10 Best CGI Anime Movies That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best CGI Anime Movies

A lot of people don’t like CGI anime. They have shown that if done correctly, they can compete with traditional animation in terms of quality.

It’s not uncommon for an anime fan to keep a running tally of their personal favorites.

Are there any anime that the internet adores? Withmyanimelist.net Finding out isn’t difficult. As if Metacritic were dedicated solely to the world of anime. One particular sub-genre of anime, however, has become a household name.

CGIAnime is what I’m referring to.

CGI anime tends to turn off a lot of people. Since its inception, it has been used in anime with variable success. Even if it’s used sparingly. It can, at best, provide a great deal of depth to fantastical realms. Attack on Titan’s action sequences serve as an excellent illustration of how CGI can enhance the realism of even the most mundane of action sequences.

Among the many anime programs and movies that use 3D rather than 2D, the most popular are:

1. Hi Score Girl (7.95) 

High Score Girl

Those of you who enjoy playing video games would appreciate this one. Hi Score Girl is a romantic comedy about a gaming-obsessed high school student, Haruo. He is forced to develop a rivalry with Akira after she defeats him in Street Fighter 2. During their time together, they begin to develop feelings for one another.

However, rather than seeming cheesy for doing so, Hi Score Girl makes everything relatable for gamers who grew up playing in the 1990s.

Highest Marks This CGI is utilized mostly for the characters and props in Girl. It’s hard to tell because of the chibi design. In the words of producer Yuji Matsukura: “In terms of the visual style, we aimed to evoke the nostalgia of an old school arcade as closely as possible. Because we don’t know if any of you own any of the old consoles, we wanted to recreate the experience.”

2. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II – The Battle For Doldrey (7.95) 

Berserk is one of the best examples of a dark and brutal anime out there. The journey across Midland by Guts and the Band of the Hawk is the focus of this trilogy’s second installment. For the time being, Doldrey Castle remains as their greatest challenge.

Fans of Berserk are notoriously critical of the film’s computer-generated imagery (CGI). Many fans were miffed after viewing this new 3D version after the original 1997 series (which is still fondly remembered today). The animations are still a touch weird, and the CGI isn’t as professional as it could be. Ultimately, this manages to make it into the top 10 since it keeps the most of the original tale and allows novices to get a taste of the insanity Berserkhas has to offer.

3. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (7.99)

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

Why not make a full-length movie out of the stunning CGI cutscenes that Square Enix is known for? It was done first with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which earned mixed reviews at the time for its CGI but was appreciated for its visuals.

It was well received by Final Fantasy VII Advent Children fans when it was published. There was, however, a snag in the works. There were a few places where the editing was off since they were aiming to make it more accessible to casual viewers rather than diehards. Thirty minutes have been added to the film, filling in the gaps and making it a more cohesive version of the film.

4. Stand By Me Doraemon (8.06) 

For decades, Doraemon has been a 2D animation. As of 2014, DreamWorks-like CGI was used in the film Stand By Me Doraemon, which was released in 2014. In this film, a little boy named Nobi is accompanied by a robotic cat named Doraemon as they embark on a series of adventures. The movie functions as a “best-of” list, encapsulating some of the most memorable moments from the manga.

Many moviegoers noted that the movie brought back childhood memories and re-created the magic and charm of the original source material.

5. Dorohedoro (8.14) 


In just a few short months since its release, the 2020 series has gained a sizable following. As Kaiman, a reptile-human hybrid, seeks out the sorcerer who turned him, Dorohedoro follows in his footsteps. Nikaidou joins him as they face the daily dangers of living in the apocalyptic slum known as The Hole together.

In a similar vein as Hi Score Girl, you may not even notice the CGI effects on sometimes. When it’s evident, it’s a plus because it’s in keeping with the overall aesthetic and setting of the piece. The 3D animation in Dorohedoro just adds to the surreal feel of this strange anime.

6. Promare (8.16)

There’s something new and weirdly familiar about Promare’s story. Galo, a member of a firefighting team named Burning Rescue, is the focus of the story. The Mad Burnish and their captain, Lio, are the focus of this team’s efforts in dealing with pyrotechnic-related outbreaks. Galo and Lio vow to work together to save the planet’s impending destruction after Galo learns more about Lio and the covert conspiracy taking place right beneath their noses.

It’s hard to focus on the story in Promare because of the stunning sights and vibrant art style. Some of the best anime images in recent memory can be found in this CGI/2D mix.

7. Beastars (8.16)


Another new Netflix sensation has gained a devoted following. You are watching Beastars, which is a Japanese animation about anthropomorphic animals. With a mystery to keep you guessing, it’s a coming of age narrative. The show has been derided as “Furry” fodder by some who have only seen a few minutes or stills, but that couldn’t be further from the reality. With a well-developed universe and a compelling story, Beastars has something for everyone to enjoy.

The character models in Beastars show off the game’s usage of computer-generated imagery (CGI), which gives the game’s dynamic carnivores and herbivores a vitality and vibrancy that 2D animation just cannot match.

8. Hi Score Girl II (8.17) 

Basically, this one is a con. Despite the fact that Hi Score Girl’s second season is ranked higher than the first, MyAnimeList only lists the first season. In season 2, the characters and relationships in the first season are further developed and improved upon. Who doesn’t like a love triangle? Being young and trying to navigate relationships is something everybodydeals with, and S2 capturesthe feeling of this. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy this romantic game.

9. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent (8.23) 

Berserk fans’ eyes will widen and their expressions will sag when they hear about this film. There is no reason to recommend The Golden Age Arc 3, other than the fact that this is where things really take a turn for the worse. The Advent takes things to a whole new level, veering into the realm of the macabre.

However, CGI is a major issue in the first two films in this trilogy; in its third installment, however, many characters’ faces are animated traditionally, making for less odd emotions and better conveying the dread on exhibit.

Look elsewhere if you’re feeling queasy. The Advent, on the other hand, is the most action-packed and memorable of all for anyone wishing to participate with this story.

10. Land of the Lustrous (8.42) 

Land of the lustrous

Steven Universe’s Land of the Lustrous is an anime film produced by Studio Ghibli. They’re not exactly the same, yet there are some parallels nonetheless. Humanoid Gems reflect the unique characteristics of each stone in the story. Does this sound familiar to you? Particularly Phos (short for Phosphophyllite), whose material she resembles is so delicate. A central theme of the story is Phos’ commitment to aid her fellow gems in their fight against the Lunarians, who intend to exploit their body bits for ornamentation.

The CrunchyRoll Awards presented LotL with the prize for outstanding CGI in 2018. To go along with the main characters’ gem-like appearances, the design team went for a CGI look. 2D isn’t going to be able to do justice to how they act and operate. My Anime List presently has it as the top-rated CGI show.