9 Fire Force Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Fire Force Anime Characters

Fire Force features a diverse array of characters. Take a look at who’s playing who in the lead role.

Fans of Fire Force rejoiced when the show returned for a second season in 2019 after a successful first run. An Earth ravaged by fire 250 years ago is recreated in a complex society of personalities and values. As the 8th Special Fire Brigade and their new recruit Shinra Kusakabe battle a spontaneous human combustion phenomenon that turns humans into flaming fire beasts, the plot revolves around their adventures.

As viewers discover more about the people and the broader battle in the anime series, it becomes clear that not everything is as it appears. The following information pertains to each of the key characters in Fire Force.

1. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe, a new recruit to the 8th Special Fire Brigade, is the protagonist of Fire Force. Shinra is a third-generation fire user, endowed with an exceptionally potent ability to release fire from his feet.

As one of the department’s newest officers, don’t be fooled by his broad smile. Shinra Kusakabe has a lot to learn. Shinra Kusakabe’s road to becoming a hero will be a joy to watch for the audience, as he learns new skills (in addition to his kick-based combat technique) along the way.

2. Akitaru Obi

As the 8th Special Fire Brigade’s company commander, Akitaru Obi has an interesting backstory to tell. Obi’s charisma and tenacity serve as rallying points for his men under his command.

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Audiences should not be deceived by the fact that he is one of only two characters in the anime without a fire ability in the beginning. Commander Obi’s superhuman super-strength allows him to dispatch firemen with ease despite his adherence to rigid workout regimens.

3. Takehisa Hinawa

Takehisa Hinawa

The world of Fire Force goes a considerable distance to guarantee that the power balance of its fire skills is complex, with second generations controlling existing flames and third-generation users igniting fires. Anime fans may recognize him as one of the first second-generation users to employ firearms to ignite sparks in order to activate his powers.

Hinawa, the battalion commander of the 8th Brigade, employs his military experience to command the battlefield. Takehisa Hinawa, despite his solemn attitude, is a loving soul who enjoys wearing strange headgear, cooking, and protecting his 8th Brigade comrades.

4. Maki Oze

Maki Oze, who serves with Hinawa in the military, is descended from a military family. A second-generation fire user, Maki joined the 8th Special Fire Brigade at Hinawa’s advice and can control flames across great distance.

Fire Force’s audience will fall in love with a strong female character (physically and emotionally) hidden behind her nice appearance. Several times, Maki will use her witch-like fire powers to protect her fellow brigadiers.

5. Iris

Iris-Fire Force

As a vital aspect of Fire Force, the Church of the Sun provides priests and nuns who are trained to assist fire victims in their transition to the afterlife. Like Commander Obi, Iris is a non-ability user from the Church of the Sun.

It’s hard to argue with Iris’ tenacity, bravery, and love for her job, which are more impressive than those of other characters in the anime. The 8th Brigade, despite her inability to fight, joins in combat on the front lines with a prayer for her team’s enemies.

6. Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle, a plasma user who joined the 8th Brigade following Shinra, is the second recruit to join the unit. A frenemy connection develops between the two third-generation fire users when they are sent to missions.

It’s Arthur Boyle’s image of himself as a “knight king” and his subjects as his devoted subjects that sets him apart from the rest of the 8th Special Fire Brigade. Arthur, like any good knight, always carries his plasma sword with him to defend himself and his comrades.

7. Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki Kotatsu

There was a time when Tamaki Kotatsu was not part of the core cast of Fire Force. Tamaki Kotatsu was a member of the 1st Special Fire Brigade in the first few episodes of the anime, but she was later transferred to the 2nd Special Fire Brigade.

Like Shinra and Arthur, Tamaki is a third-generation fire user who has developed cat-like characteristics and greater stamina. In addition, Tamaki Kotatsu has developed a higher level of flame resistance that has rescued her and her friends numerous times.

8. Viktor Licht

According to the anime series, Viktor Licht is the 8th Brigade’s chemical and research department head. Viktor Licht’s allegiance to the 8th Brigade will be called into question if he is collaborating with a formidable anti-hero by the name of Joker.

Viktor, on the other hand, is a key element of the cast who frequently employs his brains to tackle complex problems. Viktor, a non-user of abilities, organizes other users of abilities to put out even the most massive fires.

9. Vulcan Joseph

Vulcan Joseph

All Special Fire Brigades have a technological division in charge of upkeep and development in addition to a research department. Vulcan Joseph, a robotics prodigy, has this post in the 8th Special Fire Brigade.

His intelligent personality and his family’s connection to the Tokyo Empire will pique the interest of viewers as the story progresses. Vulcan is a sci-fi fan’s dream character because of his long-standing ties to mechanics in the Empire and his efforts to preserve the tradition of his family.