21 Best Anime Girl With Scar On Face That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Girl With Scar On Face

It’s rare to see anime girls with face scars, yet we can all agree that these scars look great on any character.

These tattoo-like markings, however, can also make an anime character look attractive or even hot in the case of a female character.

They will be cool and action-packed for the rest of the series as well when they have a scare.

The following are some of the best anime girls with scars on their faces, so let’s take a look at them.

21. Sakura Ogami From Danganronpa

Sakura Ogami From Danganronpa

Some of the pupils mistook Ogami for a guy since she was so imposingly built. Her hair was long and white, and her eyes were a ferocious shade of blue.

She had a huge scar on her forehead as well. Her muscles covered nearly every inch of her frame. When it comes to her loved ones, she’ll go the distance to protect them.

She’s a good source of information. I admire her bravery and her defiance of the mastermind. Sakura is a specialist in mixed martial arts and desires to be the hardest person on the globe.

20. Najenda From Akame ga Kill

Najenda From Akame ga Kill

The assassination team Najenda leads the Night Raid. Purple-eyed Najenda is a woman with short silver hair. Her measurements are [85-58-86] cm. An eyepatch covers her right eye, which had been missing for a long time.

In a black outfit, her cleavage is exposed. It’s a robot on her right. As a group leader, Najenda has a calm, comforting presence that is at the same time firm and reassuring.

Because of her time as a military general, she is an excellent leader. Najenda has been dubbed “The Hunk of the Rebellion” because of her resemblance to a young man.

19. Tsukuyo from Gintama

Tsukuyo from Gintama

As one of Gintama’s central characters, Tsukuyo makes an appearance. The reason why I’m writing about anime girls with scars is because of her.

As a way to lose her womanhood and assume the position of a protector for the woman she admires, she cuts herself.

It’s adorable when she reveals her feminine side when she’s with the Yorozuya trio. The way she appears and the way she acts make me want to get to know her better.

A tough warrior, she’s a softie at the core who gets easily moved by love and compassion.

18. Nice Holystone From Baccano!

Nice She is a brown-eyed blonde teen who is 19 years old. In Baccano, Holystone is a crucial character! An experienced explosives expert with a laid-back personality.

In a childhood mishap with her homemade bombs, Nice lost her right eye and suffered extensive scarring on her body.

She wears eyeglasses and a mask to cover her right eye socket, which is hollow because of her left eye’s difficulties.

17. Tokiko Tsumura From Buso Renkin

Tokiko Tsumura From Buso Renkin

Tokiko Tsumura is the anime Buso Renkin’s second most popular character at the age of 17. Tokiko appears to be completely absorbed in her task.

Seven years before to the events of the series, homunculi kill all of the students in her school, save for her.

Consequently, she is a rather serious woman, as evidenced by her actions throughout the show.

After the tragedy, she was left with a scar on her arm, but she chose to preserve it as a reminder of her will to persevere.

She resents people’s questions about her scar and the sluggishness of others.

16. Chris From Konosuba

Chris is a tiny character in Konosuba. Her hair is silver, her eyes are purple, and she has a scar on the right side of her face. Chris is a 15-year-old girl.

A thief who teaches Kazuma how to steal, she is Darkness’s sidekick and a trusted confidant. She doesn’t contribute much to the story other than that.

Her big smile reveals her vivacity and optimism. Chris is a cheerful, outgoing individual who is usually smiling.

15. Mika Harima From Durarara!!

Mika Harima From Durarara

Anime fan? Check out Durarara, where Mika appears as one of the lead characters. According to the manga, Mika is a bright young lady from a well-to-do family.

In light of her nice demeanor and pleasant physical features, it’s safe to assume she’s a Yandere. With a boy who’s head over heels for her, she’s head over heels for him.

Because of this, she had her face surgically altered to look like her head. That’s how her scar on her cheek came about.

Most importantly, she won’t be put to sleep for the treatment because she won’t require any anaesthetic. Typical characteristics of her personality include a need for constant stimulation, a contagious sense of humor, and an obsession with details.

14. Klaud Nine From D Gray man

One of only two female generals, Klaud Nine is also a former wild animal trainer. When she is seen weeping over the deaths of Sol Galen, Tina Spark, and Gwen Frere in the hunt for her, she appears to be a nice and compassionate person.

Her beautiful, golden hair covers a scar on her right cheek. She goes on to command Timothy Hearst.

Normally seen perched on Klaud Nine’s shoulder, Lau Shimin, her parasite anti-akuma weapon, is a little monkey.

13. Mahiru Banba From Akuma no Riddle

Mahiru Banba From Akuma no Ridd

As a fan of animated films, I’m in awe of this one since it displays two distinct personalities in one woman.

The origin of Akuma no Riddle’s character, who is one of my favorites, was also one I appreciated. Shinya, Mahiru’s alternative personality, assumed control as the sun set.

Mahiru’s concept of “midday” and Shinya’s sense of “total night” are two completely different meanings. Socks in black and white worn by Mahiru/Shinya represent his twin personae.

Both Mahiru Banba and Shinya Banba are very different characters. Mahiru is empathetic, quiet, secretive, and lovely, while Shinya is a snarling, aggressive, and nasty figure. The scar across Shinya’s eye and her aversion to bright lights suggest that she may have been conceived as a result of Mahiru’s abuse as a youngster.

12. Frederica Sawyer From Black Lagoon

When Frederica Sawyer isn’t cleaning in the town of Roanapur, Thailand, she’s a bounty hunter. U.G. Pork is the name of her meatpacking company.

