10 Best Games Like Mad Father That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Games Like Mad Father

It is a horror survival and interactive puzzle RPG video game developed by Miscreant’s Room that is available for free to play. Aya Drevis, an Eleven-year-old girl, is the protagonist of the game, which takes place in North Germany. Alfred and Monika Drevis, her parents, and a housekeeper named Maria all live with Aya. Aya is a shy girl, so she spends most of her time at home tending to her sick mother. In Aya’s basement, her father is a scientist who works on a secret experiment with the help of his daughter, Maria. A year after her mother’s death, Aya becomes intrigued about his father’s activities, and one night the unthinkable occurs. Aya is horrified when she hears the sounds of his father’s experiment’s test subjects and goes back to her room. On the condition that Aya accepts the offer of the Salesman Ogre, Aya will learn more of the truth about her father’s laboratory. To find out the truth, Aya must first solve a series of puzzles. You will be tasked with guiding Aya out of her room and into the lab, where you will have to work your way through a series of puzzles to uncover the truth. Mad Father has a bizarre and twisted storyline, as well as a gameplay that keeps delivering the most outlandish surprises. Mad Father is one of the best games out there, combining RPG, puzzle, horror, and survival themes in a unique way. If you enjoy playing games with comparable gameplay aspects, Mad Father is a terrific option for you. Do give it a whirl.

#1 IB


Kouri, a Japanese developer and artist, created IB, an Action and Adventure RPG and Interactive Puzzle video game. IB, a nine-year-old girl, visits a local museum with her parents in the game, which allows users to direct her actions. IB, with the approval of her parents, sets off on her own and comes to a stop before a painting that she finds strange. IB is left alone in the museum when a power outage causes the facility to be evacuated. There is no way to leave the museum once the doors are locked. She uncovers paint splatters on the ground that lead her to another picture of an Alien world after the blackout, and she enters the painting. The painting’s interior world is so different from IB’s own, and she discovers two new characters inside. Garry and Marry are the parents of both of these characters. In contrast to Garry, Mary has an outlandish personality and a tendency to get into trouble. All three characters are under the authority of the players, who must work together to solve a series of increasingly difficult problems. The riddles are made up of large monster paintings, animated sculptures, and it is the players’ ultimate goal to solve them or else IB will be trapped in that Alien world painting. IB is a wonderful Puzzle RPG video game to play and enjoy, with a fascinating narrative, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay.

#2 Corpse party

Horror Survival & Mystery RPG video game Corpse Party allows you to explore the ghostly grounds of a school and acquire items to escape the premises. Explore the school and interact with the environment, items and NPCs to gain information about the game’s objectives and dodge the gruesome adversaries in order to survive. There are five main chapters in the game’s tale and every chapter is distinct in terms of world, characters, and game endings. When playing Corpse Party, your primary targets are the ghostly entities that you’ll encounter throughout the game, and you’ll earn hit points (HP) for doing things like avoiding or killing them. Additional chapters and endings are unlocked as well, so there’s always something new to uncover as you continue through the game. Playing Corpse Party is a pleasant experience thanks to its dramatic storyline, stunning visuals, and spectacular gameplay.

#3 Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall Chapters The Longest Journey

“The Longest Journey” is a video game that combines puzzle-solving with narrative storytelling. The gameplay revolves around the interaction between characters, exploring of the game area, and solving several riddles. This is the most popular and top rated game in the entire series, developed and published by Red Thread Games. Arcedia and Stark are two parallel universes in the game’s 2220 storyline, which is set in the future. After learning that the conspirators are stealing the Dreams of people in both realms, the game’s protagonist, Zoe Castillo, sets out to stop them. Zoe, who had previously been betrayed and left for dead in Dreamfall, believes that this is her last chance to find meaning in her life. However, there are also free roaming levels like Europolis and Marcuria that reward players with power-ups for finding all the secrets and completing the level. Playing this awesomely great and addictive game is made even more fun by the game’s graphically rich gameplay environment and third-person perspective.

#4 The Witch’s House

Developed and published by Fummy, a Japanese company, The Witch’s House is an interactive puzzle, horror survival, and RPG game. Viola, a young girl who wakes up in the middle of a dark and unfamiliar forest, is the protagonist of the game. Roses obstruct the only path out of the woodland, and she soon discovers that she can’t get out of the forest. Ellen, a Witch, lives in a spooky mansion in the forest, which is the second quickest route out of the woods. The plot takes a new turn when Viola enters the house. Shapeshifting and changing the map are among the talents of the house because it belongs to a Witch. Viola begins her exploration of the house and discovers Ellen’s Diary, which reveals her past. Viola sets off on her journey to leave the house and eventually the forest, and as she unlocks the doors, she encounters numerous hard challenges. It’s up to the players to take control of Viola, enter the house, solve all of the challenges, and find a way out of the house. Both “The Good Ending” and “The True Ending” are available in Witch’s House. Both of the game’s endings are determined by the choices made by the players. The Witch’s House is one of the best RPG Puzzle video games to play and enjoy because of its addicting gameplay, attractive visuals, and survival element.

