10 Best Anime Merch Stores That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Anime Merch Stores

In Japanese, the term “anime” refers to animated works, and the popularity of these animated movies and cartoons is on the rise.

Many people are wearing anime items as a fashion statement because of the wide variety of genres and styles available.

With so many anime options, it might be difficult to discover goods that you truly enjoy.

The best place to get your favorite anime merchandise is right here, so don’t look any further.

You can learn more about anime merchandise in the sections below, but I’ll also show you the 10 best websites for anime merchandise so you don’t have to!

What type of Anime Merch is the most popular?

Anime goods is available all throughout the world, but finding a decent deal may be difficult, depending on where you live.

T-shirts and shirts featuring anime artwork are among the most popular items of anime merchandise. In any case, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

For anime fans, the biggest challenge is locating merchandise for their favorite shows.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of sources to choose from, making it difficult to determine which one is reliable. In other words, you may focus on looking for your favorite anime merchandise in a store while we take care of the merchandise websites.

Why is Anime Merch so expensive?

From a source that supports the program and the entire series, anime merchandise can be purchased. When it comes to anime merchandise, even though it may be purchased through a third-party retailer, it may still be pricey.

The more intricate the design, the more expensive the final product will be, and this is especially true of anime merchandise.

But if you’re a huge fan and want to show your support for anime, a few merchandising items won’t break the bank!

10 Best Anime Merch websites

The best anime merch website that can delivery directly to your address is here for you if you haven’t found it yet.

At least one of the websites below is likely to carry what you’re looking for, and the shipping costs aren’t going to eat into your wallet!

Some of these websites are third-party sellers, while others are directly affiliated with the anime.

1. Atsuko


Atsuko is widely regarded as the world’s best anime retail store. You’ll find goods for some of the most popular anime films, such as Hunter, Dragonball z, Pokemon, and many more.

Atsuko’s product picks show that they are living and breathing anime.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can discover everything from T-shirts to accessories to jerseys. In addition to clothing, Atsuko also sells a variety of home decor items, such as cushions, blankets, towels, and tapestries.

As you can see, Atsuko’s website has everything you need to dress like an anime character from head to toe and decorate your home.

With each purchase, you’ll earn points that may be redeemed for a discount on your next purchase. Atsuko is a respectable anime merch website, despite the fact that their products are a little pricy.

You can buy a digital Atsuko gift card if you don’t know what your friend’s favorite anime or retail product is and don’t want to limit their selections.

Additional benefits and discounts are available to all members of Atsuko. Additional benefits can be accrued by referring and inviting friends as a member.

As a result, Atsuko is doing an excellent job of fostering an anime fandom right on the back end of their apparel store.

2. Crunchyroll

If you didn’t know, Crunchyroll also features anime merchandise and figures as part of the service.

Free delivery is the best feature of Crunchyroll, because you won’t have to worry about shipping costs ever again.

When it comes to anime stuff, Crunchyroll is the only place to locate the newest and most exclusive items.

Crunchyroll offers a wide range of merchandise, from apparel like T-shirts and hoodies to accessories, figurines, and housewarming presents.

The store also carries a broad selection of plush toys, but the ability to browse the store by anime series is one of the best features.

You’ll know in a matter of seconds if Crunchyroll sells your favorite anime thanks to this function.

Be aware that some exclusive (or hot) goods may require pre-ordering and that the most recent arrivals may require a wait.

There is a manga and video area on Crunchyroll if you want to catch up on any anime series you may have missed or if you just want to get into the anime of your choice.

In addition, because of the store’s popularity, there may be some delays in in-stock shipments, so keep that in mind!

3. My Anime Shop Online

My Anime Shop Online

For the express goal of providing anime fans with cool merchandise, My Anime Shop Online has been established.

From anime figures to comics and light novels, you’ll be able to find anything you need at this shop.

Even though I know how challenging it may be to track down the perfect cosplay outfit, My Anime Shop Online has just what you’re looking for.

As a result, My Anime Shop Online is a great spot to start your search for an anime-related item, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that international shipping can take anywhere from 20 to 35 days. Fortunately, delivery is free, so there’s no need to stress about that.

You’ll never have a problem with this store because of the clear shopping and return policies in place.

