10 Best Of The Strongest Anime Characters Ranked Update 05/2024

anime characters ranked

Debates concerning which character is more powerful are common in anime fandoms because of the abundance of combat-related content.

Anime may be a wonderful experience on its own, but interacting with other anime lovers in virtual or real-world settings can make it even better. In the anime fanbase, some of the longest-running debates are around whether characters are more powerful than others, or who would win a fight. These discussions will certainly continue for as long as fresh seasons of anime are broadcast.

When it comes to financial success and viewership, anime that emphasizes action sequences (often in the shonen genre) tends to be among the most popular and well-received of the genre’s many subgenres. It’s no wonder that fan discussions regarding which character is the strongest are commonplace in anime fandoms. Since there are so many animes being aired, this conversation is always in change because everyone’s favorite characters are getting stronger and stronger.

At their peak, the strongest characters in anime can be rated, even if it’s impossible to know who would win in a one-on-one battle. There is little doubt that these are some of the strongest characters in the history of anime.

Amanda Bruce’s most recent update was on April 11th, 2021, and it is as follows: Every year, the anime industry expands. More heroes and villains are constantly being introduced to the public as the popularity of western anime shows rises and new fictional mythologies are established. While some anime characters begin their lives in manga, others appear on the big screen with no prior knowledge of their backstory. Some of the most formidable manga heroes see a combination of the two kinds of strength. Strong anime characters can have a variety of strengths. Some have bold power sets, while others are physically fit. There is a wide variety of anime characters to choose from thanks to these various approaches to heroes and villains.

1. The Avatar – Avatar: The Last Airbender And The Legend Of Korra

anime characters ranked

After introducing a character who could control all four elements and connect with the spirit realm, Avatar: The Last Airbender quickly became one of the most popular anime series in the west in recent years. Aang, unlike other anime heroes, was able to manipulate all of the elements.

Since Korra can recover from being unable to use her talents at all and Kyoshi can create her own island, it’s difficult to consider Aang the strongest. Despite the fact that each Avatar has the same skills as the others, their strengths are all suited to various activities.

2. Mob – Mob Psycho 100

Known as “Mob,” Kageyama Shigo is an extremely powerful esper who can kill anybody or anything with a simply thought. In order to keep his emotions from running amok, he has to restrain his abilities.

Even though it’s rare, when he feels something powerfully or falls unconscious, his abilities surge to the surface; they’re on par with catastrophic weather events. Even the most powerful psychics are unable to withstand his talents because of their nature and the sheer power behind them.

 3. Jotaro Kujo – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo

The main character of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo, is one of the most powerful anime characters ever created, according to IGN. It doesn’t take him long to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents and counter their strategies.

As a result, he can freeze time and unleash devastating attacks on his adversaries, both inside and outside of the ensuing pause. Anyone who stands in his way will be mortally wounded by this technique, which has no defenses.

4. Simon – Gurren Lagann

When Simon uses his huge mech to fight, he uses spiral power, which he learned from an ordinary earthling named Simon. Simon can build a drill that can rip reality apart and destroy anything or everybody who gets in his way, thanks to his galactic-spanning mech.

This metaphysics bending warrior has a near-godlike command over life and the afterlife, as well as reality itself, and may demolish the cosmos if he chooses. He can only be defeated by entities capable of destroying entire universes.

5. Son Goku – Dragon Ball Super

Goku and several other Saiyan

All of Dragon Ball’s universes are dominated by Goku, who is the best martial artist in the entire series.

As long as he is able to tap into the power of his newly acquired Ultra Instinct form, he can defeat any opponent. However, even outside of this form, he carries the possibility of destroying an entire world if he struggles with strong enough adversaries for long enough. It’s hard to think that he started off as a small, monkey-tailed youngster living alone in the woods with no one to play with.

6. Kaguya Otsutsuki – Naruto

Not only is Kaguya one of Naruto’s most strong antagonists, she’s also one of anime’s most powerful women. As a visitor from another planet, Kaguya has come to the Earth in search of the God Tree’s fruit. Her strategy was to instill dread in the hearts of the populace, and it appears to have worked.

Even Naruto’s mighty shinobi could be terrified of a being who can read minds, shape memories, travel through space, and manipulate the elements, so it’s easy to see why. As a result, she is essentially invincible after eating the fruit of the God Tree.

7. Tetsuo Shima – Akira

Shima Tetsuo - Akira

After a confrontation with another psychic, Tetsuo Shima, the main antagonist of Akira, reawakens his immense psychic talents. He will soon be able to obliterate the entire universe if he doesn’t rein in his powers.

A new universe is born from the force of his psychic explosion as he warps himself into a location outside of reality. Tetsuo is one of the strongest characters in anime since he has the ability to both create and destroy reality.

8. Kyubey – Madoka Magica

In Madoka Magica, Kyubey is the embodiment of entropy, which may be thought of as the universe’s slowing down. To bring all of existence to a halt, he is both omnipotent and immortal. To continue the cycle of devastation that would eventually wipe out all matter in existence, he manipulates people and reality into doing so.

Kyubey will eventually destroy anything that existing, and there is no way to avoid his destructive influence. The only anime characters who can hope to stand a chance against this enormous force are a handful.

9. Zeno – Dragon Ball Super


In Dragon Ball Super, Zeno is the supreme emperor who has the power to create and destroy the entire universe in a single motion. The god who looks like a child wields unbridled authority and is capable of erasing anything and everyone at will. He’s just an all-powerful god with a childish exuberance for space and time, with no methods or special moves.

For his own amusement, he has shattered innumerable universes and tinker with galaxies as if they were marbles. Only one other anime character has a chance of defeating this god in a fight, and it is impossible to stand against this god.

10. Saitama – One Punch Man

One Punch Man’s Saitama is the most powerful anime character. When it comes to fighting, One Punch Man stands out from other combat anime since the protagonist is already the strongest person in the area. It took him three years of grueling training to learn how to withstand any attack and dispatch any foe with a single, powerful blow.

Achieving an ultimate objective can be a lonely experience, and the series focuses on Sitama’s depression as a result of this. Since Saitama’s entire premise is that being strong or accomplishing one’s goal is more rewarding than simply being powerful, he is the most powerful anime character.