12 Best Anime Like Ergo Proxy That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Ergo Proxy

When it comes to its visual aesthetic and world-building, Ergo Proxy is one of the most unique animes ever made. Those who enjoy science fiction and mysteries will enjoy this film’s moody ambiance as well as the gripping narrative. Here are several wonderful series set in a post-apocalyptic environment that you will like if you’ve already finished watching Ergo Proxy’s beautifully created episodes. There are a slew of anime titles like Ergo Proxy available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

12. Texhnolyze


This 22-episode anime series, directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, is one of the best dystopian works ever produced. One of the orphans featured in the story Ichise, an ex-convict, loses an arm and leg while battling in a man-made underground society. Experimenting doctors save him from the brink of death by using him in their experiments with new medical procedures and giving him extraordinary prosthetic limbs. He quickly finds himself embroiled in a territorial dispute and embarks on a bloody mission to uncover the truth about Lux’s underground metropolis.

11. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Anime classic Ghost in the Shell has a cult following among fans of the cyberpunk genre. A cinematic adaptation of the anime was released in 2002. Ghost in the Shell depicts a world where full body transplants are available, allowing humans to transform into androids. Even though it differs significantly from the original Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex continues to center on the intriguing Kusanagi Motoko and Section 9. They continue to cope with cybernetic-enhanced criminals’ misdeeds. If you’re a fan of Ergo Proxy’s world building, you’re going to adore this one.

10. Garden of Sinners

The Garden of Sinners (Movie)

For the most part, Garden of Sinners of Kara no Kyoukai is an obscure Type-Moon title because it was published as a motion picture rather than an ongoing series. The plot centres around Ryougi Shiki, a mysterious character with the power to annihilate whatever in her path. In addition to Shiki’s dual personality and the world’s supernatural forces, if you’re seeking for a more serious and psychological anime, consider watching Guardian of Sinners. Despite the lack of sci-fi aspects, Shiki’s persona grows over the film series and presents psychological themes as well as philosophical and religious references.

9. Wolf’s Rain

While many of us grew up watching Wolf’s Rain on television in the early 2000s, it’s still a popular anime today. Pre-apocalyptic society where wolves are threatened with extinction and are compelled to take human form is the setting for Wolf’s Rain, in contrast to Ergo Proxy’s post-apocalyptic setting. The similarities between Ergo Proxy and the characters’ journeys and intricate storytelling can be found in both works. As well as having a fantastic plot, Wolf’s Rain provides an excellent visual and audio experience that you should not miss.

8. Mardock Scramble

Mardock Scramble - The First Compression

Mardock Scramble, like Guardian of Sinners, is a sci-fi film series. In Mardock City, a former adolescent prostitute is nearly murdered by a casino manager, who is written by Ubukata Tow, who is noted for his psychological themes in his works. She is rescued by a scientist who uses synthetic fiber to rebuild her body. The anime’s cyberpunk setting is excellently realized, and it manages to be both visually appealing and frightifying. This anime’s protagonist Rune Balot is one of the best female characters and some battle sequences can be a bit teary. The anime has a gruesome and sexually explicit tone, which makes it even more distinctive.

7. Serial Experiments Lain

Analyses Performed in Sequence A mystery anime with psychological undertones, Lain is one of the earliest shows on this list. Iwakura Lain, a fourteen-year-old boy, receives a phone call from his long-lost friend, Chisa, who claims to have died. Wired has an impact on his life. The deep philosophical notions and issues about existence itself manage to deliver an experience akin to Ergo Proxy, which may necessitate a second viewing or online debate.

6. Darker Than Black

Darker than Black

A pre-apocalyptic environment is well captured in the 25-episode animation Darker Than Black. Residents of Tokyo face a wide range of issues as a gigantic wall known as “Hell’s Gate” being erected above the city. Psychopathic assassins with supernatural abilities, Contractors play a significant role in the tale. For each time they abuse their authority, the Foreign Affairs Public Security team is compelled to look into the matter and bring the Contractors to justice, and they have no choice but to do so. The fight between the team and the mysterious Messier Code BK201, the only man who seems to be able to halt the Contractors, making it an interesting anime to watch.

5. Witch Hunter Robin

Robin, the female protagonist, is charged with collecting witches for a secret organization, and her journey is told in Witch Hunter Robin. There are increasing numbers of witch-related episodes, and the novel puts the protagonist in a position of tension and uncertainty about what is truly going on as a result. Witch Hunter Robin is more concerned with world building and character development than it is with action sequences. Witch Hunter Robin’s graphic style will appeal to fans of Ergo Proxy. Every episode will have you riveted to your seat due to the gloomy alternate future.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Many people consider Neon Genesis Evangelion to be one of the best anime ever made. After the end of the world, the plots of Ergo Proxy and Evangelion take place in a dystopian future. After the “Second Impact,” which wiped out Tokyo and created Tokyo III, the anime takes place. Once Tokyo III is completed, it is attacked by Angels, unknown living forms that call themselves that. The tale centres around the three of Asuka, Rei, and Shinji, who are forced to rely on man-made machines to defeat them. It’s a must-see for everyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic animation. Evangelion, despite its advanced age, has held up exceptionally well over time. It’s also a great place to begin if you’re interested in the ever-popular mecha genre in anime.

3. Casshern Sins

It is a dystopian future where the entire globe is in ruins and everything is slowly decaying into dust. Casshern is the sole hope for life in a world where people are rapidly dwindling and robots are being compelled to salvage new components in order to continue operating. Robots are continually attacking Casshern, but he has no idea why he is being targeted or how he came to be the only person unaffected by the disaster. Casshern Sins’ robots have a distinct personality, and the post-apocalyptic atmosphere is shared by both shows. This is one of the series’ strongest points. In both anime, the main characters must struggle with memory loss and the discovery of their actual calling.

2. Pale Cocoon

Pale Cocoon

In Pale Cocoon, we learn how humans have harmed the Earth’s ecosystem to the point where a chasm has formed between us and the rest of the human race. The anime’s gloomy tone perfectly complements the tales of those who live in the lower level and in the unknown sky. Restoring historical memories is up to the Archive Excavation Department, where protagonist Ura teams up with her old pal Riko to learn more about their existence than what we know thus far. The art style is beautiful, and there’s a fair amount of mystery mixed in. A second viewing may be necessary to completely comprehend the anime, like Ergo Proxy.

1. Gilgamesh

Tatsuya and Kiyoko, two siblings who dwell in a bleak future, are the protagonists of Gilgamesh. Civilization has been completely changed by the terrorist strike known as the Twin X. Debt collectors are relentless in their pursuit of Tatsuya and Kiyoko’s parents’ unpaid debts. Even the debt collectors seem to be working for their own father, Gilgamesh, who also coordinated the Twin X terrorist strike. Despite having all the facts handed out at the beginning of each episode, viewers are still left wondering what will happen next. Gilgamesh is an excellent post-apocalyptic anime, and if you enjoyed Ergo Proxy, you’ll enjoy Gilgamesh even more.