10 Best Yuri Anime On Crunchyroll That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Many anime fans believe that shonen is the best genre, yet there are many other anime genres that are less popular and less well-known but feature excellent character development and sophisticated plots. However, Yuri is very much like every other romantic and ecchi anime, despite the fact that they don’t fit the typical girl-on-girl action stereotype.

Yuri, which means “lily” in Japanese and is also a feminine name, is a romantic relationship between two female characters in Japanese anime, manga, and novels. It’s still taboo in Japanese society to have affections for your friend because of their gender, which is why the Yuri genre is so popular in anime. If you haven’t seen any Yuri Anime yet, I recommend you do so at the very least. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

10. Sakura trick

Sakura Trick

Haruka and Yuu have been friends since they were children. It wasn’t until they started high school together and realized that they needed to meet new people that they decided to have a kiss. Their relationship grows from there.

9. Adachi and Shimamura

SYNOPSIS: We always convened on the gym’s second floor. Class time had arrived, but there were no classes to be had in a location like this, obviously. I met Shimamura here, and the two of us became friends. In this room, we discuss television series and recipes while playing ping pong. In this place, we cultivate our relationship as friends. I let out a tiny sigh as I leaned my head against the wall. I’m not sure what that was. Yesterday, I dreamed about Shimamura and me kissing. That has nothing to do with me. Shimamura probably isn’t, either. Not even worth repeating, but that’s not how it works in practice.

The anime has a very laid-back feel to it, with the two female protagonists interacting in a casual way during the course of the show. The thing I truly enjoyed about this anime is its superb sound. The sound design as a whole is perfectly in sync with the events and plot twists and turns. Additionally, the film’s stunning visuals and animation are a major plus. Overall, anime is a visual pleasure, and the images in particular are spectacular.

8. Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic

THE STORY BEGINS: Starrawberry Dorms, a Catholic boarding school for young women, has just accepted Aoi Nagisa, a fiery redhead. Sections (Lulim, Miator and Spica) each have their own president, uniforms and activities. Students from all three divisions of the school are fascinated by Nagisa, the long-haired beauty with silver highlights who has been assigned to her class as Miator’s mascot. Even as Nagisa and Shizuma develop feelings for one another, the beginnings of a romantic triangle can be seen in the background. In no time at all, Nagisa unearths a painful truth about Shizuma’s recent past, which only serves to strengthen their bond.

7. Yuru Yuri

After a year away from her childhood friends in elementary school, first-year student Akari Akaza finally reunites with second-year Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou in girls’ high school. SYNOPSIS: Yui and Kyouko created the “Amusement Club” during their first year of high school, which now occupies the room of the Tea Club. Akari’s classmate Chinatsu Yoshikawa comes over to the trio after she joins believing they are the Tea Club; only after they explain that the Tea Club has been disbanded can they persuade Chinatsu to join the Amusement Club, a group whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment for its participants.

When Akari, the protagonist of Yuru Yuri, isn’t around, she spends her days sipping on tea and praising the other members of the group without even recognizing that she’s there.

6. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

An artificial quarantine island for people with superpowers is set up for Tokonome Mamori. Mirei, a recently transferred girl, defends Mamori when she is attacked. They quickly find themselves in a tight spot as their pursuers don’t relent. Mirei kisses Mamori and Mamori transforms into a sword at the very moment they fear all hope is lost. After that, Mirei takes up her sword and engages her assailants with a counterattack.

5. Sasameki Koto (Whispered Words)

In a high school, a story takes place. Murasame Sumika, the main character, has a crush on Kazama Ushio, her best friend. For many years, Kazama has expressed an interest in other girls, but he is consistently turned down. As a single woman, she is unaware that Murasame adores her and is constantly on the lookout for someone to date.

4. Bloom into you

Bloom Into You

Summary: Yuu has always enjoyed reading shoujo manga and hopes to receive a love declaration that sends her blushing and heart racing, but when a classmate comes forward to express his emotions for her… she feels nothing. Yuu, disappointed and perplexed, begins high school with no idea how to react. Yuu is moved to seek his assistance after witnessing the stunning student council president Nanami maturely reject a suitor. Nanami, on the other hand, confesses to Yuu. How long have you been waiting for your shoujo relationship to begin?

Yuu and Nanami were two characters whom I truly enjoyed. It was a lovely sight to see how love blossomed between them. Because it isn’t supposed to be a romantic show, but rather one that explores the nuances of love, some of you may find it tedious. The scenery and love sequences are beautiful, and the animation is fluid and sophisticated. You’ll be blown away by the delicate, graceful, and well suited background sounds at important points in the film. The opening song is far superior to the closing track in terms of quality. When it comes to romanticism, Bloom Into You is an excellent choice.

3. Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)

Fumi Manjme, a high school lesbian girl, and her childhood friend Akira Okudaira, who attempts to keep her friends happy in difficult times, are the focus of this novel…. It was while Shimura was working on her comic Dnika Naru Hibi that she developed an interest in a plot with two female characters. Shimura, despite her belief that yuri’s works should focus on girls, wanted to integrate some guys into the series because she thought it would provide an interesting twist.

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


One night, Madoka Kaname, 14, has a horrific nightmare in which she sees a girl fighting against an enormous, hideous thing that lives above, while a mystical cat-shaped creature teaches her the only way to defeat it. Making a pact with him and transforming into a magical girl is the only way she can prevent that dreadful ending. On the following day, the adolescent girl’s fantasy comes true when Homura, the girl she saw in her dream, arrives at Mitakihara High School as a transfer student and suspiciously warns Madoka to stick with her old ways. Even though the magical cat-shaped creature from their dreams appears to be Kyubey, she and her best friend Sayaka realize that magical females are real and more importantly, they can choose to join the ranks. In exchange for signing a contract with Kyubey and agreeing to fight “witches” who spread misery in the human realm, each of them will receive whatever wishes they desire. However, as Homura’s omen hints, being a magical girl may entail more than Madoka and Sayaka first thought possible. a.

1. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Synopsis: A lovely prince helped a young woman named Utena get through a difficult period in her life. Because of her admiration, she decided to follow in his footsteps and become a prince. When she attends a boarding school, her gender-bending flair and her boyish clothing make her stick out among the other students, especially a weirdly subservient Indian girl named Anthy. One of her friends gets publically humiliated by the person she likes and so the lad calls her to an arena duel. After a long battle, she finally prevails and learns that she and Anthy have been “engaged” as the “Pink Bride,” which opens the door to a global revolution. As a result of Anthy’s recurrent struggles, she has to deal with similar conflicts in her own life, and she attempts to encourage Anthy to develop her own willpower. As a result of the battles she is forced to face, she is moving closer to a global revolution, which she is not yet aware of.

In the yuri genre, this anime is unquestionably the best. Compared to other yuri anime on this list, the art is a touch heavy and dated, but it still captures the spirit of the era in which it was produced. In my opinion, the best part of this anime is how well the storyline is performed. I mean, every character and every occurrence has a distinct level of complexity to it. The cheerful music was also a highlight for me. The music is lovely, but the lyrics are illegible in the translation. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it as one of the pioneering anime series in its field.