10 Slime Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Slime Anime Characters

During the wait for the second half of season 2, we take a closer look at some of the show’s best characters at this point in time.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, a creative isekai series starring the blue slime Rimuru Tempest, was one of the most popular anime series of 2019. After a deadly stabbing, he woke up in a fantastical realm full of goblins, orcs, lizard people, talking wolves, and many other creatures he had never seen before.

It’s Rimuru’s purpose to unite the races in the Jura Forest into a new, compassionate empire, and everyone’s welcome. The world-building (and city-building) in this series is extensive, but there is also a lot of action. Season 1 of Rimuru and his growing band of comrades face a variety of opponents, and now we’ve evaluated the series’ top warriors.

On April 19th, 2021, Louis Kemner updated this article: Episodes one and two of Season 2 have finally been aired, and they were packed with action scenes and new characters including the three Beastketeers, Myulan the wizard, and even a new Demon Lord Seed. Having evolved from an isekai Civilization-based series to an action/adventure series with some worldbuilding, it’s time to reevaluate how the characters rank in terms of combat power and possibly include some newcomers in this assessment as well.

1. Benimaru, The Ogre Tribe’s Finest Warrior


Even though Benimaru is the ogre tribe’s commander (albeit he isn’t the strongest warrior), he is an extremely excellent swordsman. Because Benimaru is tough, kind, dangerous, and devoted, his tiny sister Shuna looks up to him.

He can now slay entire squads of Rimuru’s foes with ease thanks to his new status as a kijin with a name, and he can back this up with fire magic as well. The ogre tribe will be fully retributed one day.

2. Shizue Izawa, The Masked Hero

We can look at Shizue as an antecedent to Rimuru Tempest because of her real-world Japanese heritage. A summoning spell transported her from WWII Japan, and she was tied to the Ifrit as a result.

In the eyes of many, Shizue is a legend, a swordswoman of unparalleled talent. Nothing stands in her way because of Ifrit’s help. The mask was eventually handed to Rimuru after she passed away, and he gratefully accepted it.

3. Hakuro


In spite of his lack of leadership status, old man Hakuro is the most experienced and skillful ogre in the company. It didn’t take long for him to rise to the status of the world’s greatest swordsman after earning the title of “The Beast.”

Taking up residence in Rimuru’s city, he now serves as the city’s chief swordsman instructor and welcomes those who choose to study with him. No one is better qualified than him, based on what we’ve seen of his combat prowess. He overcame Kyoya Tachibana, an extraterrestrial who was fighting for Falmuth, in a one-on-one battle.

4. Hinata Sakaguchi, Shizue’s Apprentice

During Season 2 of Rimuru, Shizue’s former pupil Hinata Sakaguchi clashed with Rimuru. To vent her rage at Rimuru, Hinata unleashed her superhuman powers and challenged him to a duel. And she came within a whisker of victory.

The Dead End Rainbow method can be used by Hinata to kill a target by striking it seven times, regardless of the target’s health, if she has the proper training. She is also capable of erecting sacramental barriers and thinking quickly and precisely. Userper allows her to get complete control over a target.

5. Geld, the Orc Disaster


Rimuru has a knack for finding the most dangerous foes in the land. These orcs are headed by Geld, an orc turned demon lord with the ability to eat anything in sight. When we first see the orcs, we notice their ravenous appetites.

In Geld, the Orc Disaster, Rimuru is the only one who can stand up to Geld’s massive, savage nature. Even so, Geld showed incredible strength and resiliency in the face of our great lead character.. Rimuru is a tough opponent to keep up a fight with for more than a few blows, but Geld accomplished exactly that.

6. Demon Lord Carrion, King Of The Animal People

It takes a lot of strength and instinct to get to the top of the Animal Kingdom of Eurazania, which is ruled by Demon Lord Carrion. There is little doubt that Carrion has overcome many opponents with his formidable power, quickness, and instincts.

However, Demon Lord Carrion did well to survive two such formidable opponents, especially considering how much damage Milim could wreak on the landscape. Carrion also faced off against the winged Demon Lord Frey. Rimuru’s future ally, Carrion, has the potential to be a formidable force.

7. Demon Lord Frey, Milim’s Winged Ally

Demon Lord Frey

Based only on Frey’s demonic position alone, she is an extremely powerful warrior who is sure to impress viewers in future episodes with her battle skills. In many cases, her ability to fly offers her a significant advantage over her rivals.

In Milim’s war against the Animal Kingdom, Frey has served as an ally for Demon Lord Clayman thus far in Season 2. Because she was able to keep up with the formidable Demon Lord Carrion, she may one day become a True Demon Lord.

8. Veldora, The Imprisoned Dragon

He is one of just four real dragons in the planet, and he was formerly the bane of humankind. Veldora’s talons and flames could lay siege to any city, and no one could stop him.

A hero came along and shut him away; his immense power has since been consigned to the depths of a cave. That is, until Rimuru comes along and takes him in. Veldora was granted a human body by Rimuru midway through Season 2 so that he might live again, and the consequences of this are still up in the air. Rimuru Tempest owes Veldora a great deal by now.

9. Rimuru Tempest, The Isekai Star

Rimuru Tempest

In the first season of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, the main character has shown to be among the most strong fighters. Having numerous allies on his side, Rimuru is a brilliant, inventive, and savvy person. With his diverse abilities (black fire, lightning, steel spider webs, etc.), he is a hero who can’t be stopped.

Because Rimuru only wants to use his talents for good, to unify races and establish a nation where everyone may live in harmony, it is fortunate that he does not utilize his powers for evil purposes. In Season 2, he became a True Demon Lord after absorbing enough human souls from the Falmuth army to do so.

10. Milim Nava, The Mighty Demon Lord

After meeting Milim, it’s hard to believe she’s as powerful as she appears to be. She is, in fact, a demon lord, making her one of the most powerful entities in the universe. When they first met, Milim engaged Rimuru in a duel and appeared to exert no effort at all. Charybdis was no match for her.

Fortunately, Rimuru was able to get Milim to put down her weapon and recruit her as a new comrade in their fight (so long as he provides enough food). Milim promises to fight and win any war, no matter the odds. With her real demon lord form, she was able to demolish half of the Animal Kingdom with relative ease.