5 Best Movies About Gold That You Should Watching Update 03/2024

Movies About Gold

You’re looking for a mining film? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best gold-mining movies ever created.

It’s only natural that gold has featured prominently in a number of films, given its 6,000-year history. It doesn’t matter if the protagonist is on the hunt for gold or attempting to come to terms with their newfound wealth; gold is always entertaining.

Stories about gold treasures and gold mines have enthralled us for nearly a century because they appeal to the deep-seated desire for adventure.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go on a treasure hunt in search of gold, you’ve come to the right place!

1. The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

“The Gold Rush,” a silent film starring Charlie Chaplin, was released in 1925, just 19 years after the first feature-length film. Our best peaceful tramp is on a gold-hunting trip to Alaska.

But in this ground-breaking comedy, the diminutive moustachioed man is immediately distracted by a blizzard and a fugitive. It wasn’t long before our silent hero was shoveling snow and falling for a lovely bartender.

2. Eureka


“Eureka” was released in 1983 and proves that life can be more interesting than fiction. “Eureka,” loosely based on the true crime thriller, “Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes,” tells the story of arctic explorer Jack McCann (Gene Hackman).

McCann buys Eureka, a Caribbean island, to relax and enjoy his fortune after discovering the mother lode and becoming the world’s richest man. McCann’s sudden wealth, however, fosters jealously and resentment among those closest to him, ultimately leading to his death, as it does with so many fortunes.

“Eureka,” while receiving bad reviews from critics, is a fascinating story of riches acquired and squandered.

3. The 33

The 33

“The 33” tells the terrible story of 33 Chilean miners trapped in a gold-copper mine in 2010 in another adaption based on real-life events. A monument to the human spirit, this film shows what occurs when people work together for a common goal.

For weeks in 2010, the plight of the miners dominated headlines around the world, bringing engineers and rescue teams to Chile in the hopes of liberating them.

The miners rationed out their few supplies while rescue crews worked around the clock to bring them to the surface, with barely 30 men left in the mine.

4. Gold


In “Gold,” Matthew McConaughey stars as an Indonesian gold mine that isn’t quite what it appears to be.

An ambitious prospector and an untrustworthy geologist uncover a US$30 billion gold deposit in “Gold,” which is loosely inspired by the Bre-X mining scam. Watch as one man pitches investors in the Indonesian jungle while another adds new meaning to the phrase “fool’s gold” on Wall Street.

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5. The Money Stone

The Money Stone

‘The Money Stone’, a documentary film set in Ghana, tells a tragic narrative of a man’s inescapable dilemma. Artisanal miners living in poverty are the subject of a documentary that follows two families. Either their teenage sons work in risky “illegal” mines to help provide, or they can attend school. This is a choice every family is faced with.

Also featured in the film is James Bingo, a former child miner who is now an AfriKids field officer. Bingo’s non-governmental organization aims to eliminate child labor and promote health and education throughout the continent.

Desperation and hope await just outside a gold mine, but each boy must decide for himself what is best for him and his family.