7 Best Trivia Board Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

best trivia board games

There’s something about trivia that makes you happy. Is there anything better than the moment when you remember a little-known fact or piece of information that you can use to impress and confuse your friends? But while there are a lot of popular TV quiz shows, trivia board games aren’t as clear-cut as they are on the TV. Almost everyone has played Trivial Pursuit at some point. It’s not the best game, but most people have. A lot of times, the trivia doesn’t have a lot of “punch.”

So, here’s a list of some better trivia games that have room for every kind of skill you can think of. Check out these ten trivia games. They’ll give you a great chance to show off your brain power for good once and for all.



In Linkee, there are four questions on each card, and one link connects each answer. A link to The Beatles would be made if people said John and Paul, then George, then Ringo. People who guess the link get a card, and each card has a letter. The winner of the game is the person who has the most cards that spell “Linkee” on them.

Trivial Pursuit is a bad game, but Linkee does a great job of fixing that. Everyone takes part in each round, except for the person who is reading the question. You don’t have to get all four answers to solve the link, so even if your group has a good trivia player, they won’t always win.

When you think about it this way, you’ll have to make some interesting tactical decisions. Wait until all four questions are asked to figure out the connection, or do you guess after two or three questions in the hope that you can figure it out before the other people do. Make a single guess: If you’re wrong, it might help someone else figure out the link. You can only guess once.

The questions cover a wide range of topics, from sports to pop culture and history, so it should be able to help most people who play. It’s a great game to play with your family.


Party games like Obama Llama and The Chameleon are made by Big Potato. They also make trivia games like Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout and What Came First? The company also makes a game called Colourbrain.

Colourbrain makes all of the questions about colours to make them easier to answer. Player 1: Each player has eleven cards of different colours. They have to put down the right cards when they are asked questions like “What colour is the lid on a Jar of Marmite?” There are questions that are a mix of general knowledge and pop culture, so both kids and adults can play at the same time. There is even a Disney-themed version of the game!

Also, there’s a fun game mechanic where you only get points if one player gives the wrong answer. This means that no one can race to the top by getting a long string of correct answers.

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark

They say some trivia games are bad because they can be easy to win for people who know a lot about a subject. How does Shot in the Dark level the playing field? It asks questions like “What percent of a Greggs sausage roll is pork?” “What was the most valuable sports team in 2018?”

18 percent and the Dallas Cowboys are very specific answers, so players have to make an educated guess to get a point and help their team. The team with the most points wins.

In practise, it’s more of a way to start a conversation. Players read out interesting questions and then talk about the surprising answers. It’s a lot like watching an episode of the QI show. When you buy this, it comes in a small box that can be taken to parties or the pub. Some of the questions are true or false, which means that answering them isn’t as much of a guess as it is a flip of a coin.

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers does the same thing as Shot in the Dark. It asks specific questions with specific answers, like “In inches, how tall is the Oscar statuette?” or “How many years and days did Franklin D. Roosevelt serve as President of the United States?”

Every question has a numerical answer, and each player or team makes a guess about the answer. These guesses are then put on the board in order from the smallest to the largest, so that everyone can see them. This is the clever part.

During the game, you bet on which guess is closest to the truth before the answer is shown. Confident: Do you feel good about yourself right now? You can bet on yourself. Think someone else knows more than you? They’re worth a bet. Points are given out based on these bets.

In this casino-style game, you try to figure out who knows the most about a subject. Because the questions are mostly about things in the United States, if you don’t know much about American sports or culture, your guesses will likely be based on “blind faith.”



At a party, people who like movies can take the Blockbuster quiz. It was made by Big Potato and is for people who like movies. It’s up to two teams of people to get eight cards, each with a movie title on it.

The game has two parts. If someone doesn’t answer a question correctly or runs out of time in a buzzer round, they lose. Then, two more players go head-to-head and have to list movies on a topic like “based on a book” or “in the future.” In the next round, the winner gets to act out one movie, quote from another, and describe the last with just one word so their team can guess the movie’s title.8It’s a fun game that lets you be creative and is great for people who like to remember movie lines. If your friends don’t like movies, they might not enjoy this game very much. It comes in a VHS box.

Smart Ass

In Smart Ass, you have to figure out who a person, place, or thing is. Each card has a list of descriptive statements that go from vague to obvious in order. It doesn’t matter who says the right answer first. The first person to reach the end of the board wins.

It’s fun for everyone to shout out when they know the answer. The cards are simple enough for people of all ages and abilities. For when you finish the base game, there’s also a travel-size version of the game that doubles as an extra card pack.

Best Overall: Play Monster 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game

Play Monster 5 Second Rule Uncensored

This party game isn’t for kids, but it’s a lot of fun for older people. Note that the company does make a tamer version that works better for families. You can buy it on Amazon, but it’s not the same. The goal of the game is to read the card and come up with three examples that answer the question in less than five seconds.

It doesn’t matter how many questions there are in the game. Some of them are simple trivia questions, like “Name three erogenous zones,” but others are more open-ended, like “Name three things you should never do at a funeral.” The game comes with a “Twisted Timer,” which counts down the seconds by clacking marbles and makes things even more tense.

It was easy to understand and a great way to start a game night with friends. It’s always fun to play with new people, so it never gets old (which it might with the same group over and over again). Having this game at a party for adults is a must-have.