16 Best Basketball Anime That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Basketball Anime

You enjoy watching hoops, but you just can’t get yourself to leave the couch?

Both of those issues will be remedied by the following list of anime featuring the sport of basketball!

These films not only capture the exhilaration of the court, but they also provide fascinating plots and well-developed characters. While it’s nothing new in anime, it’s nonetheless fun to see with basketball themes.

Here are some anime that would make Kobe the proudest man alive proud.

16. Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

A sports anime does not have to be strictly shounen just because it is one.

Nobuaki Mitsuda (Missuda drops Honey drops) is an anime about basketball games.

In the Houjou academy, there is a strange master-slave system in existence.

A “slave,” also referred to as a “honey,” is bound by her master’s orders. Students who provide honey are free from paying tuition in exchange.

Of course, it’s strange, but it’s anime.

Hagino Yuzuru considers Houjou academy basketball star Kai Renge to be a teacher. He’s a college student who’s having trouble making ends meet to cover his tuition and books.

Basketball is a big part of this series since the loser has to give up his or her sweetheart!

Mitsu x Mitsu Drops, a two-episode OVA that aired in 2006, offered a unique take on how basketball may be used as a story device in love stories.

15. I’ll/CKBC

This anime is a great example of the value of having a good working relationship with one’s teammates.

OVA I’ll/CKBC was released in 2003.

Akane Tachibana, the dedicated player, and Hitonari Hiiragi, the naturally gifted superstar, are the two central figures in this story.

In this brief but delightful anime, it is shown that games may be won if the players are in harmony with one another.

To begin with, it’s the basketball sequences that make this a worthwhile OVA.

In spite of the fact that there are just two episodes, anticipate to be flooded with information! But it’s great for a quick watch.

14. Dash Kappei

At a massive 65 episodes, this basketball anime was published in 1981.

Dash Kappei’s 80s ecchi comedy is at its best in this movie.

The story revolves around Kappei Sakamoto, a short (he stands at less than a meter!) high school student with near-divine basketball skills.

It is odd, but the coach of Kappei’s squad wears white panties, which is why he decided to play basketball in the first place.

As it turns out, peering into other people’s underwear is his greatest weakness.

At first glance, Dash Kappei’s Basketball is a lighthearted show, but it also tries to take the sport seriously by explaining some of the game’s terminologies during each episode.

Even if you don’t know a lot about basketball, you might find yourself enthralled by this one.

13. Barangay 143

Barangay 143

Since it’s being shown on a Filipino channel, this anime series isn’t exactly a household name. In addition, it recently re-emerged on television in a series of new episodes.

Barangay 143 examined the culture of Filipino street basketball.

Bren Park, a Korean basketball player with Filipino ancestry, joins a local streetball team in the first episode of the show.

Bren gets a better understanding of Filipino culture in addition to playing games.

Along the way, he learns the value of following your dreams and pursuing the things you’re truly passionate about.

Barangay 143 has various odd dubbing and animation peculiarities despite being developed in partnership with a Filipino animation studio and TV Asahi.

You can put those aside and still get a fascinating sports anime that demonstrates how important basketball is in Asia.

12. Heong-geuli Beseuteu 5

It’s time for a different kind of anime: Heong-geuli Beseuteu 5.

This 1995 Korean film illustrates a key point about basketball: the need of working together as a team.

The story revolves around the ascent of Korean basketball star Kim Youngwoong to the pinnacle of the sport in his homeland.

But Youngwoong, who is well-known and sought after by the most prestigious colleges, chooses to root for the underdogs instead.

Part of Youngwoong’s success may be attributed to his coach’s counsel, but it’s also because he can progress as a player by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who are driven to succeed.

Basketball’s influence on Asian countries is fascinating.

Beseuteu 5 was a big hit in Korea, and a university basketball team lends their vocals to the film’s theme song!

11. Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu

Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu, a special released in 2017, is an anime that may cause you to shed a tear or two.

The 2011 earthquake in Japan’s Tohoku region is regarded to be one of the country’s deadliest. A total of 15,899 people were killed in this catastrophe.

Resilience is shown by the Onagawa Junior High School ladies basketball team. It doesn’t matter if they have only five regulars left.

In my opinion, the best anime is the kind that makes me think.

Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu shines bright because of the love of the game.

10. Dear Boys

Dear Boys

If you’re looking for a more focused take on basketball concepts, this is a good anime to watch.

Dear Boys is a typical shonen anime underdog story.

As one of the top high school basketball players in Japan, Aikawa Kazuhiko was a shocker when he opted to transfer to Mizuho High School.

The students at this institution aren’t exactly destined to succeed.

Even so, the young star’s determination to win the Inter-High Basketball Tournament grows as he takes the lead and rallies his team of misfits.

Don’t be too harsh on this show’s animation, despite the fact that it has a tale that will grow on you. In certain situations, the use of CG appears to be out of whack.

9. Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Here’s a new one for you. Ro-Kyu-Bu! blends the finest of both loli and basketball animes.

Surely no one would have thought to combine them.

This is primarily a story about former professional basketball player Hasegawa Subaru, who was forced to retire after a bizarre scandal surfaced. There aren’t any spoilers yet, so sit back and enjoy!

When you’re not allowed to play, it’s still possible to achieve your hoop goals.

