8 Best Horror Anime On Crunchyroll That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Horror Anime On Crunchyroll

Halloween isn’t complete without a strong sense of dread or disgust. Whatever the form of torture, there is something about terror that draws us to it. As far as streaming options go, CRUNCHYROLL provides a wide variety of anime that might elicit these kinds of feelings. The following are eight Crunchyroll horror anime to check out.

1. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai Japanese Ghost Stories

Start your Halloween watch party with an anime based on true urban tales. There are five-minute episodes of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories in the anthology series. However, don’t be fooled by the film’s short running time. You’ll be terrified to use the restroom if you watch this show because it makes good use of its time.

A frightening old man in a yellow mask sets up his Kamishibai — a Japanese street theater construction — in the neighborhood park in the show’s opening credits. Telling numerous ghost stories and myths using paper figurines, the youngsters gather around him.

Hachishakusama (aka Eight Feet Tall), a demon that disguises herself as a tall woman to kidnap children, is only one example of a terrifying urban legend. (It’s a little disturbing, I know.) Yoshibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is a must-see amongst horror films that feature similar tales of supernatural creatures, mythology and Japanese folklore.

2. Shiki

Crunchyroll features one of the best horror vampire anime series ever made, Shiki. There’s no way to tell that a little girl’s sudden death from an unknown sickness is only the beginning of a devastating epidemic that will decimate their town.

When Toshio Ozaki, the town’s doctor, begins to see a rise in the number of deaths, he realizes that something evil is going on. Mutou’s abrupt death and the reappearance of an obnoxious girl have left Natsu, an antisocial kid, struggling to come to terms with the loss of his best friend. What riddles do the people of this isolated village face, and how will they save their town from collapsing?

Shiki isn’t your typical vampire tale, so forget all you thought you knew about them. There are a few surprises here that will make you reevaluate your allegiances.

3. Another


The abrupt loss of a classmate, especially if they were well-liked, can be difficult for a class to deal with. Class 3-3 pupils opted to carry one of their friends as if he or she had never left, instead of saying farewell and mourning. It was a mistake the kids (and all Class 3-3 students in the future) would later rue, as it established a portal to the shadow world. Their school is now plagued by deaths and supernatural occurrences.

Dead students and faculty members join the class every year. Students and their families are set to die if they show this.. Fewer deaths in the early years made it simpler for people to write them off as freak events that could have happened elsewhere. However, as time went on, the number of deaths increased. Almost two decades after the curse began, people no longer think of these terrible deaths as random occurrences.

4. Junji Ito Collection

Many of Junji Ito’s works have received critical recognition for their ability to play with the human psyche. Fear mongers rejoiced when it was revealed that several of his well-known writings will be animated.

Ito’s Junji Ito Collection features horror, gore, disgust, and comedy in equal measure. After all that misery, Souichi’s troubles are a pleasant relief.

On Crunchyroll for Halloween, this is the perfect anime to watch. People who have never heard of Junji Ito’s work will enjoy the fact that they can view something terrible and still go to sleep that night. Be careful not to grow too close to the characters, because most of them don’t survive.

5. The Future Diary


What would you do if you could manipulate space and time with no consequences? Horror animeFuture Diary has a lot of this. Future diary: Flip phone co-created by Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. Yukiteru Amano is a high school student. An 11-man fight royale for the journal of Amano, a young man who has a peculiar phone in his possession. The victor of the conflict will succeed Deus as God’s heir apparent.

Since the only way to win in this scenario is to murder your opponent, it quickly turns into a game of survival. Unwillingly joining forces with a psychotic stalker, Yuno Gasai, who keeps a diary, Amano quickly discovers that he is woefully unprepared to live in this game. Adding insult to injury, there’s something odd about his partner as well. Considering her recent behavior, it’s possible she has other ideas for her unrequited love.

6. Parasyte -the maxim-

The Earth has been overrun by parasitic aliens with no prior notice. Their attack is, however, lacking in the gimmickry of other extraterrestrial films and television shows. Instead, they employ a more methodical approach. There are various weak targets that they’ve infiltrated without anyone noticing. For example, they can transform into blades or even wings with the help of this ability.

Shinichi Izumi, an average high school student, is infected by one of these aliens. Instead of taking over his head, it ends up in the palm of the man’s right hand. It’s up to Shinichi to keep the parasite alive, now renamed Migi, as he is unable to move.

Shinichi initially views Migi as nothing more than a bother, but as time passes, he comes to appreciate the parasite’s benefits. As a result of Migi, Shinichi gains muscle mass, no longer wears his glasses, and is able to survive even the most severe of injuries. Shame on them for uniting against the other parasites, who will stop at nothing to eliminate both Migi and Shinichi.

7. Kagewani


It is not uncommon in the horror genre to encounter monstrous creatures. Kagewani, on the other hand, is a world apart from what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. Using his website, a young guy decides to profit from people’s fascination with the weird and mysterious by posting fictitious accounts of strange animals. Naturally, he comes to regret his actions as a gigantic monster slaughters his entire crew. Meanwhile, on a college campus, a terrible sand monster preys on many people.

Researcher Sousuke Banba, who is fascinated by unnamed strange animals, digs into these horrifying attacks and discovers the term “Kagewani.” It is possible that the pharmaceutical business may be linked to the monster assaults because of this unusual term. It’s not certain if he’ll be able to stop these creatures, or the person behind them.

8. The Garden of Sinners

In The Garden of Sinners, a young woman named Shiki Ryougi and her supernaturally inclined family are the focus of seven separate horror flicks. It’s not uncommon for members of a family to have two distinct personalities that are aware of one other. As a result, Shiki has spent her entire life in seclusion.

Mikiya Kokutou, one of Shiki’s classmates, sees her not as a mystery but as a bashful young woman. As long as he doesn’t witness Shiki with a knife in his hand, standing over a dead body. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Mikiya refuses to accept that Shiki is guilty of homicide. His proximity to Shiki may be too close for comfort. Together, they look into a slew of strange occurrences that have been plaguing the city.

The Garden of Sinners is a Halloween-themed compilation of magic, mystery, adventure, and psychological surprises.