11 Best Games Like Monument Valley That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Monument Valley

After all, if you liked Monument Valley, you’ll probably enjoy Monument Valley 2. Then there are plenty of enjoyable puzzle games and platformers out there for you to play. Think about the portions of the game you enjoy most and see if you can come up with a strategy that utilizes that.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Minimalism. In Monument Valley, there are no realistic graphics, sophisticated controls, or crowded backgrounds.

Music. The soundtrack in Monument Valley is one of the series’ trademarks. Fans enjoy the soothing music that plays as they work their way through the game’s various stages.

We’re on the lookout for hidden riches. The main character is looking for something in Monument Valley that she has misplaced. Puzzle games with similar themes often have their protagonists embarking on a voyage of discovery as their protagonists.

The mood is one of wonder. There is no real-world setting for Monument Valley. Instead, the story takes place in a magical world that is filled with magic and moving structures.

When evaluating games like Monument Valley, keep an eye out for these things. Many games will have similar themes and gameplay, but no two are exactly alike.

1. Evo Explores

Evo Explores

Evo Explores looks a lot like Monument Valley, and that’s the first thing you’ll notice. The levels are constructed in the same manner as the beloved series’ floating minimalistic architecture. Soft pastels contrast with the sky’s mellow hues behind the levels.

Another similarity between Evo Explores and Monument Valley is that both games require you to solve riddles in order to advance through the stages. While solving puzzles is the primary goal, you’ll also get to learn about the game’s backstory.

When you consider that the creator claims that Monument Valley was the inspiration for Evo Explores in the first place, it makes sense that they’re so similar.

2. Mekorama

Mekorama is a puzzle game underappreciated by many. Monument Valley is just as addictive, visually spectacular, and challenging as Monument Valley.

There are puzzles, bricks and elevators in an isometric building. WALL-E-like robots have to solve a riddle to get to their final destination, and you’re one of them. Isn’t it simple? Wait until a higher level.

3. Kensho


At first glance, Kensho appears to be a straightforward puzzle game – all you have to do is move the tiles around to complete each task. However, there is more to it than that. The best way to develop is to take your time and explore the various options.

Even if you don’t appreciate the puzzles, you can still enjoy the game’s soundtrack. They also have strong personalities. You might even find yourself growing attracted to some of the characters in Kensho as you continue through the levels.

4. Lumino City

Lumino City, like Monument Valley, is a puzzle-solving adventure. To save your kidnapped Grandfather, you must solve riddles that lead you around the city and beyond. We learn how to get him home by using various methods, such as teleportation equipment.

Even if the game’s graphics are a little out of the ordinary, they are nonetheless lovely. The characters and scenery were actually made of paper and acted as if they had been animated using stop-motion techniques. Aside from the sound effects, the game was entirely constructed with the aforementioned materials.

5. Wonderputt


Monument Valley and Wonderputt share a dynamic universe that floats above the ground. Once your putts land, the entire landscape around you transforms. This is a type of golf game. When you finish a course, you gain access to new options and new regions.

Beyond the putter, the ball, and the direction, there are other considerations. It’s up to you how you use the weather to your advantage or disadvantage. With the help of a variety of animals and wacky devices, it is possible to complete each level.

6. Starman

Monument Valley architecture fans will enjoy Starman’s design. When attempting to solve the puzzles, you must take into account the level’s architecture. Even though it’s not a fast-paced game, slowing down and considering the ramifications of each decision will allow you to progress further and have more fun.

Light has been extinguished from the world, and the protagonist must bring it back. You play a being of light who has the power to change the world, despite the fact that the planet as a whole has gone black. Even though it moves slowly and ponderously, you might find it calming to play this game.

7. Samorost 3

Samorost 3

With its strange graphics and tough riddles, Samorost 3 may be a better fit than Monument Valley. You take on the role of a space gnome who uses a magical flute to travel to other worlds and discover the truth of the universe. It’s not for the faint of heart to solve the problems you’ll need to in order to progress.

The developers of this game appear to have taken great effort in making it, as they did with Monument Valley. The game’s realism is bolstered by a wealth of in-game trivia. The lack of tutorials makes this a game that you have to go right into and interact with in order to learn.

8. Shadowmatic

In Shadowmatic, you’ll find a simple but attractive ambiance and gameplay. Like Monument Valley, it appears to be a simple puzzle game at first appearance, but there is a great deal of complexity behind the surface. Because of the game’s serene atmosphere, it’s a pleasure to play.

When you were a kid, you had to make shadow puppets on the wall by twisting objects in the right way to create a shadow that resembled something real. There are certain levels that include more than one object, which makes the challenge even more challenging. Each shadow solution, on the other hand, will be influenced by your immediate surroundings.

9. Outfolded


It’s a simple puzzle game where you have to unravel shapes to get through the countryside. This game is similar to Monument Valley in that there are no distracting visuals or physics to occupy your attention. Just swipe to unfold and try to figure out how to move from block to block in a pleasant game.

All of these factors combine to make this an extremely enjoyable game. If you are stuck, there are hints to help you out. Additionally, there is a daily puzzle to keep things fresh, no matter how far you’ve progressed in the game.

10. Faraway

In Faraway, you explore ancient ruins in search of information regarding the disappearance of your father. You’re seeking for a solution to an issue in your life, like Ida did in the original Monument Valley, in the puzzle game.

In Faraway and Monument Valley, you and Ida are both on a quest to show your value and right a wrong that has harmed your lives.

The setting in Faraway is more realistic, featuring 3D temples and ruins that players must explore. You’ll have to use technology and work out puzzles along the way. In order to uncover what happened in the past, you’ll need to get through them.

11. Umiro


Monument Valley may come to mind when you look at the levels of Umiro. Each map has a simple background and looks as though it’s going to pop straight out of the screen. In order to bring color back into the world, the two heroes are searching for mystical gems.

With each new level, the game gets increasingly tough, but the plot will keep you coming back for more. It’s important to remember that you control both Huey and Satura, so you have to think about both of their behaviors if you want to progress through the game.