23 Best Games Like Banished That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Banished

1. ‘Age Of Empires’

Age Of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

Real historical events are featured in the Age of Empires series, with the first game focusing on Europe, Asia, and Africa from Stone to Iron Age. Several of the subsequent games take place in the early modern period, while others are set in medieval times. There have been four major series games since the first game was released in 1997, with Age Of Empires IV slated to be released in 2021.

2. Anno

Anno, like Banished, is a building-based strategy game. At the same time as managing resources, trading, and exploring the region, players must construct colonies on a small island. Anno 1800, the most current game in the series, was a welcome return to the old school building mechanics that players had grown accustomed to, but it also introduced new features like tourism.

3. ‘Cities: Skylines’

On this list, it’s one of the top games when it comes to building options. Many believe Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines to be the best city-building game of the decade. It was released on many platforms between 2015 and 2018. Players begin the game with a little piece of land, an exit, and a modest amount of money. There are so many ways to customize the game that it’s even modding-friendly.

4. ‘Company Of Heroes’

Company Of Heroes

The Eastern Front is the focal point of the second Company of Heroes game, which is set during World War II. The second game has a few advantages over the first, but both are excellent. ColdTech’s weather system, for example, makes weather a crucial impact. Think of this as Arthur Morgan’s steroid-fueled response to heat and cold. Frozen limbs and shattered ice are all hazards that players will encounter in the game.

5. ‘Empire Earth’

If you’ve heard negative things about Empire Earth 3, don’t let that deter you from playing the first two installments. Empire Earth III received a mixed reception, although fans of Banished will enjoy the prior two installments in the series. There are 14 epochs in the first game, which covers 500,000 years of global history. Additional campaigns take place in the twentieth century and span the globe, including those fought by the Koreans, Germans and Americans.

6. ‘Factorio’

Playing the role of an engineer who is stranded on an alien planet and is tasked with building an escape rocket is the focus of Factorio. There is, however, more to it than that. Once you have a plan for building the rocket, it is time to build it. Making and sustaining an automated factory-style system includes gathering resources and constructing and maintaining machinery If you build the rocket, you’ll be the winner, but you can also continue playing after that point if you like.

7. ‘Folk Tale’

Folk Tale

Folk Tale is a fantasy town building RPG for one player alone. As in Banished, you begin with nothing and must scavenge for resources and recruit new members to develop a society. Playing against minions is one of the best things about this game. Some argue that the game’s developers (or rather, the game’s creators) threw down the towel too early. It’s worth a shot, any way.

8. ‘Frostpunk’

If you’re looking for a city-building survival game, Frostpunk hits most of the criteria you’d expect it to, and it’s entertaining to play. Its surroundings are where it stands out. Frostpunk is set in an alternate 1886 during a volcanic winter. Those who enjoy the Steampunk genre will find a lot of inspiration in this game.

9. ‘Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation’

This game’s context is completely obscure, hence no prizes will be given for guessing it correctly. Players control a colony of survivors during an apocalypse where you must keep them alive and defend against demon attacks. The game’s main focus is on its combat. Additionally, you can equip select survivors with weapons and have them fight in other randomly generated places.

10. ‘Kenshi’


With Kenshi, the focus is not on a linear tale, but rather on giving players more choice. Chris Hunt began work on the game in 2006 and continued to work on it for over a decade before its December 2018 release. You arrive in a hostile environment with no knowledge of how to live. Chris wants the game to be difficult, and he sees himself as an enemy of the player. The only downside is that it’s only compatible with Windows.

11. ‘Northgard’

Because it’s one of the smallest games on this list, don’t automatically assume that Northgard is inferior. Shiro Games, a French independent studio, developed Northgard, which is based on Norse mythology and features a tribe of Vikings that must battle giants, wolves, and hard winters in order to capture land and make history in the process.

12. ‘Pharaoh’

On this list, Pharaoh is the oldest game, and it’s one of the best. Do not be thrown off by the fact that it was released on Halloween in 1999. Classic city-building elements are still present in this version. In Ancient Egypt, you’ll be in charge of keeping people alive and employed. There will be a new version of this film, titled Pharaoh: A New Era, in 2021 if this one is too dated for you.