Subaru now has to teach the principles to a squad of young girls in order for the team to win games.

Compared to other basketball anime, this one may not be as action-packed. Ro-Kyu-Bu!, on the other hand, is a standout in the ecchi and cute categories.

8. Breakers

Paralympic sports are rarely covered in mainstream culture, but Breakers, a new film out this year, does just that.

Goal ball, swimming at the paralympics, track, and wheelchair basketball are all featured in this anime.

As a result of the show’s focus on wheelchair basketball in the first episode, viewers were shown how exciting (and talented) para-athletes can be.

It’s a novel approach to the game that few people would have considered. Definitely worth a look.

7. Basquash!


If you’re interested in seeing a new way to shoot hoops, check out the 2009 film Basquash!

Mecha-based games in particular. Very Japanese in style.

In the series, the games are referred to as Big Foot Basketball (BFB).

By invading a Big Foot Streetball match, Dan, the series protagonist, made the game famous.

In this anime, it’s a completely other ballgame.

When things get rough for Dan and his team, expect a slew of mecha upgrades in addition to the stunning animation.

The Nike swoosh emblem appears on several of the mecha’s feet, so be on the lookout for it.

6. Buzzer Beater

This is a great opportunity to play basketball with cosmic alien tems.

The cosmic setting of Buzzer Beater allows for the introduction of hardcourt action.

Anime creator Takehiko Inoue (whose previous works appear on this list) depicts humanity’s struggle against technologically advanced extraterrestrials.

Buzzer Beater wants to establish that sports is a universal language with an interplanetary league displaying a variety of races.

5. Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora

Having just debuted at the end of 2019, Ahiru no Sora is poised to make waves in the world of anime basketball.

In the shonen genre, the underdog story is a common theme.

Nonetheless, Ahiru no Sora seems to convey this in a novel way. Most basketball fans can identify with the protagonist, Sora Kurumatani.

He lacks height, which is a shame!

In spite of everything, he continues to strive for excellence.

To top it off, Sora’s team is made up of a motley crew of delinquents, so Ahiru no Sora is a terrific basketball- and story-driven show.

4. Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket, which premiered in 2012, is widely regarded as one of the most popular sports anime.

It also features a lot of character development and story arcs, thus it appeals to a wide range of viewers.

One of the most famous middle school basketball teams in history, Kuroko’s team, has just begun a new chapter in his life.

Taka Kuroko and Taiga Kagami meet at Seirin High after they both enroll there.

Taiga is a newcomer to the scene who hopes to make it big. These two freshmen will go far in the Inter-High tournament together.

Most characters in Kuroko no Basket have unique abilities, which makes the show a lot of fun.

It’s true that it isn’t feasible. It’s a cartoon.

However, most of these movements are based on true basketball concepts.

Matches are more fun when these strategies are used together.

It’s always fun to see Kuroko in action. Despite his physical frailty, his mastery of deception and passing make him a formidable opponent.

3. Kuroko no Basket: Last Game (OVA)

“Last Game,” an OVA based on the Kuroko no Basket universe, is extremely popular.

It demonstrates to the world what an incredible force the series’ best players could form.

We’re talking about the very best here!

All of Kuroko’s former teammates from the Generation of Miracles and Kagami agreed to form a single team to face a visiting US streetball group.In this film, Kuroko no Basket’s basketball action and bizarre special techniques are showcased.

And Kuroko no Basket: Last Game is an unforgettable experience for everyone who plays it.

As far as basketball anime goes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Generation of Miracles to play together again!

2. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a must-see for any fan of anime basketball.

Slam Dunk, which aired from 1993 to 1996, is widely regarded as one of the best 90s anime that helped popularize basketball in Asia, thanks to its 100 episodes.

Initially, Takehiko Inoue conceived of it as a basic basketball tale (which mirrors his own experiences as he got into the game to impress girls).

Over time, though, Slam Dunk has transformed into a compelling tale of dedication, friendship, and dedication.

Although Hanamichi Sakuragi, the protagonist of the story, isn’t the best player on the court, Slam Dunk does a good job of depicting the growth of a young basketball player in the process.

It may not have the high-quality visuals that are common in today’s popular anime (like Kuroko no Basket).

Slam Dunk, on the other hand, is a story that will live on for generations. Fans are still clamoring for a sequel today because of how powerful it was!

1. Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki! Moero Sakuragi Hanamichi (OVA)

If you’d rather not learn too much about the OVA but still want to see Slam Dunk for yourself, don’t read any further. It’s going to be fantastic!

Slam Dunk is a fantastic anime because the good guys don’t always win every game.

The Shohoku team is in this situation.

As a result of their defeat by Kainan High, Sakuragi vowed to improve his own game, which led to his shaving his head in the latter half of the series.

Shohoku’s match against Kainan is depicted in a 1995 film that aired on Japanese television.

Shohoku’s Coach Anzai’s choice to put his team up against another strong opponent may be exactly what the club needs to get back on track after a defeat.

Furthermore, it appears to demonstrate the extent to which a strong foe may aid you.

When it comes to basketball and life teachings, Slam Dunk does it right.

Maybe that’s why Slam Dunk is so popular: it’s an anime series that practically anyone from any background can relate to.