18 Best Sad Anime Quotes About Loneliness That You Need Know Update 07/2024

Sad Anime Quotes About Loneliness

If you’ve ever felt lonely, look no further than these 21 anime quotes on loneliness.

“We are all alone, no matter how many relationships we appear to have.” In the words of Mei Misaki:

All of us have experienced loneliness at some point in our lives. Because of this, you may feel even more isolated when you get closer to someone who doesn’t understand you in the way that’s most comfortable.

Some of the best quotes to help you understand and contemplate what these feelings represent are included below.

Anime Quotes About Loneliness:

1. Brook Quotes

“I no longer use the word “loneliness” in my conversation.” In the words of Brook

2. Gaara Quotes

“Loneliness is a force that cannot be overcome.” – Gaara, on the other hand,

The fact that a person is significant to you does not necessarily mean that they are a decent person. Even if you were aware of their wickedness… It’s impossible to triumph over one’s own loneliness.” I’ll call you Gaara.

One could argue that being alone is preferable to being with an evil person. – Gaara, on the other hand,

“You have the same eyes that I do…the eyes that crave for strength because they are full with hatred and death… In the same vein as my personal preference. The look in your eyes tells me that you intend to kill the person who has been torturing you with loneliness.” I’ll call you Gaara.

3. Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes

There are times in our lives when we need to feel alone. No, you have to experience it first-hand. Even more bizarre and unsettling is the concept of being tethered to another person for the rest of your life with no chance of escape. There is no other option than to become familiar with the experience of loneliness. My guess is that some experiences can’t be had without it.” In this case, Hachiman Hikigaya

4. Hiroko Seto Quotes

“Supporting one another isn’t limited to allies. You may learn a lot and gain a lot from your enemies. Until we cross paths again, until then… The very fact that they exist gives you strength to endure your feelings of isolation. Even if they’re rivals, those who compete help each other out. Hiroko Seto, a Japanese writer

5. Rukia Kuchiki Quotes

As a prisoner, I’ve experienced the solitary confinement. The satisfaction of seeing your friends rush to your aid, as well as the dread that they may be harmed or defeated, is something I can relate to.” This is the name of Rukia Kuchiki

6. Yuu Tobita Quotes

As a result of their dissatisfaction, some people will give up.” Some, though, are unsure and lonely. So, if… one day, we were all able to laugh without inhibition, Because we’re all in the same boat, we may lend a hand to one another… As far as I’m concerned, that will be the most reassuring thing I can think of.” Yuu Tobita, author

7. Rokka Shimao Quotes

“It’s terrifying to feel another person’s warmth on my skin. As soon as you’ve forgotten about your loneliness, it begins to melt away. By way of introduction: – Rokka Shimizu

8. Kaworu Nagisa Quotes

“Do you have a fear of other individuals?” In order to avoid being betrayed, you must keep others at arm’s length, but you will have to deal with the loneliness. Because all men are fundamentally alone, this melancholy cannot be totally erased. Some people believe that life is a constant source of pain because the human heart is so sensitive to it. In the words of Kaworu Nagisa:

9. Ayumu Aikawa Quotes

Loneliness is pleasant, but you won’t have someone else with whom to share your joy. – Ayumu Aikawa & Co.

10. Naruto Uzumaki Quotes

“They freed me from my loneliness because they protected me from myself. They were the first to accept me as I am. They’re close to my heart. – Naruto Uzumaki

11. Holo The Wise Wolf Quotes

In the end, “loneliness is a disease that kills.” A wise wolf named Holo

12. Fujou Kirie Quotes

I was hurt by something else, not the pain itself,” she said. Because of this, my heart sounded like it had been punctured with an arrow, as if it were being cut open. That unfathomably sour sense of dread. The notion of that made my body shake and quake. In my wailing, I expressed my angst, loneliness, and want to live. My tears aren’t shed because of the hurt or because I’m afraid of what’s about to happen. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with death, even if I pray every night for the strength to keep going,” I said. In the words of Fujou Kirie

13. Sakae Jinnouchi Quotes

Aside from death and disease, hunger and loneliness must undoubtedly be the worst experiences a person can have. “I didn’t know a thing about either of them thanks to you.” to cite Sakae Jinnouchi

Inspirational sayings and quotations by Sohma Momiji

14. Sohma Momiji Quotes

despite this, “it’s so lonely” She is called Sohma Momiji by the Japanese

15. Kouji Aiba Quotes

“Isolated persons have a finite amount of power. We should be OK if we do our best.” – Kouji Aiba

16. Lelouch Vi Britannia Quotes

The late Empress Marianne’s son, Lelouch Vi Britannia, here. The prince whom his empire has abandoned. In the event that there are some who believe they can overcome my sadness, I encourage them to do so. – Lelouch vs. Britannia –

17. Makarov Dreyar Quotes

“There are those in the world who prefer their own company. However, no one is impervious to it.” The Makarov Dreyar

18. Shogo Makishima Quotes

“Wow, you say some very bizarre things. Solitude? Is that just for me? In today’s world, who can say they aren’t alone? The days when we were defined by our relationships with others are long gone. As long as everyone is monitored by the system and adheres to its rules, there is no need for a community. All of us are confined to our own cells, and the system tames us by giving us our own particular serenity.” In the words of Shogo Makishima: