10 Best Chubby Anime Girl Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Chubby Anime Girl Characters

Anime Chubby Girl It doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re all chubby. In anime, as in other forms of popular culture, you won’t see many “chunky” female characters (although that is another topic so I will not follow it here). When it comes to overweight disc girls, the art doesn’t really convey it and they appear to be just as thin as everyone else. Like Yomi from Azumanga Daioh, Lucy in Fairy Tail is intended to be more chubby, but if she wasn’t stated (repeatedly) on the program, no one would know.

There are female characters with more curves than others, and while some are self-conscious about their weight and continually struggle with it, many others are proud of their physique or just don’t mention it or complain about him. Some of the girls on this list are not young or gorgeous, but they have strong personalities, are talented, have a good sense of humour and are attractive in their own right. These women are clearly larger than their co-stars. For those of you hoping to see a few chubby female characters in your anime viewing pleasure, this is your best bet.

10. Chouchou Akimichi from Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Chouchou Akimichi from Boruto Naruto the Movie

Episodes of a TV show

Date: August of this year

When it comes to food cravings and physical appearance, Chouchou is just like his father. When Chouji was the same age as her, she had an advantage over him because she was faster and had more chakra than he had at the time. Chouchou, in contrast to her father, does not take offense when someone remarks on her weight, and she really comes across as a very self-assured young lady.

After discovering that he is genetically predisposed to be overweight, he appears to give up trying to shed weight during his youth. The fact that she’s a little self-obsessed doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of making her own decisions and doing things her own way. As the only one on the list who is trying to lose weight and at some time feels self-conscious about her body, Chouchou is ranked 10th.

9. Minori Nakazawa of no-Rin

There are twelve episodes in total.

Between January and March of this year,

Kosaku, a childhood friend of Minori’s, develops a crush on the cute peasant girl. A former idol of his has relocated to his home country and started attending his school, making it difficult for him to maintain a relationship with her. Minori, despite her lack of a petite idol-like form, continues to pursue her love interest despite her lack of a petite idol-like physique.

As a way of reminding Yuka that Minori is the winner of the department, Minori proudly displays her plump breasts for all to see. Minori is noticeably heavier than the other girls on the show, both physically and mentally. Voluptuous tomboyish tsundere girl Kosaku wants nothing more than to settle down with her. Since she spends a lot of time working in the fields, she is both caring and strong. Despite her curvaceous appearance, Minori is a healthy rural girl who knows what she wants!

8. Satsuki Yotsuba from Negima!

Satsuki Yotsuba from Negima!

No. of Episodes:

October 2006 to March 2007: Issuance

Satsuki is a talented chef who owns and operates a successful restaurant. A cafeteria officer at the school, she is frequently commended for her culinary talents. She’s adored by everyone and has the power to prevent students from suing each other in the martial arts. When Satsuki is around, the atmosphere is instantly lifted by her sweet demeanor and upbeat outlook on life.

She’s always wanted to have her own restaurant since she enjoys making people happy with her culinary creations. ” With her determination and hard work, she finally opens branches of her restaurant around the world Even in space!

7. Chieko from Princess Jellyfish


Issued between October and December of last year

Everyone in her mother’s apartment building is an otaku, even Chieko, who oversees the building. Her special interests lie in traditional Japanese dolls and attire. A kimono-clad doll, she herself exudes sweetness and innocence. In addition to her obviously bigger build, she possesses the aforementioned kinky face.

Chieko is very mature and resourceful, as she not only oversees the project but also maintains her composure under pressure and is adept at securing what she needs. She’s also an excellent seamstress, which she owes in part to her love of all things vintage. A show where everyone gets a makeover, except for Chieko, is one of my favorite things about her. Why? Like her, she believes she is already stylish enough. Keep up the good work!

6. Pine-Pine from Space ☆ Dandy

Pine-Pine from Space ☆ Dandy

The number of episodes: 13

Between January and March of this year,

There is no doubt that Pine-Pine is a fat harlot. She’s a towering presence with just the proper amount of feminine curves. There’s a mole just next to it on her chubby cheek and large lips. Whether she’s dressed for the office or a night on the town, her curvy figure always makes her look intriguing. Even when Scarlet, one of her coworkers, comes along to meet potential suitors with the hope of meeting someone special, Pine-Pine finds herself surrounded by attractive men.

Although she appears to fulfill the stereotype of a tall, slim, beautiful girl, Dandy admits that Scarlet “is not very gorgeous.” Pine-Pine, on the other hand, is not only confident, but he always appears happy. Voluptuous and confident women attract men like no other!

