10 Best Anime Harry Potter Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Anime Harry Potter Characters

Fans of Harry Potter will salivate over these anime-inspired works of art, which are sure to pique their interest in a film version of the magical series.

The Harry Potter fandom is one of the largest, most persistent, and most diversified communities in existence today. Numerous children were inspired by J. K. Rowling’s books to imagine an other reality that was just beyond their ordinary experiences. The Harry Potterfranchise is a global phenomenon that has spanned multiple mediums, including books, films, and spinoffs. Isn’t it fitting that so many creative minds are taking their own spin on the show and its iconic characters?

Many Harry Potter characters have appeared in anime-inspired fan art, some of which dates back to the beginning of the series. As a long-running joke, it’s been said that the Harry Potter books are practically anime. This is based on the notion that an adolescent boy discovers his own magical powers and an entire secret universe linked to those powers. In this case, though, the artists have gone a step further and used an anime art style to recreate characters from the wizarding genre. Because of the wide variety of artists in the anime medium, there are many different interpretations of Harry Potter characters.

Some of the most beloved characters from the Harry Potter series are given a colorful new look in these 10 works of Harry Potter fan art.

1. Super Detailed Hermione Granger

Super Detailed Hermione Granger

Stunning fan art depicting Hermione from the Harry Potter series. Hermione’s huge and wonderfully detailed eyes are the most striking part of this fan art. There is a lot of attention to detail in her eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as the way the light touches her irises.

Aside from Hermione’s button nose and petite lips, her wavy hair also does a great job framing her face before blurring and losing definition. Despite the fuzzy ink quill she’s writing with, her beautiful eyes lure the observer back into focus. Kuvshinov-Ilya performed this task.

2. Student Profile

Student Profile

Advertisements for future anime series typically feature character lineups, which make it easy to create distinctive designs for each character.

It’s a lot of fun to look at all the little details, like how Ravenclaw blue Luna’s robe is or how Harry’s scar is just just visible owing to the way his hair is parted.

People can check out the official anime adaptations of Harry Potter in Japan for more lovely images.

3. Student Ensemble

Student Ensemble

This work of fan art features a wide variety of characters in a variety of poses, expressions, and clothing. One of the best and most admired features of the Harry Potter series, like with most fantasy works, is the scale of the story.

Over the course of the long-running series, hundreds of characters appear or are mentioned, with many debuting as auxiliary material across the volumes. Anime and manga are known for their rough and humorous visual styles, and this piece perfectly embodies this charming aspect of the brand.

4. Harry And Draco

Harry And Draco

Fan art depicting Harry and Draco conversing has a lot more hate than this depiction of them. Instead, the focus of this essay is on the possibility of the two developing a close friendship.

There is a strong sense of melodrama in this composition because of the lighting and color scheme used. New beginnings in their relationship were depicted by beams of sunlight breaking through the gloom that had surrounded them. Despite the fact that their quidditch clothes represent the houses they represent, they also represent the difficulties they had to overcome in their friendship. Dessa-nya created this work (Valeria).

5. Student Harry Potter

Student Harry Potter

This piece of fan art is as anime-influenced as it gets. For this piece, I used the Lumos spell Harry is casting to provide some unique lighting composition to the character, which was typical in anime from the late 2000s.

AHarry Potteranime would offer a number of advantages that other interpretations of the property do not. However, a Harry Potter animated series might certainly have its share of problems. It would be prohibitively expensive to film and the producers would have a tough time deciding how much screen time to give each character. Izumii89 created this piece.

6. ’90s Anime Harry, Ron, And Hermione

'90s Anime Harry, Ron, And Hermione

This clip depicts the characters in a hand-drawn manner of animation, making it more adorable and simple. In 1997, when the first book was produced, computer animation was still in its infancy and studios were still using more traditional methods.

Both the playful charm of this artstyle and the comical aspects of these Harry Potter characters are successfully channeled in this fan art. Harry’s glasses covering his full face and Ron’s damaged wand are both fitting for their respective characteristics. Doberdog created this piece of art.

7. Light Novel Hermione

Light Novel Hermione

Hermione Grainger is the star of this stunning piece of fan art. Her eyes are beautifully illuminated by the jar of magical energy she’s holding, which adds a mystical touch to the lighting. The light from the window behind her enhances the beauty of the snowflakes falling around her. Hermione seems as if she’s in a winter paradise thanks to the snow-covered landscape and flushed cheeks.

Considering how much time and attention went into making Hermione as lovely as possible, this fan art has a light book feel to it. Nukababe is the artist responsible for this work.

8. Chibi-Moe Harry, Ron, And Hermione

Chibi-Moe Harry, Ron, And Hermione

The three main characters of the show are shown in moe-chibi anime style in this wonderful work of fan art. This painting depicts Harry, Ron, and Hermione in a very simplified, yet recognisable, form, even to those who have never read or seen the novels.

Using this chibi-moe hybrid art style, the characters are rendered as adorable as possible. As a result of their fluffy hairstyles, oversized eyes, and toothless mouths, these figures come across as adorable.

9. Professor Severus Snape

Professor Severus Snape

When Harry Potter’s mother, Lily Evans, picked James Potter over him, Snape was heartbroken, and he could never come to terms with the fact that she had chosen him over him.

This artwork perfectly conveys Snape’s sorrow throughout his time at Hogwarts. It’s the combination of his practically closed eyes, typical frown, and unkempt hair that expresses his daily misery in living a life he’s dissatisfied with. Sigh, Snape.

10. Shojo Harry, Ron, And Hermione

Shojo Harry, Ron, And Hermione

Fans of Harry Potter will recognize this fan art, which depicts him, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger as characters from a romance-themed shojo anime. More attractive characters are often featured in this type of anime, which is aimed at young girls and women.

In addition to these qualities, the piece’s anime inspirations may be clearly seen. While Hermione’s cat doll is common in anime art, Ron’s open mouth has a sharper tooth just visible in the corner. Felis-M created this piece of art.