13. ‘Planetbase’


As the name says, Planetbase is a great example of this type of game, which allows you to build a whole planet from scratch. In Madruga Works’ game, players assume control of colonists and direct them as to what they should create and where they should build it. The provision of food, water, and oxygen is as important as creating a prosperous economy and a self-sufficient world. You may do this on four different planets, each with their own set of challenges.

14. ‘RimWorld’

A ship is the ultimate aim in this game, just like in Factorio. There is a lot more to it than just building in this game, which is a construction and management simulation. You’re tasked with defending a settlement against a variety of unpredictable in-game events. In 2016, Indie DB named this film their Indie of the Year.

15. ‘Rise Of Nations’

In 2003, a real-time strategy game by Big Huge Games was released. A total of 18 civilizations span eight historical periods in Rise Of Nations. Territory is the most important factor in this game. According to PC Gamer, Rise of Nations was the best strategy game of 2003, and it should serve as a model for future games. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a must-have.

16. ‘Stronghold HD’

Stronghold HD

Banished enthusiasts may recognize the infrastructure-building aspects of Firefly Studios’ Stronghold, which was first released in 2001. However, the game also emphasizes military conquest and expansion. In fact, the game has two campaigns: one focusing on economics, and the other on military affairs. If you’re a fan, you’ll be happy to know that this classic game was remastered and re-released in high definition in 2013.

17. ‘Surviving Mars’

This game takes place on Mars, as implied by the title. Even if the game takes set on any hypothetical world, the name is still catchy. To get around, you’ll be using drones and rovers based on real-world data from Mars. You’ll have to decide which resources to import from Earth and which to manufacture on Mars in order to ready the red planet for human habitation.

18. ‘Tropico’

PopTop Software’s Tropico lets you take on the role of El Presidente, the fictional ruler of an island off the coast of the Florida Keys. To lighten up potentially somber subjects like electoral fraud and tyranny, the game is set during the Cold War era In order to keep your people pleased and maintain power, democracy is essential. This is an intriguing twist on the genre.

19. ‘Kingdoms and Castles’

Kingdoms and Castles

A kingdom’s rise from a small town to a busy metropolis is a major undertaking. When you dive into this high-quality simulation game, that intimidating task turns into quite the addiction. With Kingdoms and Castles, you may build and improve your own dynasty from the ground up. Your kingdom’s expansion will require careful consideration of a variety of aspects, including seasonal cycles, realistic tree growth, and a procedural cloud system.

20. ‘Space Haven’

It’s time to go off on an adventure that will lead you to the far reaches of space. Space Haven puts you right in the thick of a mission to find a new home for humanity in space. If you want to build a spaceship or station of your own design, this tile-based simulator will challenge your ability to manage it. Keep your crew happy by avoiding the numerous hazards that can derail your intergalactic journey.

21. ‘Endzone – A World Apart’

A new civilization must be built among the wreckage of the world in Endzone – A World Apart’s post-apocalyptic setting. To survive in a world full of radioactive radiation, toxic rain, vicious sandstorms, and other perilous conditions, you and a group of fellow survivors must construct and maintain a new house from the ground up. Gather and refine found items, go on fate-changing missions, and fulfill the numerous wishes of your fellow inhabitants to keep your village together.

22. ‘Prison Architect’

Imagine the stress that comes with running a prison, especially if you’re the one in charge of it. You’ll have to dive headfirst into that difficult task in Prison Architect as the in-game warden. You’ll be tasked with creating a prison for some of the most notorious criminals you’ve ever encountered. Custom treatment plans and other services for inmates must take their unique personalities and criminal histories into consideration.

23. ‘Imagine Earth’

Imagine Earth

Imagine Earth’s two primary objectives are colonizing new worlds and reestablishing civilization wherever it goes. By exploring and populating nearby planets, you’ll be tasked with assisting the progress of several colonies as a space colony manager. For your community to develop, you’ll need to maintain a strong economy by running power plants and factories as well as farms. You’ll have to be ready for anything that comes your way from competitor corporations, so be prepared.