10 Anime Dog Characters That You Should Know Update 03/2024

Anime Dog Characters

Dog people are extroverted and crave attention, making them the perfect match for a canine friend. These ten anime characters are eager to welcome a puppy.

From the Chinese and Western zodiac signs to the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment chart to the Myers-Briggs system, there are numerous ways to evaluate anime characters. Nevertheless, what about cute and endearing terms like “dog person” or “cat person?” The type of pet a person owns can reveal a lot about their personality and interests.

Ownership of any kind of animal is a big responsibility, but owning a dog is a particularly rewarding one. People who enjoy being constantly surrounded by people and who enjoy receiving attention from others are the best people to own dogs because they need more attention and care than other pets like hamsters and even cats. This list of ten anime characters is a good starting point, especially if their original stories indicate that they do, in fact, have a dog.

1. Midnight, The R-Rated Hero (My Hero Academia)

Midnight (My Hero Academia)

As Midnight, one of the most extroverted and charismatic teachers at the U.A. school, she leaves a lasting effect on everyone she meets. One of Midnight’s most defining characteristics is the way she exudes a contagious sense of vitality and young exuberance.

Having a dog at home would be a dream come true for Midnight, who loves being active and would have a blast playing with a dog at the park or throwing Frisbees and sticks for it to catch.

2. Joseph Joestar, The Wild Hamon Hero (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Joseph Joestar is the story’s protagonist, and his grandfather Jonathan was, in fact, a dog owner (until Dio Brando came along). It’s a lot like Midnight, a good-hearted hero who comes across as a little over-the-top at times.

When Joseph and a dog are together, they’d be like birds of a feather as they chase humans or other dogs around to burn off some of their surplus energy.

3. Rock Lee, The Tireless Trainer (Naruto)

Rock Lee

Once again, the outgoing demeanor of a dog like a labrador retriever or German shepherd matches wonderfully with an anime character. Rock Lee is a taijutsu master who is constantly in a cheerful mood, and he understands the importance of hard work.

Rock Lee puts in a lot of effort in order to get anything in return for his efforts. He’d get his own dog and roam the plains and light woods surrounding the Hidden Leaf Village with it like a free spirit. Rock Lee and the dog would get along well because of Rock Lee’s positive outlook and love of physical activity.

4. Natsu Dragneel, The Rambunctious Fire Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail wizard Natsu Dragneel owns a magical cat named Happy, but he’d be just as happy with a canine companion. Natsu is happy to have a dog in his life and show it off to Gray, Erza, and the others, even though Happy can talk and fly Natsu around as a winged Exceed.

Natsu is the ideal dog owner since he has a keen sense of adventure and spontaneity. He and his new puppy would have a blast chasing squirrels and birds all day in Fiore’s picturesque countryside with him.

5. Nobara Kugisaki, The Hammer & Nails Sorcerer (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen),

Third and last member of Yuji Itadori’s band of apprentice sorcerers, Nobara Kugisaki possesses a confident demeanor as well as a strict demeanor as well as a quirky sense of humor. Dogs are a terrific option if she decides to have one, especially large, work-oriented breeds like German Shepherds or Rottweilers.

Intense and fun-loving Nobara is a person who likes to prove herself, and an energetic dog is the only type of pet that can keep up with her and make her happy. When Nobara’s dog learns a new trick or scares off a thief, she will be overjoyed. Indeed, a sorcerer’s best ally.

6. Benimaru, The Noble Ogre Warrior (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Benimaru, an experienced ogre fighter, is one of Rimuru Tempest’s closest allies and a proven combat partner. Benimaru is like a dog in many aspects, from his steadfast allegiance to his strong work ethic and his rough kindness to others to mention just a few.

While Shuna would prefer a cat to a dog, Benimaru has the personality to handle a huge, hard-working dog. In the event of a threat, Benimaru and his new dog might play together, one canine to another, as the two canine guardians of Rimuru City.

7. Ban, The Fox Sin Of Greed (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban (The Seven Deadly Sins)

When it comes to Ban, he has a lot in common with a dog. For most of his life, he lived on the streets and relied only on his own ingenuity, courage, and resourcefulness. It’s not hard to image Ban as a stray dog in the pack, scavenging for scraps with the others.

It’s still a sly and loyal fellow who sometimes thinks like a puppy that Ban is as an adult. He’d be more than happy to take in strays in need of a master and a companion, and he’d quickly make a pack of his own and assert his dominance. Meliodas would be delighted.

8. Misaki Ayuzawa, Class President & Secret Maid (Maid-Sama!)

Like Benimaru, the ogre, Misaki Ayuzawa has the qualities of a dog: toughness, responsibility, and hard work. She’s a breadwinner for her family and the president of her high school class, and she’d want to have a dog as a companion.

Misaki would appreciate curling up with a puppy on her lap for a peaceful night’s sleep. To ease the pain of losing her father, Misaki would be comforted by the presence of a loving pet, and she might use it as a means of coping with her grief.

9. Arisa Uotani, Tohru’s Friend & Guardian (Fruits Basket)

Arisa Uotani

A wild child, Arisa Uotani formerly belonged to an all-girl street gang until she met Tohru Honda and learnt what true power was. Despite the cost, Arisa left the girl gang and began a more honest life, but she is still a tough and self-sufficient individual who will not put up with any idiocy.

Arisa’s devotion to her friends and her desire to have a pet of her own make her an ideal candidate to adopt a dog or two. She has the stamina and personality to keep up with a dog, and it would provide her with additional companionship at home.

10. Touta Matsuda, The Hapless Detective (Death Note)

A less-than-stellar detective, Touta Matsuda still has numerous assets. Matsuda is a people person who can easily fit in with any group or make friends with anyone, which is an admirable quality in a dog. Then there’s the fact he’s also lively and fun-loving, as well as somewhat wacky and carefree.

Matsuda already has the heart of a noble dog, and he’d have so much pleasure running around with one in the park. You can bet he’d shower that dog with attention and affection, providing him with everything from dog cookies to belly massages to brushings.