#5 Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki

Kikiyama, a Japanese video game developer, created Yume Nikki, a single-player action, adventure, and role-playing game. Madotsuki, a socially isolated girl, is the protagonist of the game. Madotsuki’s nightmares are filled with all kinds of strange and fantastical monsters, including a disembodied head named Uboa, a female with five arms, and many more. Each of the twelve doors in the nexus leads to a different world, with different characters and objects, such as the Neon Maze, the Forest, a world filled with Numerical symbols and objects, etc. The players’ job is to guide Madotsuki through the dream world, which is based on a map of Madotsuki’s actual room. This vast world is unlocked for players to explore and enjoy to their heart’s content once all problems in all worlds are solved. Twenty-four objects (Effects) from each of the dream realms must be collected by players in order to complete the game. Players can always wake Madotsuki and save the game if the bizarreness and horror take over. NPCs are the game’s enemies and can be slain with the Knife Effect, however if players can’t kill the NPCs, they transport them somewhere the players can’t get out of. Re-entering the Nexus after being trapped in a region with no way out is what wakes Madotsuki. Play Yume Nikki, a wonderful RPG and Adventure video game, and you’ll find yourself immersed in an incredible story that’s filled with a number of diverse themes.

#6 The Detail

As a graphic adventure and interactive drama, Rival Games Ltd.’s The Detail is nothing short of spectacular. You play as Detective Reginald Reggie Moore, a man fed up with the broken justice system and determined to bring it down with the help of everyone he can find. This fantastic game’s main features include investigating crime scenes, looking for clues and objects, and apprehending and investigating suspects. The game is set in a modern American city, and you play as Reggie, a detective investigating a murder that occurred as a result of a long-running gang war. You must make difficult decisions that will have an impact on Reggie’s future as a detective. At the same time, you must unravel the mystery while defending your family from the local gang’s members. The Detail’s gameplay incorporates elements of both Interactive Comics and other story-based mediums, making it a unique experience. In the vein of Telltale’s popular The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, the game’s gameplay and mechanics are heavily influenced by these titles. The premise of the game is more in line with HBO’s iconic television series The Wire, and it’s a lot of fun to get into. The Detail is a thrilling video game full of tension and suspense.

#7 Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a series of games featuring the adventures of Nancy Drew in various action, adventure, and point-and-click settings. More than a dozen games have been released in the series, making it one of the longest-running mystery series around. It’s great fun and immerses you completely in the stories. A variety of platforms are available for Nancy Drew’s interactive and visual novel style aesthetics as well as the ability to solve puzzles, interact with characters, and collect artifacts in order to investigate crimes and Mysteries. Known for its outstanding video game series, Nancy Drew has produced some of the most popular titles in the genre, such as Nancy Drew Adventures, Nancy Drew Dossier, and Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries. Nancy Drew has a wide variety of settings, tales, characters, and gameplay options over the course of the series. There are a ton of wonderful story-driven gameplays in Nancy Drew, which allows you to enjoy both exploration and detective aesthetics.

#8 Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Lost Tales transports you to a fantastical world full of action, adventure, and point-and-click puzzles, and then drops you right into the heart of Atlantis’s long-forgotten metropolis. Unnamed protagonist, who serves as the Queen of Atlantis’s Special Protective Guard, is given the task of uncovering the mysteries surrounding her sudden disappearance and finally finding her. The Queen’s Guards leader, Creon, plans to rule the world with the help of an old power and a new weapon as soon as you learn of his participation in Queen’s disappearance as you begin your trip. To stop Creon from doing this, you must go to several areas both within and outside of the game world, search for clues and objects, and locate a source of light powerful enough to counteract the weapon that Creon wields. Go after Creon and his minions, release the queen, and finish the game. Atlantis. In addition to its fascinating plot and immersive gameplay, The Lost Tales boasts stunning aesthetics.

#9 The Moment of Silence

The Moment of Silence

One of the top Third-person point-and-click action adventure video games, The Moment of Silence lets you to play as Peter Wright, a widower who lost his wife and son to terrorists and is in a bad way. Once his neighbor is detained by SWAT, Peter finds out through his wife that the neighbor was an unpaid freelance journalist with connections to various terrorist organizations. Peter is horrified to learn this. You must simply take advantage of this opportunity to find out who killed your wife and son and pursue justice. If you like old-school point-and-click games, you’ll love The Moment of Silence, which features a twisted storyline and gameplay that lets you control Peter and execute various actions that will lead you to new portions of the plot. The Moment of Silence is a fantastic piece of video gaming, thanks to its lengthy quests, fascinating conversations with the game’s non-player characters (NPCs), top-notch voice acting, and realistic graphics and gameplay.

#10 The Longest Journey

All fans of the Point-and-Click, Action-Adventure, Exploration, and Puzzle genres will enjoy The Longest Journey. The Longest Journey is a game that allows you to be a part of a multi-layered and fantastic story that will keep you enthralled for a long period of time. Players assume control of April Ryan, a Stark City student with the unique ability to travel between the Stark and Arcadia realities, in this action-adventure game. If you want to find out what happens next, you’ll have to travel to the Arcadia Universe, where you’ll encounter the White Dragon. After meeting the White Dragon, April is unexpectedly transported back to the Stark universe after being attacked. It is necessary for you to travel to a number of locations, interact with various objects and NPCs, collect clues, and solve some difficult puzzles in order to discover out where the attack originated and who was responsible for it. The Longest Journey is an enjoyable game to play thanks to its diverse cast of characters, stunning environment, engaging gameplay, and state-of-the-art aesthetics.