10 Best Purple Haired Anime Girl List That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Purple Haired Anime Girl List

Despite the fact that many female anime characters have had purple hair of various hues, each one stands out for different reasons.

Anime characters often have hairstyles in every color of the rainbow in order to stand out from the crowd. Those with the most recognizable faces have the most elaborate hair and natural hues. As a character’s hair color typically reveals their personality, it helps to the overall design of the character.

Characters with hair that is a gentler shade of purple tend to be sweet and friendly. Colors that are darker tend to have a more somber tone. In spite of the fact that many female anime characters have purple hair of varying tints, each character is distinct.

10. Bleach: Yoruichi Shihouin Is A Powerful Shinigami Even Without A Sword

Bleach - Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihouin is a princess of the Shihouin clan and a former Shinigami Captain. In order to surprise others, she is able to shift into a black cat. She was branded a traitor to Soul Society for siding with Kisuke Urahara.

But in the battles against Sosuke Aizen and the Sternritter, Yoruichi was a capable ally who helped shift the balance of power in favor of the Shinigami.

9. Assassination Classroom: Ritsu Is A Machine That Korosensei Gave Humanity

Assassination Classroom - Ritsu

Since she is a machine with dozens of guns, Ritsu is one of the most unusual pupils in Korosensei’s class Korosensei’s attempts on her life disrupted the class and enraged her peers, making her a hated figure.

For her, Korosensei spent all of his teacher’s salary on renovations. Her personality and emotions blossomed as a result of the enhancements.

8. My Hero Academia: Kyoka Jiro Is A Student Aiming To Become A Pro Hero

My Hero Academia - Kyoka Jiro

To become a professional hero, Kyoka is a student in U.A.’s Class 1-A. Her earphone jack-shaped earlobes are a manifestation of her Quirk, Earphone Jack.

Using them, she can utilize sound waves to strike her foes, and she can pick up on adjacent sounds, which enables her to determine where and how many people are in a given spot at once. She is a tremendous asset to her peers because of her talent.

7. Akame Ga Kill: Sheele Was A Kind-hearted Assassin

Akame Ga Kill - Sheele

Sheele belonged to the assassination squad known as Night Raid. With a pair of scissors as her weapon, she was both brutal and effective. However, she’s surprisingly awkward and compassionate to her teammates despite her brutal fighting technique.

In the midst of his grief Tatsumi, a new member, was struck by her generosity. She gave her life to protect a fellow Night Raider, and her death had a profound effect on the rest of the team.

6. Code Geass: Cornelia Li Britannia Is A Great Commander & A Doting Sister

Code Geass - Cornelia Li Britannia

You can tell the moment Cornelia appears on screen that she’s special. When her half-brother, Lelouch, imagined that he could use the same techniques that he used against her in the past, she proved him wrong.

The number of rebels she can bring down is enormous. Only her tiny sister Euphemia is a vulnerability for her. Cornelia softens after Euphemia’s death, understanding that she had placed too much importance on the wrong things.

5. Ranma 1/2: Shampoo Is One Of Ranma’s Fiancées But She Turns Into His Worst Fear

(Ranma 1-2) - Shampoo

In his female form, Ranma Saotome degraded Shampoo, a Chinese Amazon. To avenge the death she gave him, she will pursue him wherever he goes, no matter how far.

She gets smitten with his male shape, resulting in some humorous fawning over him moments. When she gets splashed in cold water, she transforms into a cat. Ranma, on the other hand, is a cat-phobic.

4. Kiss Him, Not Me!: Kae Serinuma Is An Otaku Who Undergoes A Shocking Transformation

Kiss Him, Not Me! - Kae Serinuma

Kae underwent a dramatic shift in appearance. She locked herself in her room for a week after the death of her favorite anime character. She shed all of her excess weight over this time period and emerged from her room looking like a completely different person.

As most people don’t recognize her at first, her transformation is met with astonishment. However, she is still the same girl and is more interested in anime than she is in the sudden attention she receives from a group of strangers.

3. Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine Is A Lone Wolf Who Grows To Care For Others

Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine

In Cowboy Bebop, one of the most successful anime shows of all time, Faye is one of the most popular anime characters with purple hair.

Despite her frequent association with Spike and Jet, Faye is a reclusive individual who has trouble putting her faith in others. Laziness, drinking, and gambling are just a few of her other vices that she frequently engages in. However, later in the anime, she begins to trust the rest of the cast and crew.

2. No Game No Life: Izuna Hatsuse Is The Cutest Ambassador

No Game No Life - Izuna Hatsuse

She is one of the most adorable characters in the story, a Werebeast girl who was an ambassador for her face. She frequently ends her sentences with “desu” because she wants to appear as courteous as possible.

When she met Shiro and Sora, she had never had a good time playing games because they were a matter of politics. Her encounter with them was unforgettable since it took place in their virtual reality environment.

1. Danganronpa: Toko Fukawa Has Two Personalities That Are Both Memorable

Danganronpa -Toko Fukawa

As an introvert who has a hard time trusting others, Toko tends to blame others for her problems. In contrast to Genocide Jack, the other personality that inhabits her body, she has low self-esteem and a negative outlook on life.

Toko feels humiliated by the fact that her other personality is a murderous monster when this personality takes over.