15 Best Sad Anime That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Sad Anime

Some anime have a way of making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. These are some of the best anime that make you cry like a baby currently available.

For all its attention given to action-packed shounen, anime is more diverse than any other kind of media. From spine-tingling horror to belly-achingly funny comedies, the genre’s diversity is what draws newcomers in. However, some of the best anime of all time are sad dramas and tragedies that succeed at making their viewers cry…

Animes can evoke a wide range of emotions in their viewers, whether they are nostalgic for a bygone era like Clannad or more critical of modern society. In the end, though, certain dramas are better at making viewers cry than others, despite the genre’s enormous scale.

In the year 2022, Scott Vengel updated this article: As we approach the year 2022, the number of new anime releases is only expected to rise. The new Demon Slayer arc to new series like Orient from the creators of Magi, anime lovers have no shortage of new material to keep them entertained. For those who enjoy sad anime, the New Year is a great moment to reflect on the series that we’ve all come to cherish. As a result, new entries will be added to this post for readers to contemplate.

1. Your Lie In April


Your Lie in April is one of the most well-known anime series for its tragic conclusion. An unusual twist occurs when audience members meet the free-spirited Kaori Miyazono in the story of Kosei Arima, an excellent pianist and musician.

Over the course of the episode, the two develop a warm friendship that culminates in a sweet romantic subplot. Because of this, it quickly becomes more and more tragic as the viewer is introduced to each character’s struggle with disease and its effect on their lives. Overall, there’s a lot to like in the series, especially if you’re a fan of character development.

2. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden, a popular anime, is a powerful reminder of the horrors of war. Violet Evergarden, the protagonist of the series, is an ex-soldier who is attempting to reintegrate into society following the end of a recent war.

Ghostwriting for individuals who can’t write for themselves, the anime dives deep into each character’s feelings, notably the protagonist herself. To sum it up, Violet Evergarden is a good choice for anime fans who enjoy historical dramas and suspense-filled action sequences.

3. Anohana

Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day

Because of its original idea, Anohana is a popular choice among fans of depressing anime. In the film, a childhood friendship is depicted as a group of friends who have grown apart over time. What exactly is the problem? An unfortunate incident involving one of their number, Meiko, led to a rift within the gang.

When Meiko’s ghost reappears to reunite the group after the tragedy, it has an impact on everyone, including the now-reclusive main character Jinta. It’s a wonderful series for anyone who enjoy a story that’s both uplifting and heartbreaking.

4. Haibane Renmei

Several well-known fantasy programs have become symbols of the darker side of the anime industry’s aesthetics in recent years. However, Haibane Renmei, a little-known modern fantasy series, has the potential to be the most heartbreaking of them all.

A haibane (a creature that resembles an angel) and the mysterious-walled city of Glie are the focus of Haibane Renmei’s plot. However, the more viewers discover about Glie and her residents, the more suspenseful the plot grows.

5. Wolf Children

As a result of the heartwarming moments that can only be seen in an anime movie, many anime and manga fans regard them as a particular treat. As a result of its length and the requirement that it be watched in one sitting, the film Wolf Children excels at drawing the viewer into the world of a wolf family. Wolf Children tells the story of Hana and her two half-wolf children, who were born after Hana met a werewolf in college.

Overall, Wolf Children is a good choice for anime enthusiasts looking for a darker fantasy film than the usual Studio Ghibli fare. Furthermore, the film’s innovative idea was lauded for its focus on the mother-child relationship rather than the action.

6. Angel Beats


Heartbreaking narratives (including love subplots) and stunning visuals have made several visual novels cult classics. Many consider the 2010 anime Angel Beats to be among the most engrossing ever made. As a high school student, Otonashi Yuzuru and a group of renegade teenagers battle death in an afterlife setting.

However, as the play progresses, the audience is forced to confront the harsh reality of this afterlife’s fate. For new anime viewers, this is a great place to begin exploring the medium’s more ethereal aspects. The lightheartedness of the comedy and the atmosphere serves as a counterpoint to the dramatic impact of the images, music, and plot twists.

7. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

Some shows are designed to elicit strong emotional responses from the audience. This is a world that is both uplifting and devastating to its very core, even though the title suggests otherwise. The plot revolves around Sakura, a young girl suffering from a rare and ultimately fatal form of pancreatic disease.

Viewers will become devoted to the doomed duo’s relationship as they follow Haruki’s story. By the end of the story, viewers are left with a special type of feeling because of the show’s excellent artwork and characters.

8. Clannad (and Clannad: After Story)

CLANNAD (2007-2008)

Clannad has established itself as a cult favorite amongst fans of the subgenre. The series evokes a sense of nostalgia for those who grew up with it. Newcomers should expect a gripping story with potentially world-changing implications. Follow the journey of Tomoya Okazaki, a fresh high school student, as he investigates his distorted view of happiness and truth.

The tale is based on the Key visual novel of the same name and is centered around each heroine’s tragic story. Clannad: After Story’s concluding arc will live on in the minds of fans long after the film’s primary storyline is forgotten.

9. Orange

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of anime or not. This is especially true of the 2016 series, Orange, which has the ability to develop suspense while concealing catastrophic occurrences.

An unexpected letter from the protagonist’s future self arrives in the mail. Kakeru Naruse, a classmate of hers, was killed in a tragic accident in the letter. To save herself, Naho must decipher what the letters signify or face their ominous prophecies. Fans of subtle melancholy stories will like this series’ focus on remorse and other depressing topics.

10. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

It’s possible that anime features (many of which may be found on Netflix) will have a more depressing effect than their episodic equivalents. For example, the film A Silent Voice is an excellent example of this, with its compelling and relatable storyline. The story of Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf classmate.

Bullying and despair are brought up in the story’s subsequent events. The end of A Silent Voice, albeit still a touch dismal, isn’t the end of all sad anime; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This is a great option for those who want the best of both worlds in a movie.

11. Plastic Memories

This is a prevalent theme in both science fiction films and anime. Only a few shows, on the other hand, deal with the more depressing aspects of the subject. Tsukasa Mizugaki and the android Isla’s story in Plastic Memories focuses on these critical issues.

The anime portrays the sensations that come with artificial intelligence (AI) and the fleeting nature of human and android existence. This story is made all the more engrossing by the connections between the characters and the broader themes of romance in a brief lifespan. This is a must-see for sci-fi anime fans looking for something new.

12. Erased


In recent years, crime stories have grown extremely popular. Many fans of this subgenre wonder, “What could have been done differently?” Erased aims to provide an answer to this question in its own unique way. Satou Fujinuma, the protagonist, obtains the ability to travel back in time eighteen years in order to prevent the murders of his family and friends.

An original spin on the mystery genre, Detective Conan’s narrative is remarkably similar to the anime’s. Nevertheless, as the story progresses, viewers get a better sense of the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

13. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Natural disasters leave a trail of heartbreak that few other tragedies can match. With no warning, these huge disasters can wreak havoc on the lives of thousands to millions of people. Among the many issues raised by Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 are these.

An earthquake of magnitude 8.0 separates the Onozawa siblings, Mirai and Yuki, from the rest of their family in Tokyo. Mari, a motorcycle rider, joins the couple as they battle the relentless hardships of being separated from one’s family and the seemingly never-ending catastrophes that surround them.

14. Grave Of The Fireflies

Often, older films from the previous generation have a more compelling story than today’s blockbusters. At the very least, Grave of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli certainly does. Seita and his sister Setsuko’s wartime tales are told in this 1988 release.

It is rare in modern history that the civilian side of 1945 Japan is shown, thus this film fills that void admirably (based on the autobiography of the same name.) Even though this Ghibli picture has quite a few sad undertones (in comparison to others), the story and the rich characters make for a unique experience.

15. Terror In Resonance

Terror in Resonance

There can be no arguing with the fact that terrorism is a bad thing. But it’s become one of the most common catastrophes in the last few decades, no matter how you slice it. Terror in Resonance, a film that came out in 2014, exposes the melancholy undertones of a major historical topic using breathtaking imagery and plot mechanics.

The anime’s images may be difficult for viewers to digest because it is both a psychological thriller and a critique of a very contentious subject. Anyone who sticks around to the end will undoubtedly be moved by the exploits of Nine and Twelve.