10 Best Anime Characters Black And White Update 05/2024

Anime Characters Black And White

In animation styles, color may be significant; yet, there are numerous black and white anime with excellent plots and storylines.

A wide range of gorgeous animation styles may be found in Anime. This may be seen in works such as Howl’s Moving Castle and Demon Slayer, which feature some of the best anime art styles. These two studios have a lot in common when it comes to their use of color.

In animation, color is a critical component. On the other hand, there are some fantastic black-and-white animated films. Without color, black and white anime nevertheless boast some of the best narratives and most memorable characters in the industry.

1. Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat In Space Showcases A Feline Universe

Tamala (A Punk Cat In Space)

A Punk Cat in Space, which first aired in 2002, follows the adventures of Tamala, a cat living on Planet Cat Earth in the Feline Galaxy. Catty & Co. is in charge of Cat Earth, so Tamala resolves to leave, but she ends herself on Planet Q as a result of her crash. Tamala and Michelangelo enjoy a lot of fun on this world, where they meet. Tamala studies Catty & Co. and her homeworld, Orion, while on this planet.

2. Osomatsu-Kun (1966) Shows The Crazy Antics Of Sextuplet Boys

Osomatsu-Kun is a beloved anime series that first broadcast in 1966. Mr. Osomatsu, better known in Japan as Osomatsu-San, had it colored in 1988 and again in 2015. Osomatsu-Kun, on the other hand, was first produced in black-and-white for television in the United States in the year 1966.

Sextuplets of identical boys are the subject of Osomatsu-investigation. Kun’s Every day, these sextuplets boys enjoy causing havoc with their outrageous pranks.

3. Cyborg 009 (1968) Follows The Story Of Nine Cyborg Fighters

Cyborg 009 (1968)

In 1966, Toei Animation released a film trilogy titled Cyborg 009, which was followed by an anime series in 1968. Nine cyborgs with body modifications fight against an assortment of opponents, including robots, aliens, and other cyborgs in the latest installment of the Cyborg series. All the cyborgs are equipped with unique special abilities. 009 is the team’s captain and a man with superhuman strength, bulletproof armor, and time-traveling prowess.

4. Tetsujin 28-Gou (1963) Features A Race to Find A Giant Robot

When Tetsujin 28-Gou premiered in 1963, it told the story of Dr. Haneda, a Japanese scientist who was determined to build huge robots to fight in World War II. In the midst of showcasing his work, Dr. Haneda was bombed. Ten years later, a gang of outlaws has located and commandeered two of the huge robots. Son of the doctor, Shotaro Haneda is on his own journey to find another of his father’s robot after discovering that the criminals also want to find it.

5. Kaizoku Ouji (1966) Shows A Young Boys Journey In Finding His Real Father

Kid (Kaizoku Ouji)

In 1966, Toei Animation developed a black and white anime called Kaizoku Ouji. Kid, a young boy who lives with his father on a tranquil remote island, is the focus of Kaizoku Ouji. The dying father of Kid reveals to him that he is not a blood related, and Kid’s life is flipped upside down immediately after that.

Captain Morgan, the legendary pirate who governs the seven seas, is actually the real father of the kids. With the revelation that his father is his biological father, Kid sets out to find his real father.

6. Gegege No Kitarō (1968) Showcases The Adventures Of A Ghost Boy

In 1968, Toei Animation released Gegege No Kitaro, a black and white anime. Kitaro, a little kid born in a graveyard, is a member of a Ghost Tribe in this anime. All through Gegege No Kitar, Kitar travels on many adventures and fights various ykai throughout Japan. Monsters known as yokai are otherworldly creatures that can appear in any form. Colorized versions of Gegege No Kitaro have appeared numerous times over the years.

7. 8 Man (1963) Focuses On A Cyborg That Was The Inspiration Behind RoboCop

Brady (8 Man -1963)

An anime version of 8 Man was released in the same year that the manga series ran from 1963 to 1966. In 8 Man, one of Japan’s first cyborg superheroes takes center stage. 8 Man After Special Agent Brady was tragically shot, Professor Genius constructed this cyborg by transferring the contents of Brady’s consciousness into the 8 Man cyborg’s physical form. An early Japanese anime series, it is said to have been the inspiration for America’s Robocop, which premiered in the United States in 1987.

8. She And Her Cat (1999) Shows The Beautiful Relationship Between Human And Pet

Originally released in 1999, She and Her Cat later received a four-episode colorized anime series in 2016. On a rainy day, a girl discovers a pair of abandoned kittens and decides to take them home with her. Over the course of the year that he has been living with them, Chobi develops a deep affection for his owners’ beauty and generosity. She and her cat had a happy life together at the end of the OVA, despite the ups and downs of life.

9. Dororo (1968) Features A Man Missing 48 Of His Bodyparts

Hyakkimaru (Dororo -1968)

While the popular 2019 remake of Dororo may be familiar to most anime viewers, many are unaware that the original anime series, which aired in 1968, was quite a bit older. Before he was even born, demons kidnapped 48 of Hyakkimaru’s body parts. Dororo relates the narrative of the young man.

Hyakkimaru, now an adult, is on a mission to exterminate the 48 demons that were created from his body so that he can get his real body parts back.

10. Astro Boy (1963) Follows The Life Of A Robot Boy

Astro Boy was one of the earliest anime series to air on television in Japan and the United States from 1963 to 1966. Non-anime viewers and anime enthusiasts alike are familiar with Astro Boy. It is Dr. Tenma’s preoccupation with creating an artificial son following the death of his son that drives Astro Boy. He accomplished his goal with the invention of Astro Boy. When the doctor realized that the robot couldn’t get old, he decided to sell him.