10 Best Car Crash Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Car Crash Games


BeamNG.drive is a simulation game with a highly praised damage model called “soft-body physics.” This is a complicated but very effective system that makes crashes look pretty cool.

BeamNG is one of the few games that can beat it when it comes to how cars crash, break up, and throw things. It’s exciting to watch and makes a lot of other games that are better known and have more money look bad…

Project Cars

Project Cars

Our recent article about the worst games you’ve ever played made it pretty clear that Project Cars isn’t for everyone. But there’s no doubt that the damage model has a lot of information.

It’s a shame that we get so excited about the bodywork getting dents and wheels falling off. But Project Cars is more realistic than most of its competitors, and the damage to the cars is also well done.

Dirt Rally

Even though BeamNG.drive isn’t really a racing game but more of a driving game, Dirt Rally has one of the best damage models for a racing game. The way the car’s body bends and falls apart, the wheels bend out of place and fall off, and the cars get more damage in a realistic way are all very impressive.

Grid 2

Grid 2

Some people didn’t like Grid 2’s handling model, but the damage system was pretty good. It was a big improvement over the last game because different cars broke up in different ways. Very pleasant.

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is one of the best car crashes racing games for Xbox. The best games are, of course, the ones that combine two popular types of games into one amazing title.

This is exactly what Forza Horizon gives you. It’s pure open-world fun heaven for racing fans all over the world. In this third game in the Horizon series, there are brand-new tracks and beautiful cars that make this game stand out.

As you set in vat Australian landscapes that are twice as big as their previous locations, you’ll find a bigger world to explore. Get ready to dive into its freeing environments and find out what the lush location has to offer. This game about crashing a car can be played on PC and Xbox.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 adds a lot of new types of events and vehicles to the first game and makes the open world cross-country sandbox more cohesive. But the changes that made the gameplay better also made the graphics look worse overall and took away a few key features, which seems strange.

In Crew 2, you’ll be in charge of a character without a name who doesn’t talk and who will interact with his own mechanic. The game’s events are split between four teams: street racing, off-road, freestyle, and pro racing.

You can unlock three or four different types of events for each team by doing events for that team. When you unlock a new event, a cut scene will start at random.

The cars in this game are beautiful, but they cost way too much. Most of the time, you had to spend most of what you had won just to keep playing. This game about crashing a car can be played on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Need for Speed Payback

You should know about Need for Speed. It is a well-known brand of car games that has been on top for a long time. Need for Speed has made a new game called Need for Speed Payback, which is a step up from the original game.

It has high-quality graphics and a lot of different cars. Most car racing games only let you play as one character, but in Payback, you can easily switch between characters. It’s kind of like an open-world game where you drive the best cars on different tracks. It comes with 74 different cars that you can play with. This game about crashing a car can be played on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.



Wreckfest is more of a demolition-style racing game, and the best part is destroying things. All of the cars have realistic soft damage modelling, which means you can see the metal bend and break in all its glory.

Now, if you’re not into just destroying everything, don’t worry. This game also has a lot of traditional track races that are just as fun. It has good racing controls, a surprising sense of speed, and a fair amount of customization and progression that you will definitely enjoy.

In the end, Wreckfest is just a fast, fun game with some really cool car crashes, so if you’re leaning toward Burnout, it might be a good choice. It’s one of the best racing games you’ll ever play. This game about crashing a car can be played on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.


Onrush is a nice surprise for people who like racing games. It’s an action game based on gravity, and racing is a lot of fun and pretty addicting in it. This game is a fast-paced racing arcade game with quick controls, and the goal is to beat your opponents. All of the tracks are about boosting and hitting the big jumps and crazy tracks, which sounds simple but is what makes the game stand out.

The same people who made the race car game also made this one. It’s great that it changes the way racing is usually done. It also has a great multiplayer mode that feels very modern, which is awesome. Onrush is a racing game, but it’s a different kind. It’s not for everyone, but we think everyone should think about it. This game about crashing a car is for PlayStation and Xbox.

Danger Zone 2

Danger Zone 2

Danger Zone 2 was another game that gamers didn’t expect at all. It is the spiritual successor to burnout in every way, and that’s the first and only thing you need to know about it. This game takes the idea of the first danger zone game and gives it a lot more depth, making it feel more like a full-fledged game and less like an idea.

Danger Zone 2 is unlike anything else, and it’s not a racer. Instead, it’s a race against time and to do as much damage as possible. Even though the action is crazy and fun, it takes place on roads and in places that are based on the real world.

This game is all about different challenges and types of cars, each with its own goals and ways to crash. The whole game sounds easy, but the idea behind it is good. Danger Zone 2 is one of the best games where the goal is to get to the finish line first. Compared to traditional racing games, it also gives you a little bit of a change of pace. This game about crashing a car can be played on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.