Top 10 Annoying Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Annoying Anime Characters

Fans and other characters alike regard a number of characters in some of anime’s most popular programs to be a nuisance.

A good anime has a lot of things going for it, including a fantastic tale, engrossing characters, and awe-inspiring worlds. Connecting with characters is something that many people like doing. This is why there are so many different kinds of characters, each with their own set of assets and disadvantages. As a result, they appear to be so relatable and believable.

In some circumstances, a show’s characters might be the difference between a fan’s enjoyment of the show and their disinterest in continuing to watch it. Some individuals may adore an anime, but others may find the characters to be grating, even if the anime itself is beloved.

1. Naruto Has Characters With Overused Catchphrases And Obsessive Love


To say that the Naruto series is one of the longest-running is an understatement. This series is worth viewing because of the excitement and adventure, comradery and brotherhood, and the ability of the characters. Some of the characters’ more irritating personality qualities, on the other hand, aren’t all that popular.

Sakura Haruno is a spoiled brat who is constantly whining about Naruto and her crush for Sasuke. Naruto Uzumaki was immature and overused his catchphrases, while Karin Uzumaki was unstable and obsessed with Sasuke.

2. Dragon Ball Has Characters That Are Nagging And Selfish

Son Goku’s journey to become Earth’s protector is the focus of Dragon Ball. Given the number of Dragon Ball spinoffs, it’s understandable that so many of the franchise’s characters irritate fans.

However, despite the fact that she is clever and can be a kind human being, Bulma is prone to mood swings that make her a difficult character to like at the beginning of the series. With her constant nagging and control, Chi-Chi is another character that many found irritating.

3. One Piece Has Characters That Are Depressing And Cowardly

One Piece

An anime called One Piece tells the story of a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy and his journey to find a fabled piece of treasure called the One Piece. The cast of this anime is diverse and interesting, but it also includes a number of grating characters.

Foxy thinks he’s handsome and has the ability to shift from a happy to a gloomy mood in a split second. Spandam loves to think of himself as strong, but he’s actually awkward, timid, and incompetent. Even Wapol’s reputation is tarnished as a result of his self-centered and gluttonous ways.

4. Sailor Moon Has Characters That Are Immature And Childish

This anime, which tells the story of a group of high school girls who become Guardians of the Earth known as Sailor Senshi, has a lot of great characters and personalities. Then again, there are characters who can be downright irritating.

As far as anime characters go, Chibiusa is the most selfish, brattish, envious, and over-the-top. Usagi, the civilian name for Sailor Moon, is a brat and an immature young woman who can act goofy when it’s not necessary.

5. Fairy Tail Has Characters That Are Obnoxious With Terrible Humor

Fairy Tail

In Fairy Tail, the lives of the members of a guild known as Fairy Tail are chronicled. It’s packed with action, romance, magic, and general mayhem, which makes it a fun show to watch. Although many characters are adored by fans, there are a few that are just plain unpleasant.

One such character is Ichiya, the leader of the Blue Pegasus Guild. He’s obnoxious, creepy, and likes to intrude on people’s private areas. Three characters banded together to commit crimes as the Jiggle Butt Gang. It wasn’t well received by many fans because of their sense of humour.

6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Has Characters That Are Too Aggressive And Dramatic

Anime fans love Yu-Gi-Oh! because of its unique blend of Duel Monsters, mythology, and adventure. In spite of the fact that many of the characters in the dubbed version were immensely bothersome to fans, many of the characters remained unchanged.

To the annoyance and displeasure of his buddies, Tristan is a close friend of Yugi’s. Joey, another one of Yugi’s pals, is a bully who is violent, aggressive, and overly protective of his friends.

7. Bleach Has Characters That Are Clueless And Cocky


In a world where Soul Reapers protect humanity from evil spirits and guide souls to the afterlife, Bleach was always going to have some unusually interesting and enjoyable characters—and it delivers. However, there are some characters in it that are not very beloved by the audience.

It doesn’t really matter if Ichigo gets married to Orihime because she’s so dumb that she’s irritating to fans. Another character whose weird, perverse, and smug demeanor irritates viewers is Kon.

8. Hunter X Hunter Has Characters With Annoying Habits and Quirks

Hunter x Hunter is an anime about a youngster named Gon who must pass a difficult exam in order to become a Hunter in order to find his missing father. Hunter X HUNTER. This anime features a diverse cast of unique characters and a compelling narrative structure. Some of the characters in the story, on the other hand, are unappealing.

Tonpa, Genthru, and Ging are just a few of the characters whose conduct and personality qualities both the characters and the fans dislike and find unpleasant. In order to pass the Hunter Exam, Tonpa likes to cheat at the expense of others, Genthru has no qualms about killing for his own gain, and Ging is the stereotypical absentee anime dad.

9. My Hero Academia Has Characters That Are Obsessive And Perverted

My Hero Academia

The students of U.A. High School, one of Japan’s most esteemed institutions, attend My Hero Academia. If you’re looking for a series with a lot of memorable characters, look no further than this one.

Despite their lack of humanity, Mineta and Monoma are two of the show’s most unlikeable characters. Mineta is a pervert when it comes to women, while Monoma is a yeller who challenges Class 1-A without cause. No matter who you are or what your favorite character is, Bakugo can’t help but be a jerk.

10. Code Geass Has Characters With Questionable Ethics And Unhinged Mental States

Anime portraying the Kingdom of Britannia’s subjugation of Japan, known as Area 11, is quite interesting, as is Code Geass. Even those who aren’t interested in the darker side of things can find plenty to keep them entertained in this thriller.

This anime, on the other hand, has a slew of detestable characters. There are no remorseful actions by Nina Einstein, who is unstable, violent, and performs improper things without hesitation. Despite her uncertain mental state, Shirley Fenette is adamant about doing what she thinks is right, no matter the possible consequences.