My Anime Shop Online also includes an anime blog that is often updated if you just want to learn more about anime and discover new anime.

Cosplay costumes are available for purchase, so if you’re in the United States, you can head to your local anime convention in a costume!

The pricing for some anime merchandise aren’t very exorbitant, so you may not have to spend a lot of money to get fantastic anime merch depending on what you’re looking for!

4. OtakuStore

An anime fan should know about Otaku Mode if they’re serious about their hobby. OtakuStore, on the other hand, is not well-known among all anime fans.

OtakuStore is an online store where Otaku offers high-quality anime products as an extension of their main website.

There are a plethora of categories to choose from, including anime-themed clothing in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

OtakuStore is a one-stop shop for all your cosplay needs, whether it’s for Halloween, Christmas, or a birthday.

Accessories, figurines, and plush toys are among the most cheap goods on the market.

However, compared to other anime merchandise websites, clothing goods aren’t that pricey.

Free shipping and a Buyer Protection agreement are in place for every customer. If you visit the OtakuStore at the right time, you can even find a 30% discount on all of the store’s products!

However, if you are unable to take advantage of the deal, OtakuStore will provide you and your friend a 20% discount code for your next purchase if you introduce a friend to the store.

There is also an anime list on OtakuStore that lists the most popular anime, as well as a selection of merchandise for each anime. There is no need to spend hours searching for your favorite anime products because it’s all here for you.

OtakuStore also provides some interesting accessories, such watches, which aren’t commonly found elsewhere. OtakuStore is the place to go whether you’re looking for a present or something you don’t already own!

5. RedBubble


Even while RedBubble is a well-known online retailer of custom apparel like Printify, Society6, Teespring, Etsy, and others, few people realize that RedBubble is also an avid anime lover.

RedBubble has an anime section where you can locate all of their anime merchandise.

In addition to clothing, home & living, and accessories and stationery, RedBubble has a few unusual offerings.

Because of their popularity, anime stickers are becoming more difficult to come by. In addition to anime-themed stickers, RedBubble also offers wall art, phone cases, and children’s clothes.

RedBubble, on the other hand, is one of the few places where you can buy and sell drawings, paintings, photographs, and digital art. RedBubble is a terrific method to bring anime fans together under one roof, and if you’re an artist who enjoys creating anime art, you can even sell your creations there!

In order to complete your outfit, RedBubble is the spot to go shopping for a wonderful piece of art.

RedBubble’s most appealing feature is its ability to sort all anime products by price range. The bottom line is that no matter how restrictive your budget is, you can still find tons of cool stuff!

In order to obtain a 10% discount, I recommend signing up for the RedBubble newsletter.

6. Animate Online Shop

If you’ve been having problems finding exclusive anime gear that’s easily shipped across the United States (or Canada), Animate Online Shop is a terrific place to visit.

In order to connect anime fans in the United States and Canada, Animate Web Business is a direct-from-the-source online shop.

Everything from character goods, figurines, blu-ray and DVDs, CDs, and animation stuff may be found at this store.

Everything from clothes to fine art to pins and badges to posters and stickers is available at the Animate Online Shop.

As a bonus, Animate Online Shop offers a variety of special offers, such as free gifts with purchases of $30 or access to anime specials, on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for anime stuff, Animate Online Shop is a great option.

The anime merchandise packs that aren’t overly expensive for what they offer are my favorites. Despite their high price tags, some things are exceptionally well-made and appear to be a good value.

In the United States, shipping is free, and you won’t be let down if you take advantage of a fantastic sale!

Also keep an eye out for exclusive anime things, because they can be on sale at any time.

When it comes to apparel, you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration because there are new collections released every season.

7. Toranoana


Many people avoid Toranoana because of the language barrier, although it’s one of the most authentic anime merchandise websites out there.

There are five languages accessible for Toranoana, one of which being English. If you’re unfamiliar with Toranoana, it’s probably because it’s a local chain of anime merchandise. Creators have the opportunity to sell their work during the convention.

However well-known it is in Japan, it has gained worldwide recognition. Due to the fact that its items are one of a kind, are of the highest quality, and are manufactured in the heart of anime, it is a popular choice for many people.

