14 Best Berserk Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Berserk Anime Characters

Legendary for its strong cast, Berserk is one of the greatest manga series ever created.

In my opinion, Berserk is one of the greatest mangas ever made. As a result of its stunning artwork and fascinating tale, the manga by Kentarou Miura has been widely acclaimed around the world. A few anime versions have been made of the manga, but they don’t provide the same amount of amusement as the original work. When it comes to bad anime, this is one of the more awful examples.

Some of the most powerful characters in Berserk’s world are still there to give any other strong character a run for their money. It’s these characters that have enthralled generations of admirers. To that end, the following are Berserk’s ten most powerful characters.

Suzail Ahmad made the following update on December 19th, 2021: Throughout the course of Berserk, a growing cast of formidable characters has emerged. Most of the powerful characters in the game’s early chapters were regular humans with no unique talents. More powerful characters, including as the apostles and other supernatural creatures, began to appear over time. So it only made sense to include a few more characters on this list of Berserk’s most powerful individuals.

1. Rakshas

Berserk Anime

As a result of his heinous crimes, Rakshas was banished from the Kushan Clan. Because he’s a master assassin, he was able to easily relocate to a new location. Finally, he met Griffith and became a member of the Band of Hawks, which had just formed. As a result, he was made in charge of the search and destroy team by Griffith.

When Rakshas takes on a new opponent, he has a habit of torturing them first. Often, the victims don’t even make it to the end of the story.. He’s both powerful and sadistic.

2. Irvine

This new member of the Band of Hawk, Irvine, is an outstanding marksman. While most characters in the series use swords, Irvine relies on the bow instead.

When it comes to archery, Irvine’s ability to strike several targets in a short amount of time is nearly unrivaled. As an apostle, he’s considerably more formidable than he already is. With minimal effort, Irvine slew countless Kushan generals in the novella Berserk.

3. Daiba

Daiba - Berserk Anime

Daiba was an emperor’s trusted advisor during Ganishka’s reign as Kushan ruler. A master magician, he was in charge of the Pishach gana.

The Beherit, a form of spiritual key claimed to control the destiny of all humanity, was created by Daiba thanks to his vast knowledge. Daiba’s magic also allows him to conjure fabled monsters, further displaying his strength and power.

4. Locus

Locus stands out among the apostles because he is unique. Griffith admires him since he is a well-informed character who takes his time before reaching a decision. His fighting prowess is on par with his wits.

It is said that Locus is one of the greatest fighters of all time, with an astounding record. The lance is his preferred weapon, and he is an expert with it. Although he hasn’t been in a major combat yet, it’s safe to presume that he’s one of the series’ more powerful apostles.

5. Sea God

After the Great Roar of the Astral World, the Sea God, a massive monster imprisoned on an island, was set free. This resulted in the annihilation of the island’s population, as it was expected to.

Every single one of the Sea King’s countless tentacles was capable of expanding on its own. It was also home to a large number of other creatures, all of which fought against any intruders. Shock waves from the Sea God’s heart were powerful enough to keep Guts at bay. It was a genuinely fearsome foe.

6. Zodd

Zodd- Berserk Anime

Berserk introduced us to Zodd pretty early on. Before before, he was only seen slaughtering scores of members of the original Band of Hawk, but that was before the Golden Age narrative began. Zodd’s 300-year reign of terror on the battlefield earned him the moniker “Zodd the Immortal.”

Zodd, unlike other apostles, is extremely tough. At various points in the manga, his opponents included the Skull Knight, Guts, and more. He was able to overcome these formidable adversaries with ease.

7. Grunbeld

Grunbeld, the leader of the Band of Falcon’s giants, is also known as the “Great Flame Dragon.” While leading an army of just 3000 men against the Tudors during the Hundred Years’ War, he rose to prominence.

Grunbeld is physically stronger than most of Berserk’s cast. Grunbeld’s nemesis-level strength increases several-fold when he takes on the shape of an apostle. In addition, he gains the capacity to expel fire from his lungs. Guts had to use the Berserker armor to take him down, which shows how tough he is.

8. Guts

Guts (Berserk)

Guts is the story’s protagonist and primary character. Guts was one of the series’ most resilient characters despite growing up in the midst of a series of horrific events. Band of Hawk member Guts suffered further harm and eventually lost an arm as a result of his ordeals.

Guts is able to swing the Dragonslayer even though he has lost a limb. He’s proven time and time again that he possesses superhuman power and stamina. The Berserker armor he used to defeat Grunbeld gave him even more power.

9. Ganishka

In the Kushan Empire, Ganishka was a powerful apostle and one of the most influential leaders. Most apostles disliked and wished to displace the God Hand. Ganishka, on the other hand, was determined to do just that. As a result, Ganishka sought to expand his realm to every corner of the globe.

He possessed abilities much beyond those of ordinary apostles. He was able to halt Zodd’s motions when he assumed the form of lightning. As soon as he was reborn, Ganishka went on a rampage, slaughtering entire armies and razing cities with ease.

10. Skull Knight

Skull Knight

Berserk’s Skull Knight is a particularly enigmatic figure. The God Hand and all other monsters fear him. Compared to the other characters in the series, the Skull Knight’s swordplay is out of this world. With his Sword of Beherits, he can wipe out armies of demons.

He was able to capture a large number of demons in a vortex with a single slash from the sword, which is capable of piercing through dimensions. The Skull Knight’s combat prowess isn’t the only thing that makes him a formidable opponent.

11. Slan/Ubik/Conrad

It is impossible to rank the God Hand’s members because each one has a unique set of abilities. The five members of this circle are depicted as the fingers of a hand, which has caused many readers to believe that they are all equal.

No apostle has the power to even graze a member of God’s Hand. In Berserk, they are one of the most formidable armies. It’s understandable why they call themselves gods.

12. Griffith/Femto


After being one of the most beloved characters, Griffith became one of the most feared antagonists. He was the head of the Band of Hawks, but he aspired to rule his own kingdom one day. This dream was so vital to Griffith that he sacrificed the lives of his fellow soldiers to make it a reality.

Griffith was resurrected as Femto, a member of the God Hand, after causing the eclipse. Having the capacity to manipulate gravity and space, Femto was able to block the Skull Knight’s slash with ease. Ganishka’s terror was triggered by his mere presence.

13. Void

However, despite the God Hand’s members being considered roughly equal, Void is regarded as the most powerful of the group. God Hand member Void is the only one who is known to have the Invocation of Doom—the capacity to imprint a person’s soul with the Brand of Sacrifice. Void is also capable of spatial manipulation, as seen by his successful deflection of the Skull Knight’s strike. He certainly is a terrifying presence.

14. Idea of Evil

Idea of Evil - Berserk

In the Berserk universe, only the Idea of Evil is exempt from the control of the God Hand. It is a subterranean being that holds the key to humanity’s ultimate doom

The exact extent of its power is unknown. Because the God Hand’s members serve the Idea of Evil, many fans believe it to be the most powerful character in the series.

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