15 Best Sean Connery Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Sean Connery Movies

In the opinion of many James Bond devotees, Sean Connery’s 007 is the best ever. However, the Scotsman has also found success in a wide range of other projects and roles.

Legendary actor Sean Connery has been described as “the greatest actor of all time.” For his work as James Bond, many consider him to be the greatest actor to have ever played the character. While he’s most known for playing James Bond, Sean Connery has been in a slew of other high-quality films throughout the course of his long career.

Despite the fact that Sean Connery had long since retired from acting when he passed away, his body of work has been preserved for future generations to appreciate. You can relive some of his best-known works, or you can discover some of his lesser-known works. As ranked by IMDb, these are the actor’s most memorable roles, and we’ve added five new ones to our current list.

On November 27th, 2020, Derek Draven updated this page: IMDb has recently listed a few more of Sean Connery’s top films and we’ve included them to this list. Some are well-known, while others have slipped into obscurity and should be sought out promptly.

1. Marnie (1964): 7.2

Marnie (1964)

Marnie, a gorgeous kleptomaniac with a dark past, meets her match in Mark Rutland, a wealthy publisher in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1964 thriller. When he learns that Marnie’s difficult childhood memories are resurfacing, he coerces her into marriage, but the relationship quickly falls apart.

As Mark tries to save Marnie from herself by organizing a showdown with her mother, it’s a struggle of wills. Even though the future looks bleak, the revelation of the truth opens the door to some sort of healing process.

2. Dr. No (1962): 7.2

Connery’s debut appearance as 007 introduced moviegoers to the indomitable MI6 spy in this long-lasting franchise. Due to its excellent storyline and well-developed protagonist, it managed to overcome the awkwardness of its first-film status and score a touchdown.

His portrayal is full of style, charisma, and manliness as he seduces gorgeous women while evading international baddies. Since Connery has been in the role, the 007 franchise has been able to reach its 60th anniversary.

3.  Murder On The Orient Express (1974): 7.3

Murder On The Orient Express (1974)

This version of Agatha Christie’s novel was helmed by experienced actors Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney, and Lauren Bacall. “Whodunit” films have always been a favorite of moviegoers, thanks to a thrilling plot and a compelling mystery.

A total of nine awards were given out for Murder on the Orient Express, including Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Film. Colonel Arbuthnot, played by Sean Connery, exuded an air of refinement and distinction throughout the picture.

4. Finding Forrester (2000): 7.3

In 2000, Connery was nearing the end of his acting career, but he stepped in to play an award-winning author who mentors a young inner-city youngster and prepares him for the rigors of a prestigious New York prep school, a role that earned him an Oscar nomination.

Connery’s character is forced to reevaluate his past and present for the sake of his future as he and the teacher form an instant connection. Even though this was Sean Connery’s final film appearance, he managed to bring some of his best work to the table.

 5. A Bridge Too Far (1977): 7.4

Actor Richard Attenborough helmed this 1977 military film on the events of Operation Market Garden – the Allies’ attempt to bring a speedy and definitive end to WWII by mounting an enormous push into German territory.

The strategy didn’t succeed, but the movie was a critical success story, as the title suggests. James Caan, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, and Laurence Olivier are just a handful of the stars Connery has shared the screen with. Other accolades include Best Actor, Cinematography and Supporting Actor in a Supporting Role.

6. From Russia With Love (1963): 7.4

From Russia With Love (1963)

Connery’s second outing as Bond was From Russia With Love, which is widely regarded as one of the series’ best episodes. In the film, Bond is on the run from a Russian assassin who intends to kill him (played by Robert Shaw). In order to recover a precious encryption gadget, Bond willingly puts himself in the path of the killer.

There was a noticeable improvement in Connery’s performance. Adds flair and fun to the iconic codename. Our hero has a worthy opponent in Shaw, and the final fight between the two is fascinating.

