10 Best Movies Like The Orphan That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies Like The Orphan

Despite its obscurity, the “creepy kid” genre has left a lasting impression on horror fans, with films like Children of the Corn and Village of the Damned.

The “creepy kid” or “evil child” has played an important role in the horror genre. Children, who are supposed to represent innocence and purity, are viewed with suspicion by society because of the possibility that they could be tainted. Orphan, a horror film about the Coleman family’s ordeal after adopting a Russian girl named Esther, is one of these tales.

When the family finds out Esther isn’t who she claims to be, they’re all shocked. Numerous horror filmmakers/creatives have reimagined social issues and child safety concerns over the years, adding their own unique spins.

10. The Omen (1976)

The Omen (1976)

To use a popular horror movie trope, you can’t do much creepier than the Anti-Christ to get the job done.

The Omen tells the story of Robert and Katherine Thorn’s adoption of Damien, a young boy who was born dead and was raised by Robert and Katherine after his death.

As the Thorns continue to suffer strange misfortunes, it becomes clear that Damien is not your typical kid. Film awards included an Oscar, a Saturn and an Evening Standard British Film Award for the picture.

9. The Bad Seed

Rhoda Penmark, the eight-year-old daughter of Kenneth and Christine Penmark, is the focus of this late 1950s horror-thriller. With a sudden twist of fate, Rhoda is arrested on suspicion of murdering one of her schoolmates.

As a result of this shocking discovery by Rhoda’s mom, Christine, she fears that her daughter may have inherited her birth mother’s depraved tendencies. The play’s ending upset viewers so much that the film’s ending had to be changed in order to obtain distribution rights.

8. The Good Son

The Good Son

After his mother’s death, Mark Evans is sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins for the first time in his life. Henry, on the other hand, starts behaving in a psychopathic and disturbing manner. As Henry’s obsession with murdering his family grows, Mark is forced to defend his family.

Macaulay Culkin, who portrays Henry, shows his versatility by playing the polar opposite of the adorable, comedic characters he is known for on the show.

7. Angela

The story of Angela, a young girl struggling to deal with her dysfunctional family, is told in this 1995 film. In addition to her mother’s untreated mental illness, her father is a disillusioned former musician. Angela seeks solace from her problems by turning to fantasy and religion. She becomes increasingly religious as her mother’s mental condition deteriorates.

In Angela, there isn’t a bad kid who’s been possessed by demons or is just plain evil. A young girl is corrupted by her surroundings, and the film tracks her desperate attempts to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

6. Children Of The Corn

Children Of The Corn

Basedon Following the children of Gatlin, Nebraska as they form a religious cult that worships “He Who Walks Behind The Rows,” Stephen King’s short story based on the same name. The town’s adults are being ritualistically slaughtered under the direction of Isaac Chroner in order to ensure a good harvest.

When Vicky and Burt, a newlywed couple, arrive in town, they must flee the cult before they are sacrificed along with everyone else.

There were nine sequels to this film and a prequel.

5. Village Of The Damned (1995)

Ten women are found to be pregnant in Midwich, California after the entire town has been rendered unconscious for a period of time in this sci-fi horror film. All of their children were born on the same day, with pale skin and mysterious supernatural abilities. They are a family of freaks.

A bad reputation in town leads the children to form a colony while the elders debate their fate. Christopher Reeves, the original Superman, plays the villain in John Carpenter’s film, which is directed by the legendary horror director.

4. Whisper


The “creepy kid” premise gets a unique treatment in this horror film from seven years ago. When two ex-convicts are desperate for a new start after their release, they kidnap a young boy named David and hold him for ransom in exchange for the money.

As the film progresses, David is revealed to be less—or perhaps more—than human as he begins to incite conflict among various characters. The House On Sorority Row was remade in 2009 by Stewart Hendler, the director of the original 1983 film.

3. Pet Sematary (1989)

The unsettling premise of Pet Sematary is accentuated by the presence of an endearing evil child. Louis Creed, a doctor, learns about a sinister pet cemetery when he and his family move to Ludlow, Maine. Tragic circumstances force Louis to act in an unthinkable way, and his family suffers as a result.

2. The Exorcist

The Exorcist

An influential and well-known horror film, The Exorcist is also led by a well-known “creepy kid.” In the film, Regan MacNeil, the daughter of actress Chris MacNeil, has a story to tell. Regan starts acting strangely after using a Ouija board. It’s obvious she’s been taken over by demons pretty quickly.

In 1949, an exorcism was performed on a young boy named “Roland Doe,” according to a novel by William Blatty, who is also the film’s screenwriter.

1. Better Watch Out

The #MeToo movement is interwoven with elements of horror in this film. Ashley, a babysitter, watches over Luke Lerner, a twelve-year-old boy. An intruder enters the house, and her ordeal begins. The real horror begins when it’s revealed that Luke and a friend staged the intrusion to seduce her.

Reviewers praised the film as “a delightfully sinister holiday horror film.” In 2018, it was nominated for a Saturn Award in the category of “Best Horror Film”.