In a white-tiled room inside the factory, Sawyer, dressed in a surgical gown (she typically dresses in gothic costume), would cut the victim to death with a chainsaw.

A bounty hunter, she uses her chainsaw to deflect machine-gun bullets fired at her with the saw.

To communicate, she utilizes an electrolarynx (ultravoice) because her throat was slashed at some point in the past and has a large scar.

11. Pepper From No guns life

Pepper From No guns life

Pepper is a character in the enemy team in No Weapons Life. There isn’t much information about her past. She had a one-on-one battle with the protagonist and lost.

The wide cleaver is her favourite weapon, and if Seven is unable to defend herself, she will use it instead. This means that Pepper’s body is incompatible with Extension technology.

As a result, she is dubbed Seven’s “keeper” by her friends. Her real name is Pepper because she has lost everything, even her identity.

10. Ageha Kuki From They Are My Noble Masters, Kimiaru

In the anime, Ageha provides food for persons other than Kojr. The issues in the Uesugi family forced Ren and his sister Mihato to flee.

She only appears in the visual novel and anime “They Are My Noble Masters” as Yume Kuonji’s best friend. In And They Are My Noble Masters, she has a butler named Kojr, whom she consistently strikes, regardless of whether he completes a mission or not.

She is one of the finest female characters, aside from her strong friendship with Momoyo Kawakami. In keeping with the Kuki family’s custom, she was born with a cross-shaped scar on her head.

9. Assassin of Black From Fate/Grand Order

Assassin of Black From Fate-Grand Order

Jak the Ripper is an infamous serial killer and one of Fate/Grand Order’s servants known as the Assassin of the Black. Scars on her face have been sewn together.

“Day” and “Night” are two distinct concepts, but they’re one in the same for this young girl. Despite her demeanor, she is incredibly intelligent.

She grew up on the streets and never went back to her parents’ house. In many cases, people who meet Jack don’t remember what she looks like because of her demeanor.

8. Yuki Hanzomon From Release the Spyce

Tsukikage’s leader, Yuki, is a major character in Release the Spyce. Yuki, a third-year student, is in charge of Momo’s training sessions.

During a mission two years prior to the start of the series, she lost her right eye. As a child, she practiced every day in order to inherit her family’s Dojo.

Following her performance in combat, a Tsukikage member invites her to represent the organization.

7. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck From Bleach

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck From Bleach

As a result of their insatiable need for money, many of Bleach’s villains are unredeemable.

Nelliel was born with green hair, but she had a wonderful heart and vowed to change things for the better among her people. A treachery ended the plan, which was unfortunate. In the anime Bleach, Nelliel is a main character.

As a little girl, she made her debut as a lovable cartoon character. However, it was later revealed that she was actually an adult who had become an infant due to a brain injury, and that she had lost her memories.

6. Rin From Toriko

After finding she had the scars on the wrong side of her body, Rin cut her long, black hair and developed a scar on her cheek while trying to imitate Toriko’s three scars.

This is demonstrated by her ability to mimic his scars. Rin is the younger sister of Sani, one of the Four Heavenly Kings. She is one of the most prominent villains in the Toriko anime.

She is IGO’s third-highest ranking Gourmet Research Chief. To her, Toriko is the most important person in the world.

She appears to have a sweet tooth. Additionally, it appears as though Gourmet Cells have been implanted into her body. For entertaining world leaders, she has been nicknamed “the wild beast tamer.”

5. Inazuma (female form) From One Piece

Inazuma (female form) From One Piece

Due to the skills of another character, Inazuma has been transformed into a girl at this time and place, a guy from One Piece.

As for the scars on his face, well, that’s something. I only have to add him to the list now!

A character named Inazuma (in her female form) appears in the anime One Piece. As an adult girl with green eyes and white hair that reaches the collarbone, they fit this description perfectly.

4. Balalaika From Black lagoon

They are based in the city of Roanapur in Thailand. Balalaika is the villain of Black Lagoon. She is in charge of Hotel Moscow as its general manager.

In the Soviet army, she served as a lieutenant. Her true name is Sofiya Pavlovna. Those who despise Balalaika have given her the moniker “Fry-Face” because of the extensive burn scarring on her right cheek, neck, and chest.

A low-cut work suit with a military greatcoat thrown over it is her go-to attire. She smokes cigars, unlike the other characters who smoke tobacco.

3. Rider From Fate Extra

Rider From Fate Extra

Known as the “ruthless killer” and a pirate, she uses guns in her battles. As well as cannons on shipboards.

Rider is a character in Fate Extra. She was Shinji Matou’s maid during the Moon Holy Grail War.

2. Mizufa Trude From Log Horizon

A Log Horizon character is Mizufa. In addition to being a member of the Ten-Seat Council, she is also a general in the Westelande army.

In short, she was raised in a brutal world and quickly became comfortable with the use of firearms.

1. Miss Lady From Devil May Cry

Miss Lady From Devil May Cry

When working with Dante, she takes on the role of a human devil tracker with the express objective of eliminating demonic entities. As a result, she is proficient in the use of firearms, explosives, and other modern combat weaponry.

The lady has black hair, colorful eyes, and a distinctive sword. Her weaponry includes a VZ61 submachine gun with bayonet and a CZ75 pistol.

As an opponent in Devil May Cry 3, while not being a villain, she tries to stop Dante and even fights him twice before finally coming to terms with him.

Lady is a supporting character in the Devil May Cry anime. Dante addressed her as “Lady.”