10 Best Anime Girl With Bandage On Eye That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Girl With Bandage On Eye

All kinds of accessories and visual effects can be used to give anime girls character. Glasses, cat ears, maid uniforms, pigtails, you name it, you’ll find anything here.

The eye patch, on the other hand, is one of anime’s most underappreciated fashion accessories. As for a girl with an eye patch, it could signify a variety of things, too. It could imply that she’s a badass, or that she’s been through something harrowing in the past. If they’re wearing it because they’re a little weird, that’s fine.

Regardless of their origins, these ten women prove that the eye-patch trend isn’t only for pirates. Astonishingly,

1. Minene Uryuu (Mirai Nikki)

Minene Uryuu (Mirai Nikki)

As the events ofMirai Nikki unfold, Minene Uryuu becomes an immensely likable heroine, despite her initial plan to blow up an entire school full of children.

Minene, on the other hand, doesn’t have an eye patch at the beginning of this list. Her left eye is clearly damaged in this series, which makes the significance of her eyepatch even greater.

When it comes to the survival game, Minene isn’t quite either the protagonist or antagonist. Her willingness to assist Yukiteru is tempered by the fact that she is also prone to working on her own.

When it comes to Minene’s goals and techniques, they’re both admirable. As a result, she’s one of the more interesting individuals you’ll encounter. As much as you’d like to cheer her on, you’re also a little bit disappointed when she succeeds.

2. Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

Rikka Takanashi stands out from the crowd. To protect her pure heart, she puts an eyepatch over her right eye, which she thinks contains a horrible, dark power.

So, for the greater good, she wears the eyepatch.

Except for the fact that she has a color contact in her right eye, she’s a perfectly normal girl, and the eyepatch is superfluous. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions has a good explanation for its English title! The word “delusions” is used a lot.

3. Mei Misaki (Another)

Misaki Mei from Another

That’s why Minene’s eye patch was there. A hallucination was Rikka’s only reason for being in the room. I don’t know what to expect from it.

It’s safe to say that Mei Misaki’s eye patch is protecting something important. However, the mystery of whatAnother is all about is one of its most important aspects.

That eye patch conceals a dark secret, and she’s a frightening character known as the one who “doesn’t exist,” so just be aware of that.

4. Sofia Valmer (Jormungand)

Sofia Valmer (Jormungand)

A former Finnish officer who lost her right eye on a peacekeeping operation in Africa is Sofia Valmer, better known as Valmet in the series. As a result, she experiences great anxiety whenever she steps foot in the continent.

Despite her difficult past, she has a generally positive outlook on life. She is infatuated with her boss, Koko, and has retained her ability to fight with a blade. As a result, she’s doing OK.

5. Jiyu Nanohana (Juubee-chan: Lovely Gantai no Himitsu)

Jiyu Nanohana (Juubee-chan Lovely Gantai no Himitsu)

It doesn’t matter if the eye patch isn’t actually concealing anything. How about if the eye patch is actually a morphing mechanic? Isn’t it beautiful?

There you have it. Although she’s popular, Kiyu Nanohana is a normal 14-year-old girl. Yagyo Jbei Mitsuyoshi, Japan’s most famous warrior, has been reincarnated in her by wearing an eyepatch.

Why would she do this? Jubei has a long-standing feud with a rival clan, and she has to deal with them on a regular basis.

6. Abiru Kobushi (Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei)

Abiru Kobushi (Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei)

Friends and students worry that Abiru has been the victim of domestic violence because she is often covered in bandages. In reality, she has an obsessive interest in ripping animal tails, which leads to her needing bandages.

That’s the case on occasion, at least. She also admits that she wears the bandages merely to draw attention to her wounds.

7. Hephaistios (Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka)

Hephaistios (Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka)

Hephaistios’ eye patch is one of the most unique designs you’ll ever see.

The second is that she’s a goddess of the blacksmith. A magical blacksmith goddess, despite the fact that she doesn’t play a major role in the series.

The dagger she makes for Bell develops in strength with him as Hestia and Bell work together. If she keeps growing at her current rate, Bell is essentially responsible for the destruction of the universe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

8. “Hot Ice” Hilda (Outlaw Star)

“Hot Ice” Hilda (Outlaw Star)

Hilda, like Minene Uryuu, is a constant presence throughout the entire story. Regardless, she’s a cool character because she spends the most of the series as a cool opponent.

In spite of the fact that she is not a pirate, she killed one of the Guild’s commanders. That’s what cost her an eye – and a hand.

9. Shimei Ryomou (Ikkitousen)

Shimei Ryomou (Ikkitousen)

Shimei Ryomou is a complex character. For begin, her left eye is filled with the spirit of a dragon. B-rank warrior in the Ikkitousen universe, she possesses a split personality and is kind of a chameleon.

There is a psychosexual war freak among them. Both girls work at the Cat Maid Cafe, one of which employs a heart-shaped eye patch to hide her shyness.

This is a strange show.

10. Kyuubei Yagyuu (Gintama)

Kyuubei Yagyuu (Gintama)

Kyuubei was nurtured as a child to fulfill his family’s demand for an heir, the second overt allusion to renowned samurai Yagyo Jbei Mitsuyoshi on this list.

Even the tiniest contact with a man makes her squirm, but she doesn’t mind touching anyone with her swordplay skills.