialite, realizes her son is gay, she tries to’stabilize’ his sexuality by having an incestuous romance with him. Savage Grace (2007) portrays the narrative of this attempt.

As a result of this, a sad chain of events leads to Barbara’s death by her own son.

9. Shame (2011)

Shame (2011)

Brendon, a sex addict, and his sister, Sissy, are implied to have had an incestuous relationship in the film, despite the film’s lack of explicit depiction of such a relationship.

In spite of its incestuous premise, Shame (2011) provides an insightful glimpse into the life of a sexual addict, and a dramatic drama that aims to shine light on the darker aspects of our nature.

10.  Dogtooth (2009)

“The Family Compound” is the narrative of two people who live in their family compound and raise their children in isolation from the outside world. As the abuse and violence becomes commonplace, the children begin to accept it.

Even though a prostitute was brought in to serve the boy’s needs, the parents begin to compel their son into incestuous relationships with both of his sisters. One of the sisters eventually comes up with a scheme to get out of the house.