10 Best Chuck Norris Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Chuck Norris Movies

It’s not just Chuck Norris’ memes that have made him famous. According to IMDb ratings, these are the top 10 of the martial artist’s films.

For decades, Chuck Norris has been a top-grossing action hero at the film office. He was even featured in the Quicktrip snackle commercials, where he rescues the damsel in distress from the bear with a sandwich.

It’s time for some Chuck Norris memes you won’t soon forget.

A martial arts star. At one point, he was referred to as the “world’s most dangerous man.” So it’s true that the internet’s most popular meme creator is a martial arts legend.

According to IMDb, these are the ten finest Chuck Norris films.

 1. Hellbound (4.9)


As they investigate the death of a Rabbi, Chuck Norris and Calvin Levels understand that the supernatural Prostanos must be stopped.

Hellbound, an AB-movie at its finest, was made by Cannon, a struggling film studio at the time. An action hero battling a super demon played by Christopher Neame in order to save or restore his career is the premise of this film.

Walker, Texas Ranger, Norris’s television show, was a huge success and helped him resurrect his career.

2.  Firewalker (5.1)

Norris and Louis Gossett Jr. feature in Firewalker, a comic action/adventure film produced by The Cannon Group in the wake of Romancing the Stone. While searching for an ancient hoard of riches in Central America with help from Melody Anderson’s character, they play soldiers of fortune.

When Norris was insulted in Spanish by an overtly large human being in a bar fight scene, he was able to display his excellent fighting talents. To Gossett’s astonishment, Norris hands him a piece of gum from his lips, instructing him to hold it as he annihilates everyone in the pub, even finding time to sip a beer.

3. Hero And The Terror (5.3)

Hero And The Terror

Simon Moon (Jack O’Halloran), a serial killer known as “The Terror” for the horrible manner in which he murders women and takes them to his home, is played by Norris in a classic action movie style.

Aside from the stereotyped hot-tempered fighting machine of his previous films, Norris provides a more nuanced portrayal of himself in this picture. His character has a lot of nuance, especially in sequences where he’s with his girlfriend (Brynn Thayer).

It wasn’t a great film, but Hero and the Terror shattered the image of Norris as a kung fu guy making martial arts movies. It bolstered his acting credentials.

4. Missing In Action (5.4)

Chuck Norris portrays a Vietnam veteran who returns to the country in order to locate the bodies of soldiers who have gone missing.

Some critics thought it was “riding on the coattails” of the Rambo films, but it was a huge smash for Cannon and one of Chuck Norris’s most well-known films.. Before Rambo First Blood II, Cannon published Missing in Action, which spawned two sequels: Missing in Action 2: The Beginning and Braddock: Missing in Action III.

He made these movies in memory of his brother, who was killed in action during the Vietnam War.

5. An Eye For An Eye (5.5)

An Eye For An Eye

Norris and Terry Kiser are on a mission to find a narcotics mastermind, played by Christopher Lee, who is attempting to evade capture. Norris’s partner is killed when they meet someone who can assist them solve the case. As a result, Norris decides to leave the police force.

Since the audience was accustomed to seeing nonstop action and severe violence in Norris’ flicks, some found the film’s sluggishness disappointing. Some speculated that Norris was attempting to transcend his martial arts persona and become a full-fledged actor.

6. The Delta Force (5.6)

TWA Flight 847 hijacking in 1985 was the inspiration for The Delta Force, a paramilitary group that specializes in rescuing hostages. As the heads of an elite group of Special Operations Forces, Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin (The Dirty Dozen and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) are ordered to handle a tragedy following the hijacking of a plane.

Both the fact that Charles Bronson initially turned down the role of Norris’ co-star and the fact that Delta Force 2 was released four years later while Delta Force 3 went straight to video are noteworthy facts regarding the film series. As a result, ABC Sports used Alan Silverstri’s Indy 500 theme music from 1988 and 1998.

7. Forced Vengeance (5.7)

Forced Vengeance

On this ranking, Forced Vengeance ranks low, although it features one of the most memorable openings in Kung Fu film.

As a heavy synthesized ballad plays, the silhouettes of Chuck Norris with two women and an attacker, together with a Hong Kong neon sign, form the backdrop. He approaches Norris, who offers his hat to one of the ladies and then engages in a slow-motion struggle with his opponent, ending with Norris knocking him over the handrail of the staircase.

Forced Vengeance was an attempt by director Dean Norris to outdo his previous year’s AnEye for an Eye by packing in as much action and brutality as possible. A big body count does not equal a good performing or story.

8. Code Of Silence (6.1)

Unlike Norris’s other martial arts films, this one is a break from the norm. Code of Silence includes a lot of action, but movie concentrates more on weapons, car chases, and explosions than on the hand-to-hand combat that fans had grown accustomed to seeing.

Norris plays a Chicago cop who is torn between stopping a gang war and taking down a reckless cop who caused a rift within the department in his role as a cop caught in the middle.

9. Lone Wolf McQuade (6.4)

Lone Wolf McQuade

Lone Wolf McQuade stars Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera, and Leon Isaac Kennedy, as well as an all-star cast. It’s Norris who plays a Texas Ranger who’s on the hunt for the same woman as a drug lord with the same martial arts skills as him.

While excellent and free of stunt doubles, Norris and Carradine’s final brawl in The Way of the Dragon (1973) is more historically significant, it pales in comparison. To witness Norris fight the man who beat Lee to play Kwai Chang Caine on TV’s Kung Fu is a fascinating sight.

Lone Wolf McQuade made Norristo a real action hero and served as the idea for his television show, Walker, Texas Ranger, 10 years later.

10.  The Way Of The Dragon (7.3)

If Lone Wolf McQuade established Chuck Norris (the first Westerner to achieve the rank of 8th degree black belt in Taekwondo) as a mainstream action star, The Way of the Dragon established him as America’s answer to Bruce Lee.

The Way of the Dragon follows Bruce Lee’s character, Tang Yung, as he defends his Italian relatives from a band of thugs while on a family vacation. The mafia lord hires henchmen from abroad, including Chuck Norris’s portrayal of Colt, after he defeats all the local mobsters.

Norris’s arrival at the airport with long sideburns, wide sunglasses with gold rims, a long collared colorful shirt with a stunning big bronze belt buckle, and a briefcase is a rather classic scene from his first cinematic appearance.

Some believe that the epic fight scene between Norris and Lee is the best move fight ever.