10 Best Movies About Guns That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Guns

Some believe that the importance of world peace and goodwill is exaggerated. This year, we’ve gathered ten terrific action-packed Christmas movies for you.

1. Die Hard

Die Hard

After their marriage has hit rock bottom, NYC officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) heads to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) and their children, who have moved to the city to take up a fancy new job.

The German terrorists lead by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) invade Holly’s holiday party in order to steal $460 million in bearer bonds from the Japanese Nakatomi business.

On the internet, “Die Hard” has been dubbed the best Christmas movie. Ironically, this may be the greatest action film ever filmed.

2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Undoubtedly the best holiday film ever made. The film portrays a low-rent NYC hoodlum (Robert Downey, Jr.) who stumbles into an audition for a movie while escaping from a failed heist, perfectly depicting the filthy upper-class LA of the 1990s. Prior to his audition for the position of a private detective in a LA production company, Val Kilmer (a Hollywood fixer detective) helps him learn the ropes.

One of those convoluted Tinseltown conspiracies and bounce through the gauntlet of affluent lowlifes to save Downey’s childhood crush (Michelle Monaghan), another starlet who isn’t exactly tearing up the town.

With his debut feature film, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Kiss Kiss” writer/director Shane Black shows off his penchant for all things Christmas. What’s this Christmas thing? Continue reading…… Shane is set to return.

3. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Do you think Ralphie’s story does not belong on this list? It’s the best gun-obsessed film ever filmed. A Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shooting Range Model Air Rifle is what he wants for Christmas!

The annual TBS 24-hour marathon begins at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, December 24.

4. The Long Kiss Goodnight

It’s been eight years after CharlyBaltimore’s amnesia-inducing blow to the head, yet Geena Davis portrays the CIA assassin.

Samuel L. Jackson, a private investigator, is hired by her to assist her in figuring out who she really is. While running from her last assigned target, she reclaims her lethal skills and leaves behind a trail of dead bodies.

Shane Black, the scriptwriter, arranges for all of this mayhem to take place over the Christmas season.

5. Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games

The Manchurian Candidate, “Seven Days in May,” and “Ronin” director John Frankenheimer’s final theatrical release, this was Hollywood’s first effort to turn Ben Affleck into an action star.

Ben has gained a cult following as an ass-kicker since then, and the movie now looks better than it did back then.

For Ben’s role, he plays a convicted felon who is released just in time for Christmas. To arrange a date with Charlize Theron, the jail pen buddy of his deceased comrade, he pretends to be his recently shivved cellmate.

For reasons that aren’t explained in the film, Ben’s brother (Gary Sinise) has been planning on exploiting the dead guy’s connections at the local casino, and Ben has no choice but to either help him out or be killed himself.

For the casino heist, everyone dons Santa costumes and armaments, and of usual, everything goes horribly wrong. Check it out if you’re a fan of “Die Hard.”

6. Die Hard 2

John McClane faces yet another terrorist strike over the holiday season. It’s as if the “DIE HARD IS MY FAVORITE XMAS MOVIE” team has forgotten that “Die Hard 2” is also set on Christmas Eve at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, two years after the events of “Die Hard.” A jet carrying John’s wife has only 58 minutes of fuel left, and terrorists have shut down the airport. Guess who comes out on top?

7. The Ice Harvest

The Ice Harvest

Another great Christmas movie that didn’t get the attention it deserved in the theaters is here. Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack are two small-time Kansas criminals who steal $2 million from their mob leader Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day) (Randy Quaid).

They’re trapped in town because the roads have frozen over, and everyone is celebrating Christmas, and the boss is on the prowl for them. It’s a hilarious cast, led by Oliver Platt, who plays the booze-addled husband of Cusack’s ex-wife.

8. 3 Godfathers

The Three Wise Men story from the Bible is the inspiration for John Ford’s 1948 western. Bank robbers John Wayne, Harry Carey Jr., and Pedro Armend√°riz flee to the desert after Carey is wounded in a gun battle. They come across a young widow who is about to give birth during a sandstorm. It is after she dies that the men agree to take care of her young son.

The men are still on the run from the sheriff as they make their way to New Jerusalem. Seeing as they arrive just in time for the holidays, there is hope for everyone involved. Your tough-guy grandpa could shed a tear or two while watching it.

9. Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

As a result of “Lethal Weapon,” author Shane Black and actor Mel Gibson became household names in Hollywood. All of the trademark banter between Gibson and Danny Glover (the film’s other mismatched partner) and a final battle between Gibson and the film’s villain Gary Busey in front of a Christmas tree lawn ornament may be found here.

Shane Black is synonymous with the holiday season. One of his best-known works is “The Last Boy Scout.” “Iron Man 3” and “The Nice Guys,” which he wrote and directed, have a few oblique nods to the holiday season as a result of his work.

10. The Night The Reindeer Died

Just two minutes of it exist, yet they make it one of the best Christmas action flicks ever made. This snippet from an upcoming IBC Christmas special introduces Bill Murray’s legendary version of “A Christmas Carol.”

Even if Lee Majors didn’t get to save Santa from a terrorist attack, “Scrooged” is still worth seeing every holiday season.