10 Anime Characters Who Would Survive Danganronpa Update 05/2024

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The survival-death game in Danganronpa is well-known for putting the characters’ wits to the test. It is possible to survive Hope’s Peak for many anime characters.

The only way to get out of Danganronpa was to kill someone and get away with it, but that’s exactly what you had to do in the game. If the assassin is apprehended, they will be put to death in a horrific manner. Because the stakes were so high, few few characters made it out of these death games alive.

The few characters that survived were only able to do so because of their intelligence and adaptability. It was also revealed that the mastermind behind each death game had been identified. Discovering the real killer’s identity is crucial to many anime characters’ survival. They could also get away with murdering everyone else.

1. Kurapika’s Quick Thinking Would Save Him From Being Framed (Hunter X Hunter)

Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

In Hunter x Hunter, Kurapika was incredibly methodical and smart in his activities. He’d be able to figure out who the murderer is based on his intelligence. He was also able to protect himself from death because of his Nen powers.

If somebody tries to kill Kurapika, he can use his Judgement Chain ability to stop them. These chains would kill the target if the promise was broken. As long as he’s the last one standing, Kurapika will automatically “graduate” if he has these abilities.

2. Akira Is So Manipulative That He Could Frame Someone Else For Murder (Battle Game In 5 Seconds)

In the video game Battle Game In 5 Seconds, Akira Shiroyanagi played the main character and was one of the game’s few surviving cast members. In order to defeat most opponents, he was able to fool others into believing that his talents were what he wanted them to believe.

It’s possible that Akira may utilize these skills to either kill someone and get away with it or assist him in the investigation of others’ deaths. Because he was the smartest person he knew, he might be able to figure out who is behind the death games and put an end to them once and for all.

3. L Could Easily Figure Out Who The Mastermind Behind The Games Is (Death Note)

L's Thinking Stance (Death Note)

If Light Yagami hadn’t been revealed to be Kira, L wouldn’t have had nearly as much trouble finding out who was in charge of the death games. As someone who is extremely alert, L would be ideal for investigating crimes and spotting clues that others might miss. If somebody tries to kill him, he has the ability to protect himself.

L’s fighting skills were such that he was able to defeat Light even when handcuffed, therefore he would have the agility and mobility to escape death if he faced someone who had no physical limitations.

4. Cure Macaron’s Perceptiveness And Quick Thinking Would Save Herself From Being Murdered (Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode)

Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode’s Cure Macaron was one of the game’s more cunning treatments.

she quickly realized that Rio was none other than Julio, who was responsible for the death of her mother and her father. Quick-thinking and exceptional perceptiveness would also keep her from being slain by anyone else who wanted to kill her and go away unscathed.

Considering that she lied about having an older sister she was jealous of in order to reveal Rio as Julio, she was also a good liar and could fool others into believing that someone else killed the victim.

5. Azusa Is Too Overpowered To Be Killed By Anyone (I’ve Been Killing Slimes)

Azusa Aizawa

Azusa’s magical skills made it difficult for anybody else to murder her because she could readily protect herself. In the event that Azusa manages to destroy the mastermind with one of her own spells, she’d be free of the death games.

Additionally, she had the ability to dismantle any obstacles that were holding her and the others in the same location. Azusa’s brilliance may also assist her in figuring out who carried out the killings in the death games or who was the real villain.

6. Najimi’s Quick Thinking And Social Skills Could Help Figure Out Who Murdered Who (Komi Can’t Communicate)

To enter into Yamai’s residence, Najimi skilfully exploited Komi as a pretext to get inside and rescue Tadano before Yamai could harm him. Najimi is also an excellent communicator, which may allow them to gain insight into the intentions and secrets of others.

Najimi may be able to use these clues to identify the genuine criminal during a trial. It’s possible that because Najimi was so approachable, other people would be less likely to harm them because of Najimi’s reputation for reliability.

7. Sebastian Is A Literal Demon & Difficult To Kill (Black Butler)

Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

As a demon, Sebastian was immune to several common weapons by design. That alone would make it nearly impossible for Sebastian to be killed. It wasn’t hard for Sebastian to find out who killed whom in The Book of Murder OVA, either.

While acting like a true detective, he could possibly uncover the identity of the person behind the death games by using his deductive reasoning abilities. But Sebastian was able to kill everyone else and get away with it, resulting to his victory in the death games.

 8. Phoenix Wright Could Figure Out Who Really Killed Who (Ace Attorney)

As an attorney, Phoenix Wright was known for uncovering the identity of the real criminals during trials.

That’s why he’s so good at making inferences based on what he’s seen and heard.

Phoenix may learn a lot about other people’s secrets and genuine personalities by talking to them and interacting with them outside of trials. His interpersonal skills would be an asset in securing the convictions of those responsible for the murders.

9. Kuro Can Destroy Everything Just By Being In The Same Place For Too Long (Restaurant To Another World)

Kuro (Restaurant To Another World)

In Restaurant To Another World, Kuro maintained an elf appearance, but she was in fact a black dragon.

Everyone and everything may be destroyed if she stayed at one location for too long.

Despite this, she never caused any damage to Western Nekoya Restaurant during her time there, as she only worked there for a short time. Having to stay in one place for an indeterminate amount of time would lead to her accidently killing everyone she came into contact with. Since no one else would be around to corroborate Kuro’s story, she would be declared the winner of the death game.

10. Yumeko Jabani Is Extremely Lucky & Highly Strategic (Kakegurui)

As a gambler, Yumeko Jabani made a fortune from her good fortune and savvy technique. Additionally, these characteristics may aid her in identifying the assassin and exposing the mastermind responsible for trapping the entire group.

She was so alert that she was able to tell if a firearm was loaded simply by weighing it and seeing the tiniest nuances in a manipulated card. She would be able to discover more about the murders because of her natural ability to connect with others and become intimately acquainted with their innermost thoughts and feelings.

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