Top 15 Plus Size Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Plus Size Anime Characters

Because of its global cultural reach, anime is without a doubt one of the most important genres of pop culture. What we see in an anime has a significant impact on us as viewers, so it’s not surprising. It’s important to keep in mind that the aesthetic standards that are set on anime play a significant effect in shaping the audience’s perspective.

Beautiful women with slender waists abound in anime. However, it is vital to have a break from all the stereotypical protagonists to include different kinds of people and body positivity. The plus-size anime characters provide a much-needed change from the monotony. Then we’ll see which of these traditional beauty queens has our heart.

More than a dozen female anime characters who are overweight or obese are featured in this list.

What would you say if we asked you to name an overweight anime girl? Due to the fact that the anime creators do not employ them on a regular basis. A character’s insecurity about their weight can make them appear more significant than someone who is just a little bit bigger than the rest of the cast.

To say nothing of the irritating cliches about these characters’ lack of personality beyond the fact that they are foodies. Sexy Chubby Anime girls deserve as much attention as the others, therefore here are some examples.

1. Hanako Ohtani

Hanako Ohtani

Persona 4: The Animation introduces Hanako Ohtani as a character. We kicked things off with a chubby anime girl stereotype. The fact that she’s obese is purely comedic.


If somebody gets in the line of her and her food, she won’t let it go unchallenged!

Arrogant and boastful, she exudes a sense of self-importance and self-confidence.

Yasogami High School, where she is currently a sophomore, is where she is currently enrolled.

Her friendship with Ms. Kashiwagi is evident at the Amagi Inn, where the two often stay.

Her role is played by two characters in each of the games.

2. Shigemi Kubota

She’s from the Sakamoto desu ga anime. The person she is is awe-inspiring. She’s a squishy anime girl with a big heart.


In the role of a mother, she is downright terrifying.

In her own words, she explains why she’s so enticing.

She regained her maternal awareness.

She’s a standout character who deserves to be included in this list.

3. Satomi Ishihara

Satomi Ishihara

Plastic Neesan’s Plastic Neesan is her name. In order to complete the list of Sexy Chubby Anime Girls, it is necessary to include this character.


She’s a little sassy and a little cocky, but she’s also a

When she’s full of herself and narcissistic, she tells others what she thinks about them in front of them, even if it’s rude.

She has a strong personality.

This woman has a unique ability to make others want to be like her because of the way she portrays herself.

4. Minamo Aoi

Sennou Chousashitsu, Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu A more accurate percentage of the attributes of the characters in this anime was taken into consideration when making them all of them. Unfortunately, the public’s reaction was harsh, and she was one of the overweight anime girls to suffer the most.


She’s fifteen years old.

She worked as an intern for Masamichi Haru, who hired her.

Souta Aoi’s younger sister.

She works her way up the corporate ladder and eventually succeeds.

5. Witch of the Waste

In Howl’s Moving Castle, the Witch of the Waste is a character. All of her qualities — power, meanness, and wickedness – are contained within her. It is imperative that we include her on the list of plus-size anime characters.


She isn’t simply a bad person, she’s the very definition of bad.

Because she’s a narcissist, she utilizes magic to make herself appear younger and prettier.

As the film’s main antagonist, her origin story must revolve around the reality that she isn’t at all what the rest of society expects.

6. Nikuko


Anime character I need to know! Galko-chan. Throughout the entire series, this girl has been a standout character.


She is Galko-classmate chan’s and a member of the gang of young women.

There are individuals who believe that being fat equals being flabby, but Nikuko is here to disprove that notion.

The young men of her generation refer to her as “Sonic Meat.”

Her reflexes are astonishingly quick.

She demonstrates that being overweight does not mean you are unfit.

7. Tamako Inada

She is a character from the anime series Silver Spoon or Gin no Saji, in which she appears. Because of her distinctive personality and her inclusion here, the list would be incomplete without her.


She is one of Hachiken’s comrades in arms.

She is an entrepreneur with lofty goals, such as acquiring her homeland and transforming it into a better place to live.

Her sincerity is both a plus and a minus.

The one of the most significant Hot Plus Size anime females becomes quite the eye candy if she attempts or goes on a fashion diet.

She takes pride in her size.

8. Yukino Itou

In the anime, Real Drive, she is a character. In the anime world, she is one of the best-known fat characters. Minamo and Sayama are two of her closest buddies.


I don’t know what to make of her.

She’s a dark-haired, brown-eyed adolescent.

She has a thing for ponytails.

She has a beautiful face that would make everyone envious.

9. Mirei Yajimma

Mirei Yajimma

She is a relative newbie to the anime community, having appeared in Genshiken Nidaime for the first time. She can be identified from a bunch of people by her nondescript appearance. In the anime world, she’s one of the most popular plus-size characters.


She wears a neutral outfit.

There’s a good chance that she’s obese and slender.

A progressive feminine attire is never seen on her.

Yajimma displays a resigned expression when it comes to her appearance.

10. Natsumi Asaoka

Anime The Kabocha Wine has a character named after her. Because of her large breasts, she has been referred to as “L.” Her companion Shunsuke is deemed to be insufficient in comparison to Natsuni.


She lends a hand in reducing her partner’s clumsiness.

A loving pair is exactly what she is, and she confirms it with her actions.

For her size, she is on the list of suspects.

11. Yukino Ito

RD Sennou Chousashitsu is her anime. Minami Aoi’s best friend and also a coworker is her best friend, Aoi Minami. She began as an assistant at the EISF before being promoted to the position of full-time rep.


She is instantly recognizable because of her distinctive features.

As a gymnast, she participates in a variety of activities.

Most of the time, she and her pals go out to eat at cafés.

12. Minori


Plus-sized anime female Minori is a hottie. She has green eyes with olive undertones, as well as olive hair color. In the anime No-Rin, she’s a character.


She’s a character who’s always on the defensive.

Her eyes have a savage and brilliant quality about them.

Her plump figure has a unique form.

13. Bertha

Darker Than Black’s Bertha is a fictional character. Her hair and eyes are both purple. It appears as if she’s a divine message.


Tobacco is a lifeline for her.

After she became pregnant, she decided to give up smoking.

Beaded jewelry is a favorite of hers.

Actress Bertha was born in Vienna.

She cherished the way her youngstar portrayed her as being unbearably sweet.

14. Yunbo


In Xam’d:Lost Memories, Yunbo appears. Her short hair and greenish-blue eyes give her a unique look. In the Zabani cockpit, it was discovered that Yunbo was traveling with Ahm.


This young lady has a lot of body fat.

She has a pale skin tone that is the most prominent feature of her appearance.

Sentan Island was discovered and recommended by her.

She’s dressed to the nines in a blue dress with a crimson scarf.


In recent years, anime has proven to be a significant component of the adolescent experience. If you’ve been looking for some of the fattest anime heroines, this is the article for you. We sincerely hope you won’t need to look into this further.