10 Best Anime Succubus Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Anime Succubus Characters

Succubi are few and few between in anime, a medium known for its infinite character design options (and fan service).

Viewers expect more in the coming future.

Suffice to say, I’ve seen enough anime to compile an extensive list of notable succubuses.

All of these women, from their stunning physiques to their different personalities, have contributed to making their respective championships more memorable—and this is true regardless of how long or short they were present.

12. Len


Phantasm: Anime of the Carnival Viewers saw considerably more of Len in Carnival Phantasm than they expected.

First, she’s the protagonist of Kagetsu Tohya in TYPE-MOON.

As a result, I have to assess Len based on her looks in the parody series, since I’m only focusing on anime succubi.

There were five Len cats in the scene courtesy of the succubus (or, more precisely, the succubus demon familiar).

It’s similar to Power Rangers or Voltes V, except there’s no real danger.

If anime succubi could morph into neko females, nyaa-ing their way into your heart and soul, imagine how much more powerful they would be.

11. Mayu Tsukimura

Anime: All the best! Ninomiya-kun

Knowing about Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun and its bizarre plot entitles you to a senior citizen discount:

If you’ve ever wanted to live with two siblings who happen to be a succubus and incubus, then here is the story for you.

And there’s one more:

Mayu Tsukimura, the sister succubus, suffers from androphobia (i.e. fear of men).

Incredibly, a creature that was born to entice men has an illogical fear of them.

It’s true that Mayu and Shungo Ninomiya’s antics throughout the show are a little predictable. Even so, their attractiveness as a central part of an ecchi harem series has never waned.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Mayu’s voice and beauty. Even other girls can’t help but be jealous of all the attention she’s receiving from boys.

10. Mayospell


Interspecies Reviewers of Anime

I had to add one of the year’s most hotly debated shows. Especially when there are fictitious brothels to suit every taste.

I’m baffled that there’s an Interspecies Reviewers anime out there. The same is true of how a Japanese television station considered airing it.

Interspecies Reviewers is jam-packed with interesting succubi, but I’m quite that Mayospell will stick with me the most.

Without her, Crimvael’s hermaphroditic angel would not have been as gloriously ridiculous (and filthy) as he was.

To get the full experience, watch both the uncensored and censored versions of the episode if you haven’t seen it before. Since the censored version has better voice acting.

9. Lolisa/Newbie Succubus


I’ve seen the “bakuretsu la la la” YouTube video over and over again, and I can confidently tell that it will never get old.

Aside from the core cast, there are so many other aspects of KonoSuba that appeal to me.

So far, I’ve kept her identity a secret. But I still have vivid memories of her and Kazuma’s encounter.

Even though Lolisa aspires to master the art of succubusdom (and is confident that Kazuma will assist her in any way he can), she lacks the self-assurance to successfully seduce men.

The fact that her assets aren’t as… well, plump… as those of her coworkers at the succubus cafe makes her feel a little down on herself. But you can’t help but be smitten by her.

Wouldn’t you rather be with an introverted, apprehensive, yet utterly enchanting succubus in a world of too aggressive succubi?

8. Ageha Kurono

Ageha Kurono

To Vampire Capu2

Ageha Kurono, a 30-year-old mother of two, was presented to us in the sequel to Rosario to Vampire. Her devilish body is matched by her demonic fashion sense.

You know, I’ve always been a fan of the color blue. Her red lips and short but ruffled red dress are a perfect match for her ocean-blue hair. Without a doubt, memorable.

Even as a succubus, she improves enormously, allowing her full expression of her inner femme fatale.

In addition, Ageha is much the opposite of her daughter in personality and outlook.

She will always be a devoted mother. That doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the pleasures of being a succubus, though. Tsukune and Kurumu should be together as soon as possible, which is why she’s so enthusiastic about it.

7. Morrigan Aensland

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

if I were discussing succubi in popular culture, Morrigan Aensland would have topped the list. At the very least, it’s quite near.

Only four episodes of Vampire Hunter (known as Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge) were dedicated to Morrigan’s role as a succubus, and the OVA was a one-off.

Still, this anime and cosplay fan favorite has an old-school vibe and her biggest attributes are clearly visible in her anime appearances.

Despite Morrigan’s stunning looks, I’m smitten by the way she lets me sense her power. My life would be in jeopardy even if she didn’t have the horns and wings to accomplish it.

6. Artemis


Maria the Virgin Witch

Artemis has a lot to offer.

In addition, she bears the name of a deity known for protecting her chastity, which is the exact antithesis of who she is.

Her character design, on the other hand, is of the highest caliber. It’s also amusing to see that Artemis lacks the traditional demon attributes of a pointed tail or red wings.

With her light-colored fur coat, stockings and high heels, she looks more like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

While Artemis is Maria’s pet, she treats her more like a close friend than a basic property. When it comes to Maria, she’s always taunting but also doing all it takes to keep her safe.