As a result, Toranoana began to offer goods bundles to customers outside of the country. The Toranoana shop’s most popular product is the Ultimate Otaku Box, which is a limited-edition version of the Toranoana shop’s recommended products.

Toranoana has an English Twitter account, Facebook page, and email address, so you may keep up with them there as well.

It’s hard to resist adding more items to your online shopping cart when the Toranoana storefront has an anime aesthetic.

All producers offer high-quality products with a lot of attention to detail at an extremely reasonable price.

They have everything from T-shirts and paintings to foldable fans and desk mats and even toilet posters.

The package designed for international customers is more expensive, but it contains a greater quantity of goods, making it more valued.

Fortunately, Toranoana offers the most common payment options, so you may pay with PayPal for a 100% safe transaction.

8. AmiAmi

AmiAmi is an anime-themed character and hobby shop. It takes some work to translate, but this is the only place you’ll get authentic anime memorabilia, straight from the studio.

AmiAmi carries a wide variety of merchandise, including figurines, artwork, and clothes.

Because the source is directly from the source of the best anime items, the costs are rather reasonable.

If you can’t figure out how to navigate the Japanese site, there’s an English version to help you out. There are fewer products on show in the English edition.

Toys, collectibles, novels, video games, and trading cards would all be readily available.

AmiAmi also sells merchandise related to other characters, cartoons, and series, making it a well-rounded online store for just about anything.

One of the best things about AmiAmi is that they’re constantly working to improve their shipping policies so that they can meet the needs of clients in more countries in the future.

So you may expect a high level of service with a few delays in delivery.

Also, I’ve seen that AmiAmi is doing a good job of catering to customers outside of Japan. Besides offering international shipping, they’ve set up English-language social media platforms so customers can stay on top of new products and never be left in the dark.

The prices are a little higher than most anime merch stores, but the quality of the products deserves the price.

9. Booth

So that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll obtain the freshest and greatest anime items, Booth has established itself as the international marketplace for anime and manga.

This website for anime merchandise also has the added benefit of being extremely adaptable. Comics, apparel items, audio and video goods as well as accessories, illustrations, cosplay, arts, and more are all available.

Booth has introduced tags to help you find your way through the store faster, as well as show you what’s currently popular and what other people are searching for.

booth.com has a wide range of distinctive and reasonably priced products to choose from, whether it’s a smartphone case or a t-shirt or any other type of fashion accessory.

There is a good chance that you may have a difficult time perusing the store without going over your budget.

Booth also collaborates with artists, which is why they are able to provide so many unique and affordable products.

In addition, if you’re an anime fan and a creator, you can start selling your work on Booth.

If you want to earn a little more money, you may open your own store and help promote Booth.

It’s possible to make money doing something you enjoy, and you don’t even have to stop at the point of purchase.

Many anime merchandise websites incorporate this feature in order to entice customers and create a sense of community, which leads to a better buying experience.

10. Suruga-ya


Suruga-ya is a great place to go if you’re a fan of anime-themed stores. This is one of Japan’s most well-known and first animation sites.

Anyone who enjoys collecting or wants to get their hands on unique and well-known anime products should visit our site. Aside from making purchases, Suruga-ya lets users sell or exchange items with one another.

You just have to be at exactly the right spot at the right moment to get a great deal on unique second-hand merchandise.

If you’d want to add a touch of anime whimsy to your online browsing and buying, you can translate the Japanese version. It’s possible to utilize this site in English, which is slightly different but still offers excellent anime merchandise.

Second-hand things including gaming consoles, games, headphones, and tablets may also be available.

However, Suruga-ya is aware of the international demand for their products and is working on adding more delivery choices.

There is a lot of assistance in place at Suruga-ya, so if you have any questions, you can always receive answers.


Anime merchandise may be easier to come by in Japan, where the fandom is much larger than it will be in the United States, Canada, or any other country in the Western world.

It’s a good thing that Japanese anime merchandise websites and retailers have learned of the worldwide adoration for anime merchandise and are doing their best to give excellent shipping alternatives for any anime lover’s demands.

There’s no need to look any further than these top ten anime merchandise websites for high-quality merchandise. It’s safe to say that purchasing on these reliable websites will be a pleasurable experience.