7. The Rock (1996): 7.4

In spite of his advanced age, Sean Connery remained one of Hollywood’s most feared action stars. “The Rock” tells the story of an army of rogue special forces men who kidnap hostages on Alcatraz and threaten to unleash a terrible biological weapon. To counter the nefarious conspiracy, Connery portrays a former prisoner who must work with a scientist (Nicolas Cage).

The chemistry between Connery and Cage is startling, as they inject levity to the chaos of the action. Bay’s best action sequences are staged without the mistaken comedy that has hampered some of his recent flicks.

8. The Hunt For Red October (1990): 7.6

With The Hunt for Red October, Connery puts his gravitas to good use. CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) is pulled in when the commander (Sean Connery) of a Soviet nuclear submarine goes rogue and heads toward the United States with unspecified motives.

Sam Neill, Scott Glenn, and James Earl Jones star in this suspenseful Cold War-themed thriller. In contrast to Baldwin’s hesitant hero persona, Connery’s key part is one of authoritative presence.

9. The Name Of The Rose (1986): 7.7

The Name Of The Rose (1986)

It’s worth watching Sean Connery’s undervalued film, The Name of the Rose. Connery portrays a monk who is a man of reason in a kingdom ruled by blind fate in the 1986 medieval tale. To investigate the inexplicable deaths of many monks at a remote abbey, he travels there.

This is a fresh and engrossing twist on a classic tale of mystery and suspense. As the intellectual hero, Sean Connery excels, and he is joined by a stellar cast, including F. Murray Abraham as the villain.

10. Goldfinger (1964): 7.7

With this film, Connery established himself as a Bond legend. 007’s current mission takes him into the clutches of a gold mogul who is a major player in international drug trafficking. During his investigation, Bond uncovers a conspiracy to steal Fort Knox’s safe.

As the series progresses, Goldfinger begins to embrace some of the series’ more outrageous elements without going overboard. The villain is iconic, the theme tune is legendary, and Connery is as suave as ever.

11. The Man Who Would Be King (1975): 7.8

The Man Who Would Be King (1975)

Acting legends Connery and Michael Caine teamed together for this John Huston-directed adventure film. Connery and Caine star as two British officers in the late 1800s in The Man Who Would Be King, who go to the Middle East in search of money and are mistaken for gods.

Because of the strong chemistry between the two protagonists, this fast-paced drama is even more enjoyable. As the story gets more complicated, it becomes a fascinating and enjoyable experience.

12. The Longest Day (1962): 7.8

Actor Sean Connery was part of a huge cast in this spectacular war epic the year before his debut as James Bond. The D-Day invasion is depicted in The Longest Day from a number of perspectives by the Allied forces. Connery portrays a daring British soldier in the film.

The picture also has Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and Robert Mitchum, to name a few of its other stars. Both the film’s vast scale and the battle realism are breath-taking. The Longest Day is a gripping World War II film that is both amusing and harrowing.

13. The Hill (1965): 7.9

The Hill (1965)

In The Hill, Connery reprised his role as the lead in another World War II film. Prisoners at a military jail are subjected to constant cruelty by power-hungry guards in this film set in North Africa during World War II.

Defiant prisoner attempting a revolt, Connery provides one of his greatest performances. The film was directed by great filmmaker Sidney Lumet, and it remains one of his lesser-known works.

14. The Untouchables (1987): 7.9

James Connery’s scene-stealing performance in The Untouchables earned him his lone Academy Award nomination. Al Capone is played by Robert De Niro in this Prohibition-era film, in which Kevin Costner acts as an FBI agent who joins forces with a gruff Irish cop (Sean Connery).

Connery and De Niro are both good in supporting roles, and De Niro is a terrifying Capone. As a thrilling and violent narrative, the movie features a strong cast and some breathtaking visuals.

15. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989): 8.2

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989)

When Connery appeared in the third Indiana Jones film, he added to the franchise’s cult reputation. Indy and his estranged father, represented by Sean Connery, go on a quest to find the fabled Holy Grail in The Last Crusade.

There are some fantastic set pieces in this film, and Spielberg is once again delivering the goods in this franchise. In this film, Connery plays a different kind of part than we’re used to seeing from him, yet he still shines as the protagonist.