10 Best Roguelike Games Switch That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Roguelike Games Switch

With the rise of indie games over the years, there has also been a rise in the number of roguelikes, especially on the Nintendo Switch, where indie games have found a good home. Some people argue that roguelikes and roguelites aren’t the same thing, but the mechanics are close enough for our needs.

The gameplay of a roguelike is simple and broad, which means it can use many different genres while still being a roguelike. A lot of the time, roguelikes don’t look or play the same, which isn’t the case with any other type of video game.

Nowhere Prophet (81)

Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet is a mix of a roguelike and a card game, like games like Slay the Spire. While Slay the Spire is set in a fantasy world, Nowhere Prophet is about survivors in a sci-fi world who must find a way to get to heaven by any means possible.

Combat in this game is a little different from other games in that the main focus is on how units are placed in battle. Units placed in front of another will protect them from most attacks, but this also means that units at the back can’t attack ahead of them.

Going Under (81)

Goin’ Under was once a record-breaking hit song by Evanescence. Now, it’s a comedic action roguelike with a bright and colourful art style that stands out like a sore thumb in a crowd.

Jackie, the player character in Going Under, goes into the cursed ruins of failed tech startups. She fights with office trash as weapons. Other dungeon crawlers have a more serious story.

Crypt of the Necrodancer: Cadence of Hyrule (85)

Crypt of the Necrodancer Cadence of Hyrule

Cadence of Hyrule is a spin-off that not many people saw coming. It takes the great gameplay from the original Crypt of the Necrodancer and adds a Legend of Zelda twist to the whole thing.

Not only can you play as Link and Zelda, but recent updates also let you play as Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask and Impa, the princess’s nursemaid. I love this game even though it can be hard at times. It has great remixes of classic Zelda songs, and it’s very easy to pick up.

Slay The Spire (85)

When you play Slay the Spire, you have to build a deck of cards. It doesn’t seem like a good idea at first, but it works better than anyone could have thought. Standard gameplay lets the player choose one of four avatar characters, three of which must be unlocked through more runs. Each deck is different enough to make each one feel unique.

Even though each run is different, the card mechanics are strong enough to make sure that no matter which deck you start with, you have a good chance of winning. Some people have an easier time later in the run than others.

Risk of Rain 2 (85)

Risk of Rain 2

Before Dead Cells came out, Risk of Rain was a game that looked like a mix between Metroidvania games and third-person shooters. In Risk of Rain 2, the Metroidvania games are replaced with third-person shooters. This new perspective not only gave a new look at the original game, but also at the roguelike genre itself, which is a type of game.

When the game was made, it let the player explore huge open worlds instead of moving from room to room in a randomly generated space. A spectacular adrenaline rush also happens when you reach the end of each world. Dozens of creatures try to kill you as quickly as possible.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (85)

Metacritic doesn’t think the Binding of Isaac is the best roguelike game out there, but it might be one of the first. Roguelike gameplay is mixed with a dungeon crawling environment straight out of old Legend of Zelda games. It’s hard not to love this indie game. This word is more relevant than you might think.

If you’re a fan of the game genre, you’ll want to play this one. The graphics and gameplay are both very simple. If you’ve played other roguelike games, the story is also a little weird. Players follow Isaac as he runs away from his religiously insane mother while she tries to kill him.

Darkest Dungeon (85)

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is one of the most well-known roguelike dungeon crawlers in recent years. It’s known for both being fun and hard. What could have been a simple game turned into one of the best indie games for the Nintendo Switch thanks to Darkest Dungeon. The game is based on a turn-based RPG that focuses on positioning and adds things like insanity, permanent death, and survival mechanics.

Darkest Dungeon is a great game, but it isn’t as easy for people who haven’t played games with similar mechanics to get used to it quickly.

Dead Cells (Switch)

Dead Cells is a great example of how to make a great roguelike game. It combines nonstop action, beautiful landscapes, and an addictive loop of unlocks and rewards into a beautiful experience that no Switch owner will want to miss. In this game, there are a lot of hours of content. Even though there is some repetition, Dead Cells is still very interesting after all that time. A lot of people love this game because it’s fun to play, looks great, and has a lot to do. It’s a must-have.

Ironcast (Switch eShop)


Ironcast is a match-three puzzle game that manages to combine a lot of different genres. It’s a game that’s both interesting and frustratingly addictive. You can play this game over and over again, but not at the cost of becoming boring or repetitive. This game can be a good time killer, but it can also be played in short bursts. Do yourself a favour and give it a try.

Enter the Gungeon (Switch eShop)

Enlarge this image toggle caption “Enter The Gungeon” toggle caption “Enter The Gungeon” toggle caption “Enter The Gungeon” toggle caption “Enter The Gungeon” With satisfying combat, random levels, and a never-ending supply of unique weapons, items, and secrets, it’s always a lot of fun to play. Another indie game from the modern era has found a home on Nintendo’s console.