6 Filipino Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Filipino Anime Characters

Fans of Filipino anime, get ready to see the first-ever Filipino anime series on Netflix on October 1st.

Bren Park, a South Korean basketball player who moved to the Philippines in quest of his biological father, is the protagonist of the anime series Barangay 143. A ‘band of misfits’ from the barangay of 143 is where he eventually finds a family in his hunt.

Our joy at seeing a Filipino cast in an international anime series hasn’t dimmed our awareness of other Filipinos in foreign cartoons and animated series that we may have overlooked.

1.) Mari Mutoh from Japan Sinks: 2020

Mari Mutoh from Japan Sinks 2020

In the Netflix original series Japan Sinks: 2020, a Filipino character made his or her debut.

Known as Mari Mutoh, she is one of the show’s central protagonists and disclosed her Cebuano ancestry in episode four. Not to mention that she is the mother of the main character Ayumu, a Filipino-Japanese woman.

An animated adaption of Sakyo Komatsu’s classic 1973 novel follows the Mutoh family as they search for safety in a quake-ravaged, sinking country in the wake of a devastating earthquake.

A large number of Filipinos who had watched the episode on Netflix voiced their delight at the show’s portrayal of Filipinos in Japanese media.

2.) Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia

Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia

Japanese anime series Little Witch Academia stars Sucy as one of the series’ main protagonists. Luna Nova Magical Academy, a prestigious school for young witches, is the focus of this novel.

She was referenced in the anime as being from Southeast Asia, although her country of origin was never stated.

Sucy’s Filipino ancestry has been shown by fans of the show, who have supplied a variety of evidence.

Her initial name, Sucy, means “key” in Filipino, while her last name, Mambavaran, means “sorcerer” in the Cebuano language.

In addition, the broom she uses in the episode is evocative of the walis tambo, which is widely used in the Philippines.

3.) Janna Ordonia from Star vs Forces of Evil

Janna Ordonia from Star vs Forces of Evil

Disney Television Animation’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an American animated series that premiered in the United States in 2008.

Star Butterfly, a mystical princess from Mewni, is the protagonist of the story. Because her parents believe she isn’t mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with wielding the wand, Star was exiled to Earth, a place where magic no longer exists.

While atEcho Creek Academy, Star and Marco’s friend, Janna, is a Filipino student.

She is a minor character in the series who is frequently shown as a slacker and a bit of a nuisance.

The audience of the Jannanigans series was given a glimpse of the Ordonia House in one episode. Janna’s parents spoke with a Filipino accent, and her living room is furnished with a large wooden spoon and fork and other Filipino artifacts and sculptures. Fans of the program can believe that Janna is a Filipina based on these depictions.

This is how the living room looks in Star vs Forces of Evil: Ordonia

If her last name is Ordonia, it indicates that she is either Filipino or has some lineage from the Philippines.

4.) Shirley from Fate/Zero

Shirley from Fate-Zero

Shirley, a native of Alimango Island, was introduced in the anime series Fate/Zero.

When she smiles and has a soft demeanor, she resembles the Filipino people in many ways. Even though Alimango Island does not explicitly state that it is set in the Philippines, there are numerous hints and facts that point to the contrary.

Fate/Alimango Zero’s Island as depicted by Studio Ufotable

In the episode, dwellings look like Kubos, and the island’s name is derived from the Tagalog word for crab. It’s possible that it’s in the Philippines after all.

5.) Ricardo from Family Guy

Ricardo from Family Guy

Despite his status as a supporting character, Ricardo has appeared in several episodes of the hit American animated series Family Guy.

He’s Brian’s cousin Jasper’s spouse, and he’s from the Philippines, as has been established.

According to Jasper, the Filipino boy has no hair and is quite thin. Because he doesn’t speak much in the show, his character doesn’t have much to say.

6.) Lupit, Hagibis, and Cimarron from Marvel Anime: Blade

Lupit, Hagibis, and Cimarron from Marvel Anime Blade

From Marvel Anime: Blade, here are Lupit, Hagibis, and Cimmaron!

Marvel Anime: Blade’s central premise is upon the protagonist’s trips to Japan as a vampire hunter.

Nonetheless, in one episode, Blade made his way to an island known as Isla Del Fuego or more generally known as Siquijor, where he encountered three Filipino characters who were presented as members of the “aswang” hunting tribe named Verdugo.

In addition to Lupit, the crew also included an archer in the form of Hagibis and a dual-wielding spearman in the form of Cimarron. All of them were depicted as strong-willed and capable individuals. A Filipino mythical monster known as Manananggal terrorizes the island of Siquijor, and the three Filipino warriors and Blade face it in this episode.