10 Best Anime Halloween Costumes That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Anime Halloween Costumes

There are only a few weeks left until Spooktober, which means it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume and makeup look. Japanese anime and manga are a terrific source of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas because of the sheer quantity of characters and outfits they have to offer.

With so many options to select from, we’ve assembled a list of 20 anime and manga-inspired Halloween costumes just for you and your pals.

1. Spirited Away – Kaonashi (No-Face)

Spirited Away – Kaonashi (No-Face)

Kaonashi (No-Facial) from Spirited Away is an easy appearance to achieve because it doesn’t necessitate extensive face painting or a complex clothing. For Halloween, if your child is docile enough to let you paint their face, you and your family can look like a No-Face family and be lovely.


Use a hairband or net to hold your hair back. Because it will be covered beneath your costume, you don’t need to do anything else to your hair.


Face paint in the colors white, purple, black, and grey can be found on eBay. Alternatively, you can use a damp brush to apply pigmented, high-quality eyeshadow. You may need to touch up the white base of your makeup if you’re using eyeshadow, so be careful.

Use the white face paint and a little brush to outline the regions that will be painted purple..

After that, use white face paint to cover your face, being careful not to get any paint on the regions that were designated.

Use the purple face paint or eyeshadow to fill in the outlined areas.

The eyes and mouth should be colored in with black face paint or eyeshadow.

Use grey face paint to create shadows around the eyebags and the mouth.


It’s also a really basic outfit. The costume can be purchased on eBay or via the official Ghibli store. So if you don’t want to put on any makeup at all, you can put on the Kaonashi mask instead.

The other option is to wear all-black clothing, including black gloves and a black cloth over your hair and neck.

2. Attack on Titan – Female Titan

The unusual physique of the Female Titan endows her with incredible athleticism, stamina, and dexterity.


Annie Leonhart, a blonde with short brown hair, is the human embodiment of the Female Titan. If you want to look like her as the Female Titan, you’ll need a wig that’s blonde.

To hold your hair in place, put it in a hairnet. Make sure the wig covers all of your hair before putting it on. Make sure one of your eyes is somewhat covered by the fringe.


Face paint is required to mimic the exposed muscle tissue on the Female Titan’s physique.

Using a white face paint brush and face paint, draw the outlines of the eyes, mouth, and muscle linings. Put on a pair of sky blue contact lenses and see the world through them.

Apply a little layer of foundation to your face, avoiding the areas you’ve highlighted. Use translucent powder to set it.

Make your cheekbones and chin stand out by applying a brown contour shade to the area.

Fill up the eyes with crimson face paint. Use a moist brush and a red eyeshadow that is pigmented enough to be applied with a brush.

Face paint in black and white can be used to add the features under your eyebags.

Blend in the contours around your nose and mouth. A pale pink or nude lipstick looks great with this look.

With black and brown shadows and red face paint, define the muscular linings.

Apply a few streaks of brown eyeshadow to the cheeks, forehead, and chin for the final touch.


A skin-tight suit with an exposed muscular tissue design will make you appear skinless, like the Female Titan does. The outfit may be purchased on AliExpress or eBay for a reasonable price.

3. Attack on Titan – Ymir’s Titan

Attack on Titan – Ymir’s Titan

Smaller than most Titans, Ymir’s Titan form bears little resemblance to his human form, the Jaw Titan. Her head is out of proportion to the rest of her body, resulting in an unbalanced Titan physique. Additionally, this style relies heavily on a large mouth with sharp fangs.


The Titan version of Ymir has brown hair that is around mid-length. To add volume and texture to your hair, use curling irons and a muslin cloth. If you don’t have the correct hair color or length, you can buy wigs here and there.


The brow and cheekbones of Ymir’s Titan are particularly pronounced, and they push forth from her face. This will necessitate the use of additional wax on both the face and the body. In addition to face paint, you’ll need to sketch in the fangs and the mouth.

Don’t forget to cover your lips with foundation, too. Your lips should be able to be covered by the makeup.

Put on a pair of black sclera sunglasses.