5. Yuriko Gouda from Ore Monogatari

There are 24 episodes total.

Issued between April and September of this year

In her 40s, Yuriko is a stay-at-home mom. In her own words, she “looks like a twenty-something” in terms of both her physique and liveliness. She works all day, lifts heavy objects, prepares delicious meals, and tends to her husband and son like nothing else. Even during her pregnancy, she continues to lead a physically demanding lifestyle.

As a mother, Yuriko is one of the best. This is a quality that Takeo certainly inherited from her mother because she is always willing to provide a helping hand to others and puts the needs of others ahead of her own. When she was pregnant with Takeo, she actually carried another pregnant patient in the hospital!

4. Risley Law from Fairy Tail (2014)

Risley Law from Fairy Tail (2014)

There have been around 260 episodes released so far.

Until the present time

The Mermaid Heel guild is where Risley hangs her mermaid tail. She takes great pride in her fat figure. A little bustier and skirt to the hips with side-cuts reveal as much skin as those of the series’ slimmer characters. Risley is also a self-assured and tenacious individual.

Her magical powers allow her to alter the gravity around her, as well as for herself and her enemies. This gives her the ability to scale walls, leap great distances, and even alter her body’s proportions, making her appear more thin when necessary. She, on the other hand, enjoys her curvier look and we see her as such the majority of the time. “Don’t overlook the chubby ones!” he has advised his rivals. When it comes to women, she’s a tremendous powerhouse.

3. Kamado Ueshita by Mirai Nikki

No. of Episodes:

October 2011 through April 2012 were the months of publication.

Ueshita Kamado, who has administered and maintained an orphanage for the past 14 years, is the next mother figure on our list. She has a great deal of patience and a soft spot for kids. To become the new god of time, she and the other owners of newspapers that forecast the future had to kill each other in a life-or-death game they played together.

A compassionate, loving, and serene woman like hers, who only wants to win so that the world might be a better place for children, she is not interested in becoming a deity. You want to give her a big bear hug and ask her to bake you cookies because of her adorable round face and soft, plump physique. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t fight in this situation, her children would do whatever to keep her safe.

2. Super Sonico by SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

Super Sonico by SoniAni Super Sonico the Animation

There are twelve episodes in total.

Between January and March of this year,

Even though Sonico is a character designed to appease a wide range of anime fandoms, she isn’t your average pretty and bare-chested anime heroine. She has thighs, a tummy, and a thicker figure than other well-endowed heroines. It doesn’t stop there, either, as he’s frequently seen sporting an overabundance of his clothing. Carnita is often found at the bottoms of his jeans or other clothing, and folds can be seen in his skin during certain sitting or resting positions.

When it comes to a hot and fat college lady, she has a more realistic body type. Sonico is also a model, bartender at his grandmother’s tavern, and member of a band. Even though she’s gorgeous, voluptuous, talented, and incredibly busy, she yet manages to maintain a grounded demeanor that befits a young lady of her stature.

Actually, I was shocked to see a Sonico figure for the first time because his body is so well-preserved. Thus, while being simply Nitroplus’ mascot at the time, she quickly rose to the status of one of my personal favorites.

1. Kazami Torino from Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

There are twelve episodes in total.

Between October and December of this year

Anime’s overweight girls are becoming more and more maternal or sensuous. In this case, she’s got the best of both worlds. Mermaid Island is a safe haven for ladies who don’t want to fight or who have nowhere else to go, and Kazami Torino welcomes them. All the girls in the community look up to her since she actually is a mother figure to them.

If you look closely, you’ll see where her garments naturally tighten around the hips, abdomen, and breast area. If you were to see her in a bikini (or even less), you’d agree that she is the cutest fat MQMC ever. This is how it climbed to the top of our list!

Well, that’s a wrap! Despite the fact that other anime girls are intended to be fat or plump, this is not always the case, and even when it is, the girls tend to be self-conscious about their weight loss efforts. For this list, the girls were picked because they are not embarrassed of their bodies, they are secure in themselves, they are successful, kind and/or intelligent, but most importantly, their weight does not play a significant role in who they are! It’s actually rather common for these girls to keep their weight a secret because they’re happy with it and don’t want to change it.

A special mention should go to the Real Drive series. All of the female characters in this anime have highly realistic and curvaceous physiques. Masamune Shirow and Production IG are behind it! (from Ghost in the Shell ). People who didn’t enjoy this series due of the characters’ size were surprised to learn this.

Do you agree? Acceptance or disapproval of the choices is required. It is up to you to decide whether or not anime characters should have more realistic physique. Are you a fan of the s’mores girls? Let us know what you think in the comments!