16 Best Movies About Easter That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Movies About Easter

These Easter-themed movies, suitable for both adults and children, will put you in the mood for the occasion. A joyful movie can be all you need after a long day of dining and egg-hunting. You’ll laugh, cry, smile, and, if you’re really lucky, need some chocolate after watching these movie. Join us in your living room for an Easter movie marathon with religious stories as well as old favorites.

1. The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Greatest Story Ever Told

With Charlton Heston and Max von Sydow, the film chronicles Jesus Christ’s life from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and resurrection.

2. Peter Rabbit

It’s that time of year again, when Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) makes his big-screen debut as the cheeky rabbit who tries to win the heart of his kind-hearted neighbor (Rose Byrne) against his formidable adversary, Mr. McGregor (Domhall Gleeson). The film’s lighthearted retelling of the famous tale will get you in the mood for the next holiday.

3. Easter Parade

Easter Parade, the classic MGM musical starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire from the Golden Age of Hollywood, is the perfect nostalgic escape for Easter Sunday. Film takes place around Easter, when a Broadway star and chorus girl fall for each other, culminating in a proposal at the Easter Parade.

4. Hank and Mike

Hank and Mike

Hank and Mike is a humorous comedy about two Easter bunnies who lose their jobs after Easter due to budget cuts at the holiday company.

5. Ben-Hur

Judah Ben-Hur, who was a member of Jerusalem’s Jewish nobility during Judea’s Roman dominion, is the central character in Ben-Hur. The film, which takes place around the same time period, puts Jesus’ life and death on the cross in historical perspective.

6. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Using one of its most well-known voices, Seymour Sassafras, CBS produced an Easter claymation special about a little junior Easter bunny who must battle the villainous Irontail in order to rescue his holiday. Peter Cottontail Is Here.

7. Risen


This Game of Thrones-style period piece, featuring Joseph Fiennes as a Roman Centurion on the hunt for Jesus’ body after his death, was released on Easter Sunday in 2016. It is in Christ, played by Cliff Curtis, that Clavius finds salvation. It’s the Easter narrative as told through the lens of Gladiator, complete with gore galore and some of the best actors in the country.

8. Hop

The Easter Bunny and his son, E.B., travel to Hollywood in search of rock ‘n’ roll success in this family-friendly film from the makers of Despicable Me. It’s all fun and games until Fred (James Marsden) comes into the picture and the two of them work together to save Easter.

9. The Last Temptation of Christ

Check out the 1988 film by Martin Scorsese, featuring Willem Dafoe as God’s son, a plain guy who takes the difficult decision to accept his calling in life. An unvarnished representation of that era as imagined by Scorsese is presented in this film.

10. Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

Perhaps you’d prefer an Easter story with a greater emphasis on music. It was directed by Norman Jewison and starred Ted Neeley as Jesus Christ in the 1973 film version of the Broadway smash. You’ll be singing along to those tunes long after the Easter eggs have all been eaten.

11. It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Something about celebrating the season with Charlie Brown and his gang of pals in a Peanuts animation is inherently reassuring. The “Easter Beagle,” a bright dog named Snoopy, takes the place of the Great Pumpkin in this 1974 special.

12. Rise of the Guardians

When evil forces threaten to engulf all of humanity in darkness, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost and Sandman are summoned to fight back against the dark powers of evil in Rise Of The Guardians, a family-friendly animated adventure. Bunnymund, an Australian bunny fascinated with Easter, is voiced by Hugh Jackman.

13. The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Old Testament pre-Easter times are depicted in this famous Biblical epic, including the life of Moses. Yul Brynner plays Moses’ nemesis, Egyptian Prince Rameses, while Charlton Heston plays the role of Moses, who brings down the Ten Commandments from the mountain in the film.

14. Annie Hall

We’re going to count this classic as an Easter movie, despite the fact that it’s not the most apparent pick. It’s true that Alvy’s attempt to fit in at the Hall family’s Easter dinner fails miserably.

15. Zootopia

Despite the title, this delightful Disney film is not about Easter, but rather a cunning bunny. It’s impossible to celebrate Easter without hearing about rabbits. Zootopia is a delightful family film that everyone in the family will love.

16. Life of Brian

Life of Brian

Looking for a lighthearted way to celebrate Easter this year? This famous sketch from Monty Python is a must-see. Brian Cohen, a Jewish guy who continues getting mistaken for Jesus, is the focus of the film. As expected, hilarity ensues.