Face paint Ymir Titan’s mouth black. Then, using white face paint, draw in the teeth. Apply black and crimson face paint to the lips and mouth to complete the look.

The features of Titan, notably her nose and cheekbones, are clearly defined, therefore you should use a dark brown contour tone to draw and carve them out.

Use two layers of double-eyelid tape to give the appearance of deep-set eyes and to draw attention to the prominent brow bone.

You can use face glue to apply face wax in the shape of your eyebrows onto your brows. Apply a layer of foundation to help it blend in with the rest of your complexion.

The projecting brow bone should be sculpted and defined even further. Black face paint should be used to cover the eyelids and streaks drawn from the bottom of the eyes to the cheekbones should be drawn in this area.


Ymir’s Titan doesn’t dress up, thus you should wear a flesh-toned bodysuit to match his appearance. It’s available on eBay and AliExpress.

4. Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki

Half-ghoul Ken Kaneki hides his ghoulish appearance behind a mask and eye patch.

To get this appearance, you can either wear a mask and eye patch or apply face paint to your face and then paint on the mask with that. Choose the mask and eye patch option if you don’t want to use too much paint on your face. Masks should be worn regardless of the current pandemic.

You should only use face paint if you have plenty of time to put it on before your Halloween party, so keep that in mind.


Silver-white hair is Ken Kaneki’s trademark. A wig very similar to this one is readily available on eBay and Amazon. Depending on the length and style of your hair, you may need to do some cutting. The fringe should be just long enough to cover your eyebrows.


You just need to apply makeup to your left brow and eye if you’re wearing the mask and eye patch.

To make your left eye stand out, put a red contact lens in your iris.

Make a thick and dark brow with a pencil. Make the left eye’s crease darker and more defined. The mask and eye patch are all that’s required.

Use these methods instead of painting on the mask and eye patch if you like.

Make an outline for the mask and the eye patch with a pencil. Follow Ken Kaneki’s example by looking at a picture of him.

After that, apply black face paint on the mask and eye patch to complete the look.

The mouth and teeth should be drawn in. Aim for an even distribution of tooth size and form.

Apply crimson face paint to the lips. To make the face appear more three-dimensional, use white or silver face paint to accentuate the nose, cheekbones, and chin.

To complete the look, add a little extra smoke to the left eye by darkening it.


The black shirt and knee-length black shorts worn by Ken Kaneki are topped off with a form-fitting inner bodysuit. If you have similar items in your closet, you may either make your own costume or buy one from Amazon or AliExpress.

5. Tokyo Ghoul – Juuzou Suzuya

Tokyo Ghoul – Juuzou Suzuya

White hair with red hairpins, dark red eyes, and stitches on his neck and arms make Juuzou Suzuya stand out in Tokyo Ghoul.

Props such as a scythe or a sword, which Suzuya often carries, can be made or purchased as well.


Hairpins in the shape of a Roman number XIII are used to keep Suzuya’s bangs from falling out of place. Don a white feathered bob wig and secure your hair with a hairnet. On eBay and AliExpress, you may buy wigs that come with hairpins.


Suzuya costumes don’t necessitate a full face of makeup and waxing. It’s possible to achieve this look with just a little bit of makeup.

Dress in all red, including your contacts.

Make sure to cover your brows with foundation before applying it to the rest of your face.

Use a neutral eyeshadow to set your makeup. Use a cool-toned brown hue to define the crease of the eyes. Maroon is the perfect tint for creating a smoky eye.

Draw a thin line with eyeliner on the outer half of the lower lid and the upper lid.

The inner corners and inner part of your bottom lid should be painted with a white eyeshadow.

Red eyeshadow can be applied to the outer part of the lower lash line to add a dash of color.

Line the lower lash line with a white eyeliner to make the eyes appear more prominent.

Thin stitches can be added under the eyes using a small brush and red face paint or lipstick.

Using a maroon blush, sculpt the face. Dot the apples of your cheekbones with a red blush and blend it in. Make your features stand out by highlighting your nose and cheekbones.

