10 Leo Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Leo Anime Characters

One of the main characteristics of Leos is their sense of self-importance, as well as their wit and stubbornness, all of which can be found in a number of anime characters.

Characters in anime can be categorized in a plethora of ways because the medium is so diverse. MBTI personality type, astrological sign, or whichever sign best describes them can also be used to describe these characters.

A fire sign known for its confidence, extroversion, stubbornness, and originality; several anime characters are clearly Leos. In fact, some Leo-type characters were born under this sign. A few anime characters are better suited to Leo than their zodiac sign. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone of them is a lion at heart.

1. Nobara Kugisaki Lives Up To Her Sign (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen),

Natural Leo Nobara Kugisaki was born in the midst of summer. Nobara’s stubbornness and unlimited self-confidence are perfect examples of the qualities associated with her astrological sign. In the event that she loses a fight, Nobara will recover quickly and be ready for the next one in no time.

Compared to the other females at the Tokyo and Kyoto sorcery schools, Nobara is proud and self-assured. She’s certain that she can be both a fierce combatant and a stunning woman without compromising either trait. You have to be an actual Leo to make such an outrageous claim.

2. Josuke Higashikata Is Proud And Vain (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Hero of “Diamond Is Undestructible” is Josuke Higashikata. Regardless of his astrological sign, he exemplifies the basic values of the Leo zodiac sign. Josuke exudes a strong sense of self-assurance and dignity, befitting a Leo. If someone makes fun of his perfectly coiffed hair, he gets enraged.

Another Leo feature, Josuke is known for his outgoing and assertive demeanor in everyday life. Like many Leos, he is inventive and quick-witted. As the leader of a group of friends, he’s also a Leo, which lends itself to leadership.

3. Natsu Dragneel Is Intense & Loves His Friends (Fairy Tail)

Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

It’s not only that Natsu Dragneel is a fiery dragon killer that makes him Leo, the zodiac’s fire sign. Natsu has an immense heart and will risk his life to protect those he cares about, even if it means risking his own.

Natsu is an enthusiastic Leo who enjoys socializing with others, but he can also be a bit of a bully. As the focal point of Team Natsu, he serves as the unofficial leader who is always ready to lead the way. He’s a good example to follow. However, he’s not as self-absorbed as most Leos.

4. Arthur Boyle Sees Himself As King (Fire Force)

Company 8’s Arthur Boyle is a well-respected soldier who has fought alongside captain Akitaru Obi in the fight against the white-clad cult. As a knight king, Arthur is best known for his love of LARPing as King Arthur. His ignition talent allows him to wield a lightsaber-like weapon.

From his leadership abilities and narcissism to his ambition to establish his superiority to all of humanity as a noble knight-king, Arthur suits the Leo astrological sign well. Anyone who tells him otherwise isn’t going anywhere.

5. Avatar Korra Can Steal Any Scene (The Legend Of Korra)

Avatar Korra (The Legend Of Korra)

Avatar It doesn’t matter where Korra was born; she’s a Firebender at heart. For her, this means fire rather than water (in spirit). However, Korra may also be defined as a Leo, a proud and somewhat arrogant fighter who refuses to let anything go unsolved.

The extroverted and pleasant Korra enjoys being the center of attention, but she is also quick to get defensive and lash out if anybody doubts her or gets in the way of her goals. Leo signs are known for their extroverted and generous natures, which Korra is expected to possess if everything goes according to plan.

6. Chitoge Kirisaki Is Friendly But Hotheaded (Nisekoi)

Even though Chitoge Kirisaki’s zodiac sign, Leo, does not cleanly suit the tsundere archetype, she can nonetheless be classified as such. A typical Leo, Chitoge takes her beauty and popularity very seriously, and this is a typical trait of a Leo.

She has a high opinion of herself, but she keeps it to herself. Like most Leos, Chitoge has a hard time changing her opinion once she’s made up her mind. The party-loving Leo she is in real life is also joyful and upbeat.

7. Erina Nakiri Is A Culinary Queen (Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma)

Erina Nakiri (Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma)

Food Wars features an important role for Erina Nakiri!

When it comes to personality traits, she’s very much like Chitoge. Even though she was born in Aries, which is comparable to Leo, Erina matches the zodiac better. In addition to being a stubborn and strong-willed person, she has unmistakable Leo attributes such as pride and confidence.

Although Erina is a Leo like others, she rarely has the opportunity to demonstrate it.

Azami’s father, Azami, is a constant source of aggravation for her, yet she cares strongly about the people she cares about the most. However, Erina’s brighter side begins to emerge later on.

8. Hanako Koyanagi’s Passion Runs Deep (Wotakoi)

As an office worker who enjoys cosplay and all things BL, Hanako Koyanagi met Narumi Momose and developed a close connection. No one should cross Hanako, her friends or coworkers, for she is a generous and compassionate person.

Hanako, like many Leos, is a happy and party-loving individual who becomes enraged easily if someone gets in her way. She also takes great pride in her interests and accomplishments, as do many Leos. As a Leo, she’s both creative and determined, yet she’s also a little stubborn. As her friends put it, she’s a bit of a handful.

9. Sakura Haruno Wants To Prove Herself Worthy (Naruto)

Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

Naruto is an Aries, Sasuke Uchiha is a Leo, and the rest of the members of Team 7 are all fire signs. Regardless matter when she was born, Sakura Haruno embodies the ferocious spirit of Leo the lion. She’s a kind and giving individual with a lot on the line.

In keeping with her zodiac sign, Sakura might be described as a person who is kind but aggressive; she refuses to accept no for an answer. Sakura, like most Leos, takes herself very seriously and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, no matter what.

10. Yato Is Loyal But Self-Absorbed, Too (Noragami)

As a lesser divinity, Yato is adamant about one day becoming well-known and garnering hordes of devoted followers. An aspirational Leo, his character is driven by a strong desire to achieve his goals. He has a tendency to focus on himself and his image in whatever he does. That’s the egotistical side of Leo.

Despite his flaws, Yato is a kind and approachable character who can gain the respect and loyalty of just about anyone given enough time. From Hiyori and Yukine to the gods Ebisu, Yato will put his life on the line for any of his friends or allies.