Top 10 Blind Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Blind Anime Characters

People who are blind are suffering from a condition that affects their eyes, making it impossible for them to see. Anime characters that can’t see are now commonplace. Do you want to know more about these characters?

Without further ado, here are the 10 most popular blind anime characters, listed in no particular order of popularity.

10 Popular Blind Anime Characters

1. Sword Maiden – Goblin Slayer

Sword Maiden – Goblin Slayer

Sword Maiden is the first character to go blind. This lovely young lady is one of the show’s most memorable characters. It was terrible that he had lost his sight owing to the shock of the goblin onslaught, which had attacked the character. Since she was responsible for defeating the evil king, Furthermore, the character has a deep respect and admiration for Goblin Slayer.

2. Komugi – Hunter x Hunter

Komugi is the next character to be introduced. This is a female character. However, he hasn’t been blind for very long. However, he had a number of great advantages to work with.

This is because a girl is extremely good at playing Shogi. Her mastery of the game astounds me. When it comes to the Shogi game, Museum is the queen of ants and has never been defeated by Komugi.

3. N’doul – Jojo Bizzare Adventure

N’doul – Jojo Bizzare Adventure

N’doul, a well-known follower of Dio and a person who is blind. Jotaro’s crew had their work cut out for them when they had to face him, despite the fact that he was blind.

This character also came dangerously close to killing Avdol and blinding Kakyoin.

4. Gyomei Himejima – Kimetsu no Yaiba

Gyommei, who is also blind, is part of the group. He is one of Kimetsu no Yaiba’s most fearsome characters. Even though he is blind, he is a formidable weapon.

Throughout the manga, it is seen in its previous state, prior to joining The Demon Slayer Corps. Using only his hands, he can annihilate demons.

5. Sara – Samurai Champloo

Sara – Samurai Champloo

Sara, despite the fact that she is blind, is one of the show’s most formidable protagonists. With the help of her skills with the spear, he can identify and attack the opponents that are surrounding him.

With his expertise with spears, he is also an accomplished musician. In the animation, we can see how the musician performs as well as his ability to defeat Jin Mugen and Jin Mugen.

6. Kaname Tōsen – Bleach

The following Shinigami is Tousen, a former officer in Gotei 13’s 9th division. Even though he was blind, he didn’t let that stop him from doing what he believed was right.

Furthermore, this character has a lot of stamina and endurance. The fact that he was able to damage Kenpachi Zaraki led to his decision to follow Aizen rather than respecting Soul Society.

7. Uonuma Usui – Rurouni Kenshin

Uonuma Usui – Rurouni Kenshin

There’s Usui, the guy with the eye patch, who’s showing that he’s completely blind. The man’s appearance was immediately recognizable because to the shield and spear he sported.

Shishio recruited this figure to join his gang, making it one of the most powerful members of Juppongatana. Reports say that within one or two hours, he might kill fifty police officers.

8. Issho Fujitora – One Piece

Fujitora follows. This is the third of the Three Admirals in One Piece. Even though he couldn’t see, he was still a formidable opponent.

Zoro’s haki control abilities are as astounding as his fruit-based power, and together they combine to make him a dangerous foe. Fujitora’s challenge necessitates Zoro’s retraining.

9. Okada Nizou – Gintama

Okada Nizou – Gintama

Okada, the blind character, also features. He is the show’s main villain. The only thing that Gintoki couldn’t do was stop him from gaining from the start.

In addition, the samurai has been blind since he was a young child. This was the result of a serious disease he was struck by.

10. Nunnally vi Britannia – Code Geass

After that, there’s Nunnally, an adorable crying anime character. She is the younger sister of Lelouch. When her mother died, she witnessed her mother’s death, and as a result, her daughter began to lose her sight and was unable to walk. In spite of the tragic events that had befallen his family, he remained steadfast in helping his brother.


These are some examples of anime featuring characters who are blind. What do you think you’ll enjoy the best after perusing this selection?

I hope you found this post to be informative and that it has prompted you to think about watching this anime if you have the time. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it interesting!