Like most succubuses, Artemis enjoys having sex with males, but she doesn’t do it for the sole purpose of satisfying her sexual hunger.

Instead, she has sex with men in power in order to collect sensitive information and avert additional conflict. Incredibly clever.

Finally, Artemis has the ability to transform into a charming and unimpressed owl. It’s just a fun tidbit of trivia.

5. Maria Naruse

Anime: Sister New Devil’s Testament

Maria Naruse, the diminutive silver-haired succubus from Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha, is well-known to anime fans.

Yes, I appreciate her candor. It’s admirable how she attempts to uplift everyone around her, even though she herself is struggling with self-doubt and self-blame.

However, I’m a huge fan of her work as a succubus.

Maria soon offers herself to Basara in addition to helping him build his harem (and reaping the rewards of all the private moments).

That’s not the case at all, as it turns out. In actuality, she is touched by the fact that others witness her and Basara having a good time.

4. Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

Anime: Rosario + the Vampire

Both of Rosario Vampire’s entries are connected through blood.

The Kurono women are quite formidable.

I understand that Kurumu and Ageha share a striking resemblance in appearance… But Kurumu is my favorite for a variety of reasons.

First, she’s small yet well-endowed (she’s exactly 5 feet). And that’s a fantastically appealing pairing. She exudes self-assured confidence, which I find endearing.

I like Kurumu’s desire to play by the rules when it comes to love. She’s a succubus that can simply charm her way into Tsuku’s heart (and pants), but she wants to win it without using supernatural talents.

Then you consider how much she cares about others.

Is she adamant about getting Tsukune Aono and beating the rest in his harem? Yes, but Kurumu is still sincerely sympathetic toward the other girls (particularly to Moka Akashiya) (especially to Moka Akashiya).

3. Astarotte Ygvar

Anime: Astarotte’s Toy (Lotte no Omocha!)

Astarotte Ygvar is a 10-year-old succubus. No, you didn’t read that wrong — my second runner-up is a youthful succubus who’s only starting to comprehend her position in the universe.

Thus, Astarotte’s higher standing on my list isn’t about her real actions.

Instead, she’s here because she’s a magnificent tsundere striving to bring down her walls and accept more people into her world.

Astarotte’s Toy involves a father transported to Astarotte’s realm to become part of her harem when she finally matures, but even the young dad isn’t thinking about anything obscene.

In contrast, the anime is lovely (although still ecchi, particularly due to the clothes), telling viewers how the succubus grapples with her royal status, negative impression of men, and her feelings toward the compassionate Naoya. And also toward his daughter Asuha who’s not as ordinary as she seems.

2. Albedo


Anime: Overlord

Albedo is a succubus hopelessly in love with Ainz.

But she can’t blame herself for that — Tabula Smaragdina made her that way (along with a small alteration by Ainz) (along with a slight modification by Ainz).

What makes her my pick here is just her total individuality, the sum of her pieces.

Here’s a woman with jet black hair, a form-fitting white outfit (or a full plate armor), and golden eyes. Those eyes work whether she’s throwing off a come hither expression, or establishing her control as a high-ranking creature.

She’s unafraid to speak her mind even if it annoys Ainz. And if Albedo can get too hot for her ultimate love, she can also be calm and resolute when it matters most.

I know Albedo feels humans are a weaker species. But I won’t mind if I can have even only a percent of the powerful sentiments she has for Ainz.

1. Sakie Satou

Anime: Interviews with Monster Girls

I never doubted my No. 1 option. As my favorite succubus in anime, Sakie Satou sets the golden standard for how producers and writers should build supernatural characters like her.

Sakie doesn’t have wings, a tail, or even horns. In Demi-chan wa Kataritai, she looks like a fully regular human being.

And here’s the thing:

Even though she has a large bosom, Sakie doesn’t flaunt it.

Nothing’s wrong with showing off one’s body and taking joy in it. But the same goes for opting to disguise one’s desirable characteristics.

Instead, this math teacher just wears a red tracksuit. Sakie even takes the conscious decision each day to wear spectacles and a ponytail to reportedly make her less appealing (despite though many guys genuinely enjoy that style!)

Sakie can just cause havoc at school by not worrying about her powers hurting every male student and faculty member, but she does care.

It’s not simple trying for a succubus (or any other demi-human) to adjust to human culture — and this is true for finding love as well. Is a man in love with her because of who she is as a person? Or is it only due of her particular pheromones?

Like the newbie succubus from KonoSuba and Astarotte Ygvar from Astarotte’s Toy, Sakie has to learn how to live her life as a succubus vis-a-vis her place in society, and the kind of society she’s in as well.

But Sakie is not giving up anytime soon at achieving harmony among people! And when men like Tetsuo Takahashi exist, succubi like Sakie might feel a little less worried, knowing there are men out there who can (and do) manage their appetites and treat others with respect.