10 Best Other Shows Like Pretty Little Liars Update 05/2024

Other Shows Like Pretty Little Liars

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Betrayal. Heartbreak. Drama. Already, all of this sounds like plot points from a season of Pretty Little Liars. And, to be honest, it did, which explains why the original series was so successful. Game of Thrones would be embarrassed by how often characters in this show were metaphorically stabbed in the back. And now, after all these years, HBO Max is bringing us a remake.

Even though a new season of the once-popular teen drama on ABC Family (now Freeform) is on the way, that doesn’t mean fans like you won’t have plenty of other options to keep your mind occupied and your voice raised in protest. Here are some of the best shows to stream right now that might remind you of Pretty Little Liars, ranging from intense dramas to high school cliches.

1. Riverdale (Netflix)


Look no further than Riverdale for the pinnacle of a show that will make you think of Pretty Little Liars. The CW’s Riverdale tells the story of a small town north of New York City where bad things happen all the time, shrouded in mystery, and where high school friends must band together to figure out what’s going on.

There is a superficial level of enjoyment here where friends work together to solve mysteries, but the show is so much more than that. The absurdity of some of the plots is almost too much at times. You’ll be entertained by even that once you get into it, though. The show is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

2. Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Gossip Girl, another classic teen show, is making a triumphant return to society. This popular teen drama takes place in New York City’s Upper East Side, and follows the lives of Serena Van der Woodsen and her friends, with narration provided by an anonymous “gossip girl.”

Even though it featured characters who were obscenely wealthy (after all, this is the Upper East Side), the show also featured numerous love triangles, plot twists, and questions about the identity of the mysterious “gossip girl” during its run. Because of the upcoming HBO Max sequel series, new fans will be introduced to the Gossip Girl universe. However, no one will ever be able to replace the original Gossip Girl cast, in my opinion.

3. Dexter (Amazon Prime)


Dexter, the show whose finale was reportedly so bad that a new limited series is being developed now. What I’d like to see is that the showrunners of Game of Thrones do the same thing in season 7. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, Dexter was an iconic show about Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst in Miami who leads a double life as he helps the homicide division investigate murders while also hunting and killing fugitives from justice.

Dexter is a messed-up dude, and that’s part of what makes this series so entertaining and a great pick for fans of Pretty Little Liars. Let me just say that. It’s always filled with suspense as viewers wonder if anyone will ever figure out what he’s up to, and the plot itself is intriguing and fun to watch.

4. You (Netflix)

You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think You’s one of the best shows ever, and I can’t wait for You Season 3. A Netflix original (previously a Lifetime series), Joe Goldberg is the focus of our attention here. a man who is easily seduced and easily crosses the line between love and obsession, often going to murderous lengths in order to keep and provide for the woman he wants.

It’s one of the best Netflix shows, in my opinion. I’ve rewatched the first two seasons a few times and still find myself captivated by the plot, the characters, and, of course, the creepy Joe. Although Joe is a horrible person, there are times when you want to root for him because of the strange and complicated relationship he has with the concept of “love” in his mind. You’ll want to re-watch the show because it’s so perplexing, engrossing, and full of drama.

5. Big Little Lies (HBO Max)

There are times when your life appears to be picture-perfect, with nothing happening to draw your attention away from it. Then, out of nowhere, a murder occurs, shattering your world and making you doubt your ability to return to normalcy. Big Little Lies, which is based on the Lisa Moriarty novel of the same name, follows a plot very similar to this.

This is a fantastic show for Pretty Little Liars fans. Fans of Pretty Little Liar will recognize the mystery and murder themes, but they will also enjoy the stellar cast. Think about it: Legally Blonde and Reese Witherspoon from The Morning Show? Shailene Woodley, the Divergent actress? Nicole Kidman, who will you see at the prom? With that level of acting talent, it’s no wonder the show received so many Emmy nominations. This is a show that, believe me, you’ll enjoy. That’s how good it is. Bring out your inner detective and see if you can solve the mystery.

6. Dynasty (Netflix)

Dynasty (Netflix)

There is no doubt that family dramas are one of the first genres on television, and Dynasty makes good use of that. Fallon Carrington, a wealthy heiress (and modern reboot of the classic primetime soap opera), is furious when she learns that her billionaire father is engaged to a rival employee of the family business in this popular drama. To begin with, she desperately tries to find a way to keep them apart in the first few episodes of the show.

Dynasty reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl when it comes to money, only with a much higher net worth. They’re so wealthy that it’s almost absurd that they’ve amassed this much wealth. But, like Pretty Little Liars, Dynasty is distinguished by its stellar cast by comparison. I have a hard time imagining anyone else playing Fallon but Elizabeth Gillies. With her amazing castmates, she excels in the role and wears it well.

7. Desperate Housewives (Hulu)

Desperate Housewives used to be one of those shows my mother insisted we watch, and I found it strange at the time. But after giving it a chance, I’ve come to appreciate how great it is. We are in a fictional town and state called Wisteria Lane, where we see the lives of a group of women as seen by their friend and neighbor, who took her own life in the first episode.

The Desperate Housewives cast will blow your mind if you thought Pretty Little Liars was dramatic. They don’t hold anything back from you when it comes to the drama. The first episode plunges you headfirst into the action, and it doesn’t let up until the very end. There are eight seasons of this show, so you won’t be able to stop watching it once you start.

8. The Society (Netflix)

The Society

When it comes to shows about teenagers who basically run the world – and, let’s face it, Pretty Little Liars is one of those shows, where the hell are the parents? – You’ll fit right in with the group. As the population of West Ham, Connecticut begins to dwindle, the town’s teenagers must learn to take charge and manage their own affairs in this Netflix original.

Pretty Little Liars fans will be drawn in by the mystery, but they’ll be hooked by the story that unfolds and the shocking revelations that follow quickly after. However, The Society was axed by Netflix far too soon, so you may be left hanging on a few cliffhangers. Despite this, the show is still enjoyable and well worth watching.

9. Tiny Pretty Things (Netflix)

Tiny Pretty Things, the new Netflix series based on the characters from Pretty Little Liars, was one of the first shows that came to mind for fans of the show. The setting is a Chicago ballet school, and the story revolves around the students, teachers, and everyone else who is a part of it. In addition to love triangles and mysteries galore, the school has its share of drama.

As Marie Claire points out, the dancing on this show is also done by the actors, proving that they are not only talented actors but also talented dancers. Even so, if you like shows like Pretty Little Liars, this is the series for you. It’s got it all: a strange death mystery, a tangled web of relationships, and plenty of scandal. With this Netflix original, the hits just keep on coming.

10. Revenge (Hulu)


Even though Revenge is listed as the final option, it is far from the least important. Emily Thorne is a young woman who makes it her mission in life to avenge the death of her father, who was imprisoned and later died in prison when she was a child for treason. She’s now back in the Hamptons, determined to exact revenge on the Graysons for their treatment of her father.

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will love Revenge because the entire plot revolves around one woman’s quest for vengeance, which she goes to great lengths to achieve. The chemistry between the actors, on the other hand, is what really makes Revenge tick. The chemistry between Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe is electric, and the rest of the cast is equally impressive. Later in the series, things get even more bizarre, but I won’t spoil anything for you just yet. You’ll have to see it for yourself if you want to know more.