Apply a thin line of nude lipstick to the lower lip and stitch it in place. The neck and arms should be stitched more thoroughly.


White or light pink button-down shirt, blue or red suspenders, and black knee-length shorts with a yellow design on the hem are Suzuya’s attire for the occasion. Suzuya’s costume can be put together with items you currently own. Alternatively, you may purchase the entire outfit on eBay.

6. My Hero Academia – Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

Izuku Midoriya, better known by his alias Deku, is the show’s central protagonist. His green hair, green suit, and freckles are the focal points of his ensemble.


Amazon, Wish, and eBay all have wigs that look like Deku’s hair. Before wearing the wig, make sure it’s in the correct shape and style. Before putting on the wig, place your hair in a hair net to keep it safe.


Then, put on a set of green contact lenses.

Don’t forget to cover up with foundation.

To mimic Deku’s large, round eyes, use a brown eyeshadow to deepen the crease.

Use a damp brush to apply dark green eyeshadow to the brows and fill them in. Make your brows thick and arched, but keep them in line with your natural brow shape.

Deku has a slightly fat face, so if you need to make your face appear rounder, contour it.

Apply a little layer of blush. For an even more round face, apply it horizontally over your cheeks.

Use a dark brown eyeliner pencil to draw freckles on your cheeks. There are four freckles on each cheek of Deku, but if you prefer a more realistic look, you can add additional freckles.

A coat of foundation might help reduce the redness of your lips. Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, set it with a setting powder.


Deku wears either his green hero suit or the ordinary U.A. uniform. Gray coat with green trim, white shirt, red necktie, and dark-green or black dress slacks make up the U.A. uniform. The shirt is not included in the set, but you can find similar items in your closet to complete the appearance.

You may purchase everything you need for your superhero outfit on eBay or Wish. Put on a pair of red high-top sneakers with them. You can match Deku’s costume by donning a grey or green mask to protect yourself while out trick-or-treating this Halloween.

7. My Hero Academia – Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia – Himiko Toga


In two unkempt buns, Himiko wears her light blonde hair. Her face is framed with bangs and longer portions on each side. Alternatively, you can get a wig on Amazon and copy her blonde look.


Don’t forget to cover up with foundation.

Put on a pair of yellow contacts and see what happens.

If your brows are naturally thick, apply concealer and set it with powder to disguise them. In order to create arched and straight brows, draw them with a light brown eyebrow pencil.

All over your eyelids, apply an eye primer. Make a delicate wing of eyeliner on your eyes.

Use a mauve brown eyeshadow in the crease and on the lower lid to complete the look. Try to mix it up.

To make your eyes appear larger, wear doll-like fake eyelashes.

You may need to reapply your foundation, especially around your eyes, in case any of your eye makeup has fallen off. Use a translucent powder to finish the look. Also, don’t forget to apply foundation over your lips.

Under your eyelids, apply a coral-orange eyeshadow and blend it in with the brown.

Make a thin line around the outside of your lips with a nude lipstick and then blend it outwards.

On your cheekbones, apply a thin dusting of pink blush.

If you have a high cheekbones and a cupid’s bow, use a highlighter to bring them out.

Denture adhesive is used to adhere two false fangs. Denture adhesive can be used to connect 2 fake nails to your teeth that have been filed down to the proper form.


An oversize beige cardigan is what Himiko is wearing with her navy seifuku (sailor’s outfit). Alternatively, you may purchase the full costume on sites like eBay and Amazon. There’s even a wig, socks, and shoes included in the Wish set.

8. My Hero Academia – Mina Ashido


Two yellow horns protrude from Mina’s head, which she wears short pink hair. On Wish or Amazon, you’ll discover a Mina wig with attached horns.


Face paint in the shade of pink will be required to completely hide your features for the role of Mina, as her complexion is a pale pink.

Donning yellow and black sclera lenses gives the illusion of a yellow and black eye.

Apply a thick layer of pink face paint over your entire face, including your ears and neck.

Black eyeshadow or an eyebrow pencil can be used to create thin, edgy brows.

Line your eyes with a slender, winged eyeliner and apply mascara.

