8 Best Selling Wii Games That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Best Selling Wii Games

Nintendo’s Wii is a popular game console, and some people prefer it to the Xbox. The most popular thing to do in America and all over the world is to play video games. People of all ages do it. During the first three months of 2019, Nintendo has sold 16.95 million consoles, which is a lot. Most people buy a lot of games to go with these devices, so you can imagine how many games are sold each year. Here are the top 20 best-selling Wii games of all time, in order from best to worst.

1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 3.52 million

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

This Wii game is in the action-adventure genre. A Wii home console is what this is made for. When did it first come out? In November of 2011. There have been 16 games in the Legend of Zelda series. This one is the sixteenth one. It came out for Wii U in 2016. They worked on this game for five years. Players must travel through Skyloft and its lower lands to complete a series of quests that move the story forward. To do this, they must solve a variety of puzzles, use a sword and shield, and keep Zelda safe with Link as the protagonist. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was made by Nintendo Group 3.

2. Just Dance – 4.3 million

There have been 4.3 million copies of Just Dance sold so far, making it the 19th best-selling game for the Nintendo Wii so far. To make this game, there are people from Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Milan working on it. It was first sold to the public in November 2009. This is a game that lets people choose a song and then use the Wii remote and real dance pads to copy the moves shown on the screen. To judge how well a dance move is done through motion detection, the game looks at how well each dance move is done. The player who comes closest to copying the dance moves on screen exactly gets more points and wins. It didn’t matter that the reviews were bad or mixed. Ubisoft’s Just Dance franchise was the second-largest.

3. Link’s Crossbow Training – 4.80 million

Link’s Crossbow Training

It was released in North America on November 19, 2007. On December 7, 2007, this movie was released in the United States. It then made its debut in Europe, Australia, and Japan on December 13, 2007, and on May 1, 2008. It’s a shooter game that was made by the Nintendo EAD, which makes games for Nintendo (Group 3). In this game, the Wii Zapper was the first thing that could be used. It came with the game. Players used a lot of different things to get around and fight enemies while shooting things in the background.

4. Donkey Kong Country Returns – 4.98 million

There have been 4.98 million copies of the Wii game Donkey Kong Country Returns sold since it first came out. This game was made by Retro Studios and made by Nintendo. People in North America, Australia, Europe, and Japan got to see it for the first time in November 2010; it came out in Japan on December 9, 2010. It was called Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS when it came out for the Nintendo Wii 3DS in 2013. It was a 3D version of the game. Players must get the hoard with the help of Diddy Kong and fight the Tikis, also known as the Tiki Tak Tribe, who invade Donkey Kong Island and use their evil powers on the animals who live there. They’re enchanted to steal all of Donkey Kong’s bananas, which he must get back. This is the first time that Rare wasn’t involved in making a Donkey Kong video game.

5. Just Dance 2 – 5 million

Just Dance 2

Just Dance 2 is the second game made by Ubisoft Paris. This is the 16th best-selling video game for the Wii. October 12, 2010 was the date it came out in North America. Five million copies of the popular rhythm game have been sold, making it one of Ubisoft’s best-selling games of all time. It has also sold more copies than the first edition of Just Dance by.7 million.

6. Super Mario Galaxy

A lot of people love Super Mario Galaxy, which is why this game came in so low on the list of the best Wii games ever.

One of the best games in the Mario 3D series and one of the best games ever made.

According to the game’s director and designer, Yoshiaki Koizumi, many ideas for the game were being worked on long before the Wii came out.

New motion controls were added when the “Star Pointer” was added to the game. Only the Wii console could provide them.

Super Mario Galaxy was a big hit. nearly 13 million copies were sold. IGN named it “Game of the Year 2007,” and it will be part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection on Nintendo Switch in September of 2020.

7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. might make you want to punch your friends.

As a follow up to Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was a huge hit for GameCube.

The Wii Remote, Wii Remote with Nunchuk, GameCube controller, and Classic Controller can all be used at the same time to smash and bash your opponents off the screen.

When Smash Bros. came out, it was the first game in the series to let third-party characters join the fight. It was also the first game in the series to take the fight online with the Nintendo Wii’s wi-fi features.

There have been more than 13 million copies of this game sold around the world. It’s no surprise that this game made it into the top 10 best-selling Nintendo Wii games of all time.

8. Wii Play

As long as you don’t like to work out and you play games on video game consoles, you’re in luck. This next game is just for you.

These nine mini-games were all made with the new Wii Remote controller in mind, and they took advantage of every twist, turn, shake and wave you could think of.

Wii Play was made as a prototype to show off the new features of the Wii console. It didn’t get very good reviews, but it still sold over 28 million units.