9 Best Sports Management Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Since SimCity, management and simulation games have been a mainstay of the gaming world. Sports management games, on the other hand, have grown like weeds over the past ten years. Some games in this genre have become some of the best-selling games in the world. Sports management games are definitely one of the most fun and creative ways to learn about the exciting world of professional sports. This is because there are so many sports analytics and it is easy to get a glimpse into the minds of professional athletes through social media.

There’s nothing like being in charge of a professional sports team with the best athletes in the world and making all the decisions and managing all the details. But the truth is that there are both good and bad sports management games out there, and when it comes to PC games, you have even less to choose from. We’ve made a list of what we think are the best sports manager games for PC to help you get started.

Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021

Football Manager is without a doubt the best sports management game ever made, and it is also the best PC game in 2021. The game lets players take charge of teams from over 116 different leagues in 51 different countries and build their own football club into a winner. Football Manager is the number one competitor to FIFA because it is very detailed, complicated, and fun to play.

The community is also very active, and new leagues, players, staff, and football clubs are added all the time. Also, the new version has more realistic tactics, scouting, training sessions, and game play.


This series has been available on mobile devices for a few years, but there hasn’t been much buzz about it, even though players like it. Cricket might be less popular than other sports, especially among gamers in Europe and the United States. But you have to buy this if you like the sound of leather against willow.

The genre of “cricket management” is very small, but this game is the only one that has a deep, accurate, and complete simulation of cricket. With its attention to detail, this game is a lot like Football Manager for cricket. It has a lot of features, stats, and tactical options that should keep virtual captains busy for a long time.



More like “Chair-manship Manager” than “Championship Manager.” This simple but fun simulation puts you at the head of the table in the boardroom instead of the manager’s office or the dugout. Instead of going to the chairman to ask for more money or more time to build your team, you are the chairman and you decide who the club’s manager will be and whether or not they will keep their job. If you make the right choice about this, as well as about sponsorships, stadium construction, player transfers, contracts, and other things, you’ll be able to turn your small non-league football team into a major force.

It’s a simpler, faster-paced game than, say, Football Manager, but the fast pace lets you fly through seasons in minutes and hours instead of days and months, so it’s great for short sessions on the way to and from work.


As its name suggests, this clever card comes with ten-minute baseball games that are short enough to eat. If you want something realistic, you should move on, because this futuristic version of America’s favourite sport has robots and cybernetic players on the team. During a game, each side usually only plays a total of six cards, but there are still a lot of tough decisions and tension. As you try to get to the World Series, you can draught new players into your hand. This brings back memories of collecting bubble gum cards, which is a nice touch.


Punch Club

Punch Club isn’t a sports simulator in the strictest sense, but if you want a boxing-themed game with a lot of 1980s nostalgia, it’s got all the right bells. You go on a revenge mission like Rocky by setting up fights and going to work at the same time. It looks a lot like games from the 1980s and is harder than Apollo Creed. This means that you will be grinding more than a dirty dancing barista. But it’s still a great game that you should check out.


This game is a follow-up to New Star Football with a cricket theme. It’s great for people who like grassy fields and wickets. You start out with a small club in the country where cricket is most popular, and each season you play in both 20-over and 50-over tournaments. If you do well, big clubs will be lining up to sign you, and you might even get a call from abroad.

The game is similar to its predecessor in that it has a series of mini-games that let you improve your skills and change the outcome of matches at key points. This is a great mobile game because you can play it in short bursts or for long periods of time and still enjoy it.



Retro Bowl is a great little sports game, even though it is more active and dirty than many of its management-based peers. You’d be crazy not to play it, since it’s so easy to use and has a great 8-bit style. Check out our review of Retro Bowl if you want to learn more.


The most recent game in the Soccer Manager series, this football management game puts you in charge of a club and lets you decide how it grows and changes. You have a hand in everything, from building up your team and facilities to planning trainings to keep your players on their toes. Soccer Manager 2020 is another great football manager game that you should check out.


Retro Basketball Coach 2021 is a simple management game where you can coach a team and trade players to win the championship. This game is different from other sports management games because it has a retro look. It also has a huge roster of teams and players, so you can put together your dream all-star team. Retro Basketball Coach 2021 is a unique basketball management game that you should look into if you want to try something new.