20 Best TV Shows Like Minority Report That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

TV Shows Like Minority Report

1. True Detective (2014)

True Detective (2014–2019)

American anthology series about a police detective using multiple timelines to uncover personal and professional secrets of those involved, both inside and outside the law.

2. Gotham (2014)

GOTHAM was the prelude to the advent of the Dark Knight. Commissioner Gordon is well-known in the law enforcement community. He’s a formidable opponent in the criminal underworld, a name that’s practically synonymous with law and order. What is known, however, about Gordon’s life and career as a rookie cop who eventually rose to the position of Police Commissioner? Gotham City, the birthplace of some of the world’s most infamous villains, was riddled with multiple levels of corruption. And under what conditions did Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, and The Joker come into being?

3. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015)

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015)

After Lizzie was controversially acquitted of the horrific double murder of her father and stepmother in 1892, an intense and fictionalized account of the events and people surrounding her life is presented.

4. Marvel’s The Defenders (2017)

As a sinister conspiracy threatens New York City, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist band together to take on common enemies.

5. Evil (2019)

While investigating supposed miracles, demonic possession and other extraordinary events, Kristen Benoist, an atheist female clinical psychologist, joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor to see if there is an explanation or something truly supernatural at work.

6. Those Who Kill (2011)

Those Who Kill (2011)

Danish crime TV series Those Who Kill premiered in 2011 and centers on a fictional unit of the Copenhagen Police that specializes in investigating serial killings. In Denmark, the series aired as five two-part stories, but in most other countries, it aired as five feature-length episodes. Fortidens skygge, a 92-minute feature film that serves as both a continuation and a conclusion to the series, premiered in Danish cinemas on March 15, 2012, and is currently airing as the series’ final episode in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany as well.

A number of other screenwriters, including Siv Rajendram, Rikke De Fine Licht, and Morten Dragsted, contributed as episode writers to the show, which was created and written by Elsebeth Egholm and Stefan Jaworski. Birger Larsen, Niels Nrlv, and Kasper Barfoed are among the film’s directors of record. The show is a collaboration between Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. Danish TV2 announced in October 2011 that the show would not be renewed due to dwindling viewership after the first few episodes, despite having been originally planned to run for several seasons. According to TV2 programming manager Keld Reinicke, the show “never gave us the audience share we expected in Denmark.”

7. 11.22.63 (2016)

After going back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination, an English teacher finds he has become emotionally attached to the life he lived in the past.

8. The Crossing (2018)

Refugees fleeing a war-torn country begin to show up in a small American town, hoping to find refuge. These people are only fleeing America because of a war that will take place 250 years in the future. This allegory has a surprising conspiracy at its center, with a local sheriff with a history, a federal agent, and a mother searching for her missing refugee daughter at its center.

9. The Expanse (2015)

The Expanse (2015)

Two hundred years in the future, a hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain team up to race across the solar system in order to uncover the greatest conspiracy in human history after a missing young woman is found dead in the water.

10. Condor (2018)

CIA analyst Joe Turner’s idealistic outlook is called into question after learning that the agency has been secretly using an algorithm he created to spy on American citizens, leading to the discovery of a terrorist plot that threatens the lives of millions. Three Days of the Condor, a 1975 political thriller directed by Sydney Pollack, served as an inspiration.

11. Marvel’s Jessica Jones (2015)

Jessica Jones is a detective in New York City who gets drawn into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities after her brief stint as a super hero ended tragically.

12. Forever (2014)

Forever (2014)

New York City’s top medical examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan, is hiding something. Instead of studying the dead to solve crimes, he does it to discover the secret of his own inexplicable immortality, which has baffled him for the last 200 years. Because of his long life, Henry has developed keen observational abilities that impress his new partner, Detective Jo Martinez. Through the lens of a new case and their growing bond, Henry’s colorful past is peeled back layer by layer. Henry’s secret is only known to Abe, his closest friend and most trusted confidant.

13. Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (2018)

Newly-acquired superpowers mysteriously link two disparate teenagers from very different backgrounds.

14. Collateral (2018)

In the wake of the murder of a pizza delivery driver in south London, a determined detective hunts down the people traffickers responsible and uncovers a vast conspiracy.

15. Sherlock (2010)

Sherlock (2010)

In a new incarnation, the venerable detective and his doctor partner are back in 21st-century London to solve crimes.

16. Marvel’s Luke Cage (2016)

Due to a botched experiment, a wrongfully convicted man gains superhuman strength and endurance, allowing him to become a hired gun for hire.

17. Backstrom (2015)

Backstrom (2015)

Lieutenant Everett Backstrom, a detective, has no regard for social conventions. In the wake of a five-year exile in the traffic division for inappropriate behavior, he has returned to Portland’s newly minted S.C.U. Having been assigned to work on some of the city’s most sensitive and serious cases, he must try to change his own destructive habits while solving each crime. This film is an adaptation of the best-selling series of the same name written by world-renowned Swedish criminologist and novelist Leif GW Persson.

18. Deadwind (2018)

While still grieving over the loss of her husband, detective Sofia Karppi stumbles across the body of a young woman while working on a construction site, which sets in motion a series of events that threaten to upend her entire world once more.

19. Intruders (2014)

Intruders (2014)

A secret society’s members are on a mission to become immortal, and they’re doing it by taking over other people’s bodies.

20. Harrow (2018)

Doctor Daniel Harrow, an unconventional and brilliant medical examiner, must use all of his forensic skills to keep a dark secret from being exposed once and for all.