7 Best Place To Buy Comics Online That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Place To Buy Comics Online

When I got an email from Bree recently, I thought I’d go into more detail about where you can buy comics. The topic has been covered on the website before, but I thought I’d go into more detail about where you can buy comics.

I’m just getting into comics. A friend gave me some of hers a while ago. I don’t live very close to a store, so I might order comics online. If I order print comics, I don’t want them to get damaged. I don’t want to read digital comics at all. It looks like that’s just going to have to be part of the risk. Do you know of any services or businesses that have a good record?

It’s a good question. Everybody, like Bree, isn’t lucky enough to have a comic book store nearby. Digital comics don’t have the same appeal as having a comic in your hands. But where are the best places to buy comics on the internet?

I’ve put together a list of six online stores where you can buy comics. These stores are great places to buy comics. I’ve made a list based on three things that are important for the question, but also for most people who want to buy things online.

1. Mile High Comics

Mile High Comics

When you buy comics online, don’t be fooled by the outdated website. Mile High Comics is a big player. They have a whopping 8,000,000 comics, and at any given time, 100,000 of them are on their site. A lot of comics! So, they usually know what you want, especially when it comes to your back. These stores don’t only sell new releases, but they also sell used ones.

In terms of prices, Mile High Comics can be a little bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes they’ll be cheaper than the average price for comics, but other times they’ll be a lot more than that, too. Often, this will depend on how many comics there are and how good they are, with comics in better condition going for more money. However, they do like to offset the prices with regular sales that are sent out to their mailing list.

There was nothing I found about comics getting damaged in the mail when I did my research. A lot of people say that they pack the comics well for shipping, but it can take a long time.

2. Newkadia


Newkadia is the only one of the stores on this list that is only available online. All of the other stores have physical locations as well. Because they don’t have a store, they have 750,000 comics, which makes them a great place to look for older issues.

In a way, they have a unique price structure. It’s based on how well the comic is kept, but then it gets cheaper the longer it’s been on sale. On top of that, they often offer discounts based on themes to make things even cheaper, which is even better. As a result, you can find some great deals.

People who work for Newkadia say that comics will be shipped in a strong box, bagged and boarded, and with free insurance.

3. Things From Another World

Things From Another World

For new comics, Things From Another World is a good place to start. They have a lot of new things, like comics, graphic novels, and toys. To make things easier for people who read the magazine, they can even set up a subscription. You can also pre-order upcoming issues, which makes them cheaper the further in advance you buy them.

Most of the items on the site are sold for 10% less than they should be. It’s also possible to get even more discounts if you sign up for their mailing list.

The comics are shipped in sturdy boxes, as well as bagged and mailed.

4. Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics

If you like comics, graphic novels, and toys like Things From Another World does, Midtown Comics is a good place to go. Because they also have a lot of older comics, they have one thing that makes them different. However, their main focus is on the most recent releases.

Most of the items in the store are about 15% cheaper than they should be. They also have a lot of sales that are based on different things.

Bags and boards all comics are shipped by Midtown Comics, and their service is good. Based on my searches on the internet, I didn’t find any problems with damage.

5. Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

In this case, it would be unfair to not say anything about Kindle Unlimited when someone is talking about how they read online. Amazon runs the Kindle store, which is a popular place to buy and sell e-books online.

If you have an Amazon Kindle, Fire tablet, or Kindle mobile app, you can use it to read books. It was launched in November 2007. At the start of the Kindle, the store had more than 88,000 digital books in the U.S. store.

Amazon started offering a service called Kindle Unlimited back in July of 2014. It was a paid service. Since then, it has grown a lot. Under this subscription, you can get a lot of free comics, especially if it’s from a long time ago!

The best thing is that it doesn’t just let you read comics. It also has a lot of other books. People who like to read comics and other books will enjoy this. So, if your demographics are the same, this is probably the best way for you to get in touch. On top of that, Kindle Unlimited also gives you a free month of service. Check them out and see how it goes for you first.

6. ComiXology


This is another service that you pay for each month. In April 2014, ComiXology became part of Amazon. What is the difference between Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology, then?

Because Kindle Unlimited gives you access to a huge library of books and some major comics, ComiXology only gives you access to comics and not books at all.

When you compare ComiXology and Kindle Unlimited, the comics library is much bigger with ComiXology. A lot of comic books and manga can be found on Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire tablets and computers as well as online. It has more than 100,000 comic books and manga available.

Most of the comics in Kindle Unlimited are also in ComiXology, but the other way around isn’t the same. To get as many comics as possible, you should do that. To get to ComiXology, you just need to go there right now.

7. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

In this case, I call it Netflix for Marvel comics. If you’re just getting started with Marvel and want a one-stop shop. No need to look around any more. You’ve found it. Your one-stop shop for Marvel comics.

With more than 27,000 comics, you’ll never run out of things to read. $9.99/Month with a 7-day free trial, or $9.99/Month without a trial. You can also choose from year-long plans.

Marvel Unlimited also gives you a lot of free comics even if you don’t sign up. You just need to download the app and read some of the most talked about stories for free.

The only problem with Marvel Unlimited is that you don’t get the most recent edition or storyline. You have to pay for it. After 6-7 months, they’re added to the app. If you are a casual reader, that might not be a problem. But for a comic book fan, this is a big deal.