To make the crease appear deeper, use pink eyeshadow all over the lid. A silver shimmer hue can then be applied on the lids, just below the waterline.

Apply dark brown eyeshadow to the outer half of the bottom waterline for a smoky effect. Apply a pink colour around the eye bags for a more natural look.

For doll-like and dramatic eyes, use artificial eyelashes on both the top and bottom lids.

Apply a matte terracotta red lipstick on the lips with a little swab. Using a concealer and a sponge, apply concealer to the lower lip and on both sides of the lips.

The appearance is complete when the nose is highlighted with a highlighter.


Her hero costume or the ordinary U.A. outfit can be worn by Mina. Among other things, the uniform includes a grey coat with green trim, a white shirt, and a red tie. Wish sells the entire ensemble, except for the white shirt, but you can easily recreate the look with things in your own closet. To complete the appearance, don a pair of knee-high brown socks and brown shoes.

As a superhero, Mina dresses in skin-tight camo with a fur-trimmed cropped vest that hangs below her waist and knee-high boots in turquoise and purple. The costume is available for purchase on Amazon and eBay.

9. Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow form)

Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow form)

Human Ichigo Kurosaki has Shinigami powers and a Hollow in his soul.


Wigs like the one used by Ichigo in the anime are available on Wish and Amazon. Before wearing the wig, apply hair gel to the wig’s spikes to keep them in place.


Recreating Ichigo’s disguise requires a picture of his mask to guide you.

Use some brightly colored contact lenses, such yellow or red.

Draw the mask on the left side of your face with a white liner pencil. For the sections that you wish to color in black, be sure to leave room. Fill in the rest of the gap with white and set it with powder.. Use a q-tip to clean up any places that aren’t supposed to be black.

Fill up the bare spots with a damp brush with black eyeshadow or black face paint.

Line the upper and lower waterlines of your left eye with black eyeshadow. Create an extra-long winged eyeliner by winging out the cat-eye to your temples. The inner corner of the eye should be dragged down along the nose. Using a damp brush, apply bright red eyeshadow to the entire lid.

Make the eyeliner and black spots darker if necessary by using a gel liner.

Start drawing the teeth from the center of the lips outward with an extra-thin brush and black eyeshadow. Create shadows by removing the lines with smoke. The more you do this, the more realistic it will look.

Apply foundation to the rest of your face.

Face contouring and cheekbone highlighting are two ways to get this look.

The white mask outline can be further shadowed with a dark brown tint. There are a number of ways to get this effect.

Apply an eye primer to your right eye, then apply translucent powder to fix it in place. Cover the entire lid in the same red eyeshadow you used on the left eye. Use black eyeshadow to outline the red lid and create a cat-eye shape identical to the one on your left eye. When you get to your temples, smudge the cat-eye further out.

Using black eyeshadow, draw a few lines from the eyes to the cheeks and blur them.


His outfit includes a black kimono-style robe with white undershirt, long black pleated skirt with tabi socks, and a pair of straw shoes. In addition, he sometimes wears a belt around his waist.

If you’re looking for a whole costume, you can buy it on Wish, or you can buy just the clothing parts on Amazon.

10. Inuyasha – Inuyasha


Inuyasha’s hair is long and straight, and his ears are covered in fur. You can buy a wig with clip-on ears on eBay, or you can buy only the ears on Amazon.


Apply a thin layer of foundation and set it with translucent powder.

Make sure your brows are thick, dark, and arched before you begin.

Make your face appear more defined and sharp by contouring it.

Apply a light brown eyeshadow to the crease of your eye and create a thin winged liner.

Wearing light brown contact lenses and artificial fangs can give you a more authentic appearance.

Maroon eyeshadow can also be used to create a crescent on the top of your head.


The Robe of the Fire-Rat, a brilliant red robe with a tight waist, is worn by Inuyasha in the series. The outfit is available for purchase on Amazon. On Wish, you can buy the entire outfit, including the wig, ear clips, and necklace. The use of lengthy artificial fingernails will further enhance the edginess of your ensemble.