7 One Punch Man Best Anime That You Should Know Update 06/2024

One Punch Man Best Anime

One Punch Man’s animated adaptation takes some liberties with the manga. What it accomplishes better is as follows: it is faster.

In the first season of One-Punch Man, viewers were enthralled by Madhouse’s superb animation, which brought their favorite manga to life to the fullest extent imaginable. Fans of One-Punch Man can’t wait for the upcoming third season and all of the previously unadapted material to be brought to life in the anime.

Although Yusuke Murata’s amazing artistic abilities are evident in the manga adaptation of One-Punch Man, many fans believe that the anime is the finest way to appreciate the series. As you can see, there are numerous explanations for this, with the most popular being listed below.

1. The Animation Is In A Class Of Its Own

The Animation Is In A Class Of Its Own

When it comes to One-Punch Man, everyone agrees on one thing: the animation is top-notch. The first season was animated by Madhouse, and the high quality of the work proves that this studio is well deserving of the praise it has received.

Because of this, many fans were disappointed when J.C. Staff switched animation studios for Season 2. Despite this, J.C. Staff performed an excellent job with the animation. It’s still a far way from the quality of the first season, and we’ll have to see how the third season develops from an animation aspect.

2. The Fight Scenes Are Absolutely Spectacular

The Fight Scenes Are Absolutely Spectacular

In One-Punch Man, the majority of the battles are used to demonstrate Saitama’s absurdly high level of power in comparison to other Japanese heroes. The exceptions to the rule include people like Genos who are fighting their own wars.

These battles are depicted with exquisite realism, especially in the first season. When it comes to Saitama’s supremacy, both Madhouse and J.C. Staff go all out to highlight just how devastating Saitama’s power is. The “battle” between Saitama and Genos, where the Caped Baldy shows off his immense and unstoppable power reserves, is a particular high point in this sense.

3. Mumen Rider’s Character Is Has More Development

Mumen Rider's Character Is Has More Development

Most manga readers view Mumen Rider as a one-note character, with only a few notable moments in the manga. This character’s growth is aided, though, by a few outstanding scenes included in the anime.

One such incident that doesn’t appear in the manga is his sweet embrace with Saitama in the ramen shop. In another fantastic scene, Mumen Rider tries his best to comfort Saitama, even if he’s terrified of the situation. Shows that Mumen Rider is completely devoted to helping lives and defeating criminals, even at the cost of his own life.

4. Some Of The Jokes Are More Impactful

Some Of The Jokes Are More Impactful

It’s hard to say how many people will appreciate the manga’s joke delivery, because humor is a highly personal experience. However, there’s no denying that the anime has some fantastic comic moments that are brought to life by the ideal combination of over-the-top voice acting and animation.

As a result, the anime features situations that are laugh out loud funny, something that the manga was never able to do. So why One Punch Man became a worldwide sensation? Because of its unique sense of humor, which is unlike anything seen in any other shonen series.

5. The Action Is Cranked Up To The Max

The Action Is Cranked Up To The Max

It’s common for anime adaptations of successful manga to reduce the violent content, especially if they’re scheduled for prime-time television. A notable exception to this rule is One-Punch Man, where several sequences are noticeably more violent than in the manga.

It’s like the manga version of Mosquito Girl, where she’s defeated without a trace, but the manga version shows her dying in an enormous blood explosion. In contrast, the anime’s depiction of Saitama’s transformation into a hero is far more gory than the manga’s, with the latter treating Crablante’s death as a grotesque celebration of Saitama’s growing resolve.

6. The Adaptation Is Quite Faithful

The Adaptation Is Quite Faithful

With just a few exceptions, anime adaptations of most manga tend to remain faithful to the source material. In contrast, One-Punch Man’s adherence to the manga takes on a whole new meaning.

Manga fans will identify some frames in the anime that are exactly like the manga, down to the framing and movement of panels. ” It’s a wonderful way for the animators to show their appreciation for Murata’s outstanding artwork by bringing it to life.

7. There’s Almost No Filler In The Anime

There's Almost No Filler In The Anime

It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend an evening with friends than with One-Punch Man. This is largely owing to the lack of filler in the show, which is a boon to anime lovers who despise pointless filler.

In some of the best anime ever made, there are some people who don’t like the show because of the superfluous filler. For the most part, shonen anime have fallen into this trap, yet One-Punch Man managed to avoid it.