10 Best Games Like Eve Online That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Eve Online

While EVE Online is a fantastic MMORPG, there are plenty of other massively multiplayer online games out there for you to try.

MMORPG Eve Online has a long history and a large amount of depth for a game of its age and complexity. Incredibly, there are so many things players can do and see in the game world. There is no shortage of things to do and see in the game, including PvP battles, large-scale crafts, exploration, mining, and more.

There may be some features of the game that aren’t very appealing to some gamers. There may also be some Eve Online veterans that are looking for a change of pace and want to play a game that has a similar feel to Eve Online. Some of the closest MMORPG options are listed below for your perusal and consideration.

MMORPGs and their RPG analogues are some of the most popular games on the market today. The fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and everything in between genre continues to thrive, with new experiences coming out each year from brilliant developers. There are a wide variety of MMOs to choose from, regardless of whether you’ve played a game like EVE Online before or not. If you’re looking for more MMOs to play, here are two more.

10 Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

For many folks, Elite Dangerous is the closest thing to Eve Online they can get. While driving one of numerous spaceships, players are charged with surviving in a hazardous galaxy. It is possible for people to mine, trade, and interact with the planet and other players in several ways.

Elite Dangerous is a more combat-oriented game than Eve Online, which many players enjoy. Dogfights and ship piloting are the primary game mechanics. This is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a game with a little more action.

9 Dark Orbit

With its emphasis on teamwork, Dark Orbit is a browser-based game that is best enjoyed with friends. A variety of spaceships are at the disposal of each player as they explore the galaxy and harvest resources. Unlike Eve Online, this game is completely free to play.

PVE-oriented players will find it more appealing. There is some PvP content, but it’s quite restricted and difficult to acquire a foothold on. Running missions, mining or working peacefully in corporations is a wonderful option for people who do not want to bother with griefing.

8 Perpetuum


Eve Online’s formula is actually grounded on Perpetuum. Spaceships have been replaced with giant mechs, which players use to explore worlds and engage in combat. Even a decade after its release, the game’s visuals are still impressive.

Of contrast to space, ground combat and travel necessitate a shift in mindset. There are several parts of the game that feel a little out-of-date. The model is somewhat shaken, but it’s still a good alternative. It resembles what life would have been like before becoming a capsuleer for many players.

7 Wurm Online

Those looking for a fantasy-themed version of Eve Online will like Wurm Online’s similar gameplay mechanics. The economy is constructed exclusively by other players. Exploration, crafting, and even the construction of massive homes are all at the players’ disposal.

Even yet, the game’s graphics aren’t likely to win any awards any time soon, and finding an empty area large enough to create something large can be a challenge. Even so, it’s a fantastic open-world game with a ton of options for players to explore.

6 Warframe


If you’d rather not spend your time in a spacecraft, Warframe is a good option. Warframes can be piloted by players and have a wide range of capabilities and gaming styles. Since almost anything can be made, upgraded and enhanced, there is also a lot of craftsmanship.

Players interact with one other through tasks on pre-built stages, which makes the environment much more linear. This is not a game for individuals who relish the prospect of discovery. Those who appreciate crafting, PVE, and co-op in Eve Online may want to consider it as a viable alternative.

5 Star Conflict

As with Elite Dangerous, there are some parallels between Eve Online and Star Conflict. While exploring and fighting across a vast cosmos, players take control of fully customisable spacecraft. For the first time in Eve Online, players can customize their ships to the last bolt.

Creating a ship from scratch can be a challenge, but players will find that tweaking existing ships is a great way to learn the ropes and get started. This is an excellent game for people who have always wanted to customize their Kestrals or Vexors.

4 Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online

Cylons and Colonials can be played as in Battlestar Galactica Online (humans). During gameplay, players take control of anything from fighters to the Battlestar itself, battling each other in space battles. In order to safeguard the main ship and win the conflict, players are expected to work together within their group in real multiplayer.

Being in charge of a Battlestar can be exciting, but it can also seem a lot like being a Titan pilot who is expected to stay at home and do nothing. Players who enjoyed working together in corporations in Eve Online will enjoy this game’s enormous co-op gameplay.

3 Pirate Galaxy

During the early stages of Pirate Galaxy, players begin with a simple spacecraft that they can later upgrade and improve. During this time, players will be able to travel a vast galaxy, completing numerous quests and battling adversaries.

The Servant Sisters of Eve tales, for example, are a good fit for this game’s genre. Even now, the game still looks excellent, and customizing your ship is a fun feature. There is a learning curve, but it’s nothing compared to what seasoned Eve Online gamers have faced before.

2 Ascent The Space Game

Ascent has more than 270 billion stars in its catalog. This massively multiplayer online game is a viable Eve Online substitute. Player-created content means a constantly dynamic and evolving economy. Exploration, colonization, mining, and battles with PVE foes are all part of the game’s enticing features.

It’s important to remember that this game doesn’t have any PVP elements other than market manipulations. This is a good option for gamers who prefer trading warfare in Jita, battling rats on asteroid belts, or playing Eve Online in a more calm setting.

1 Astro Lords

Astro Lords

Building troops and gathering resources on the surface of asteroids is the focus of the strategy game Astro Lords. As a mobile game, players are entrusted with protecting their colony from other players and an alien race that attempts to invade it.

There are some players who may find the game’s mobile-like gameplay advantageous, while others may find it frustrating. Some people may find the click-and-drag fighting tedious. If you liked Eve Online’s management features and the adrenaline rush that comes with managing a manufacturing plant and logistics, then this might be the game for you.

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